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no acceleration while driving, hesitation
Car is running rough check engine light flashing
When turned off check engine light on solid car runs better but when drive a little it starts flashing and car runs rough again?
the remote button for smart tailgate willn't open the tailgate,LCD display doesn't have tailgate in the display,how to add it to display.front button work's
My 2008 Sebring has warm air from the drivers side dash and floor vents but passenger side blows cold air at all times... Air conditioner is out also.
2000 impala when I put headlights on I lose my taillights.Checked fuses 2 blown c/ltr (cigarette lighter) and rear I replaced both when possible,As soon as I turn headlights on I hear a pop in the pass.side fuse box and lose taillights. 9 out of 10 times I cant get the c/ltr fuse back in. It blows fuses when I try to insert it.So I decide to just put rear park lp fuse back in and left c/ltr fuse out.Now once again I have tailights everything working good.But if I put c/ltr fuse back in they blow and i lose taillights when headlights come on.Any idea what to do next? Is there a short? Why is this happen and how to fix?Thank you
I used my truck good all day and all of a sudden it won’t let me go into drive but straight to 4th gear, I can use reverse and I got all the oils changed
The speedometer doesn't move at all either
I replaced my battery and my starter in a matter of 2 days apart. Since then my gauges [ecept oil & Water pressure] none work. No speed clock, no fuel gauge and no radio or AC blower .are working. It all came up deffective the day I put the battery on. What went wrong? Thanks.
I can put it in drive and in reverse and it will move but then it stops... After a good 4 to 5 mins I can turn it on again and it will start moving again.... What could this be?
No blinkers. All other lights work including flashers. I can't find the fuse which I believe is the round metal cylinder type. There is a fuse box in the engine compartment right up front, and another in the glove box. But don't see the blinker or flasher fuses in either location.
The compressed is not engagihg at all and the engine is not getting drawn down from idle. thank hillbilly
It is a small round yellow light and it comes on, dims, goes off and repeats depending on my acceleration. I just had new front tires put on, would that cause something/
I have 2003 dodge stratus sxt two door I have replaced altnator even had the altnator tested before I put it in even put a new battery in my car, my car will stay running as long as its hooked up to jumper cables once I take the jumper cables off my car dies what could be the issue??? Plz help
Sitting at light- car alarmed shift to park. Heat came unable to turn off. No lights would work including hazard. Then unable to shift car out of Park Car would not shut off even with key removed. Had to disconnect fuel fuse and battery to shut car off
The static is worse on am stations.