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Car started one more time but it ran out of gas it was clicking after new starter it cranks gas not getting to engine new fuel pump still won't start

diagnostic reading circuit 2, bank 2, senor 1.. driver side? passenger side? before or after converter?
My car dies when I stop or slow down after it's been driven /gets hot, but the temp gauge is at normal. Nothing seems to be overheating. It did not start without making a rough noise or it made a little scream, that happened twice on trying to restart. I've had my car die and restart to move it till it died again at a light. 3 different times.
After I let the car sit for a bit and or had it pushed off the road it will start.
will the motor out of a 92 olds ciera fit in a 94 olds ciera if both cars are the same model
Drivers side blows cold air
My transmission was working fine n them all of the sudden it's stuck in second gear
I ran over one of the orange cones . I think it damaged my oil pan cuz there is oil everywhere and my oil light can on insteadly
Someone else said he thinks its my transmission
P0326 error code.replacing the knocksensor.but check light don't go.
I will be driving 30-45mph and the battery light will come on and the car won’t accelerate and stops but the lights and radio stay on. On the freeway it will jump while driving.
Started back up but ran very rich and wanted to turn off still but kept running sputterd one time at 60mph on way home . Has happened 2 times already after adding fuel
It’s an Audi Q7 2007 model
We checked the engine and we think it’s the temperature sensor malfunctioning
We need to know where to find the sensor
The rpm was at 2 x1000 so i went to a repair service the the fixed it to 1x1000 then the ac stopped working and those error appeared B1672, B1685, B1686 and B1687. When i erase the error they appear again. I hope to hear from u soon.
Thanks alot.
Hi! I have a 99' Mercury Cougar. Was driving today and on ice hit a curb with my right front tire. Hubcap cracked, but the rim and tire were fine. Still felt off, so I stopped. It appears something bent holding the wheel. How much would it cost to fix it?
Oil change
The serpentine belt spins but does not sound as if the engine is turning. I retimed the engine and replaced the starter and spark plugs with no luck