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None of the interior lights work so I doubt it's the bulbs. I tried replacing the fuse and that didn't work. DO I have to take off the entire dash to check the switch?
just replaced harmonic balancer to 1996 f150 4.9L ,vibration is less but still there when rpm comes down from being revved up could I have bought a bad balancer from advanced auto ??????
I took van to Chrysler in Logansport when battery kept going dead even after we put in a new battery They said the radio was draining the battery Radio would quit when going down the road then sometimes it would come back on but go out again The next morning my battery would be dead They took the fuse out for the radio and battery is fine
My car it drives for 5mins then stArt stalling and slowing down then stop completely I turn the car off for 1min then it crank up and do the same thing
Does it have a key chip to replace ignition switch
Timing chain broke in new engine 17 months old, what would have caused this
New engine had done Approx 120,000 Kim’s
This is a desiel engine
I have a 1997 e430 and the check engine electronics light came on. What could this be? Also a yellow light by the gas meter flashes at times. Once I seen the msg I parked the car. It does start up just fine
When I seen the mms come on I parked. A light by my gas meter has been flashing on and off. Some days yes some days no but I do not know what it means
The problem occurs after I have driven it while..its got new fuel pumps, fuel filter ,
2new h7 bulbs where put in
It occurs all the time no matter time of day
How do I fix this problem myself with the switches not working on driver door?
had the car in for warranty work got it back has not been working sense i pick it up
Mechanic has diagnosed our oil leak as caused by a worn-out head gasket. Not sure I should waste money on this car, as the transmission slips (apparently a common problem for this model), and the front passenger window won't open.
need my Volvo right