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when I park my car overnight something is draining my battery
I drove my car around town, doing chores for about an hour and a half I tried to reverse back into my parking space to unload py groceries and every gear I owned just stopped working.
Blowing hot air
Changed fuel pump DNT herar anything
CV transmission goes into safe mode when it is hot and will not go over 2500 RPM. Very dangerous for my daughter if she is driving away from home. Has to limp into a gas station or rest stop and wait for the engine to cool down before it will drive normal. This is an ongoing issue on many Nissan models with the same CV transmission. Nissan extended the warranty for some models but refuses to do a recall.
how many springs total?
Over 55 MPH a vibrating knocking sound is heard. Not very loud, yet varies in decimal level. Fixed the wheel wheel covers, checked the heat shield, checked the exhaust and no indication that noise would develop. Nothing loose under seat. Does not make any noise unless over 55 mph or higher.
wheni first start the truck air will come thru the vents faintly but after it runs for about 10 minutes the air stops completely but the fan motor is blowing
My ac won’t turn off, even when I switch it to off
I'm trying to install an aux cable to my mitsubishi galant 2008. I recently learned that holding down the CD button is a good way to check if your car is aux capable. I did that but nothing came up, can i install a new radio that is aux capable? or is my car in general not capable?

I checked the box and i saw that the pin all the way at the corner was 10 pin connector.

Thank you
My vehicle is a 1sxt gen. 1985 Toyota 4Runner, 2.4L Manual. The truck will start, then die. I tested plugs and when it starts or I'm cranking, I get spark. When key returns to "ON" position after starting, I lose spark. I know that after starting and key returns to ON position, I should still have power to ignition, but I don't. How do I fix this?
Both key fobs won’t work to start/lock/unlock doors. Will only start car when I’m console fob holder. Happened after I changed car battery. Have replaced both fob batteries also
Are the sensors for the tire pressure unique to the 2007 Buick Lucerne? If there is one bad sensor will that affect the whole system? Is there a way to identify which sensor is bad? Can after market sensors work if they are replaced? Do you have to get the dealer to recognize the new sensors in the TPS?
I have four codes that came up where do I start to find out what the problem is codes p0320 , p344, p061c and p0344 ??