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Is the fuse box in the trunk the one that has the cigarette lighter fuse in it? If so which fuse is it and what size is it?

The car does not start all of the time. The battery is new.

I have a picture of what I'm looking for however it is the plastic box that the blower motor is attached to as well as the 2 tubes that supply the roof vents with heat or a.c..

I switched out the ignition key cylinder on my truck. Now, due to the anti theft system, I am unable to start my truck. I have followed every step in the relearn procedure but I am still unable to start my truck. After trying to start the truck (and it dies), I leave the key on the "on" position however, the "Security" light only flashes three times and turns off. It does not turn back on or flash or anything after the 10 minutes (where the light should have remained on and then turned off) and I have tried this multiple times but the light will not stay on. Any advice?

No foward or reverse

Acceleration is good when engine is cold but after approx 10 mile run in the heat 110 F or more acceleration becomes very weak. Engine temp is good. Car runs good once it get to 20mph or so

I noticed an adapter thats not hooked into anything so was wondering what part could be missing

On and now they say the pcm is out and I need a new computer. Did they do somthing wrong when installing my battery to make my computer skrew up?

Does a vapor canister have anything to do with an a/c cutting off while it's running happens when it's really hot outside

Sometimes the A/C works properly for a short time after starting the vehicle then you can hear the diverter close and the fan motor keep blowing. What might the problem be?

front suspention noisy and drops low when not running.what coud be the problem is it other tipe of shocks.

when you turn it on - nothing... it might get hot or cold if you leave it in the "on" position after awhile but no fan

A message on the control panel says service ride control

Leveling sensor not working on one Bumpy ride. Terrible bumpy ride, leveler
will not level vehicle.

Having misfire a check engine lite