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Car doesn't shift out of what I believe to be 2nd, even in D position.

lost credit card in slot by radio.

it was a short inside the box.I had it in two days before and had a fuel sencer installed.

My check engine lights keeps turning on and then off every couple months. They said that it could be a bad sensor, the one that measure temperature for the transmission. They told me that I had to replace all of them, because they sold them in a set and that it would cost me about 400. Is that right? and do I really have to replace all of them. What would happen if I didn't. I don't know much about cars at all and need some help!!!

Auto store keeps selling me a race for p/n80211 (even Chevy house) and according to the vin its the right on but not true this part will not go evenly with hole even with a race knocker how would I got about making progress not sure if auto store employees actually know the difference in part names unless they haveseen before.or is the race/shim supposed to be fitted/filed? PLEASE HELP

everytime I go to start my car it make a buzzing sound.I have to turn my key several times before the car finally starts. I have had the starter and alternator tested and everything under the hood is working fine. I have been told it could be the ignition switch. Is replacing just the electrical part an easy task? and how do I do it?

in a const. zone stuck behind a semi made it up hill died soon after will crank but wont start checked all fluid levels towed home still wont start

Ive had car in twice to be told there is dirt and the brake light coming on is because a small microscopic amount of brake fluid is leaking. I don't feel safe with the answer of Monroeville Dodge, PA The brake light comes on here and there, not after a hard brake just normal driving conditions. It doesn't stay on more than a minute. Also have had to have computer updated for what seems like rough running and shifting issues. THis is a 2014 !

Two codes came up p0108 and p0123.

Just recently started this when driving. Today I shut it off and it started up with heat out vent while on recycle air with ac button not on.

The brakes act as though the engine isn't on and you have to almost stand on them to stop, even at slow speeds

Motor doesn't seem to work up or down. Fuse is ok and console switch is ok. What else should I look at? Can switch on parking break be checked or by-passed?