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thanks for this, good work
i have cadillac concerc1996 and ihave problem no power come in coil cables
should i change the coils or some thing else
but the problem is not only this .also ihave problem in the digital board that dose not shwo .rpm .battary power tempretcher i did some tryes to reset the code but the problem is still . all that happend after i had an accedient
the most diffuculte thing that iam from saudi arabia and in my city there is no workshop accepte this car becuse its not popular her
and whats make me adheres in this car its only drove 82000 distance kilometers
sorry for lengthen speech and bad
spilling now the dosenot start sinc 1year

The thermostat was bad when I bought this car, and the engine light is on because of it, and I've had the car for 6 months and they keep on telling me at the dealership that they can't get a thermostat because it is a national back order, and I find this hard to believe.

High beam right headlight?

How to fix this problem?

Auto door locks won't open. How can I disable them?

Dead no sound. tap starter .starts right up.
May last a day may last a month. Any ideas. Also alot if static thru radio. Can only get 1 close station

Can not get car out of park. Brake lights work. Can only shift out of park with the manual release.

The seats are leather so when they vibrate and shake the seats rub together and make an annoying sound. I have taken back to the dealership several times and they can't seem to find what is cause this so all they have done is try to fix the sound by putting a conditioner on the leather and putting more insulation in the seats but just the vibration of the seats itself still causes a sound anD when I look in my rear view mirror I can see them shaking really bad. What would cause this happen?

Why does it sound like my lifters are tapping when car gets hot then cooling mode comes on

does the bmw 330ci automatic transmission speed sensor have a wire lead?

No response on touch screen

I Have problem with finding parts for my Ford Probe I 2.2 GT Turbo 1991.
Can somebody help me please.
I need drive shafts and lots of rear axle parts..
I live in Ireland, Galway.
Big respect for this man who help me with Headlights problem..
Thanks Cheers

car showing a po320 code cr is sputtering especially on take off or up hill i have been told the coil pack is probably bad its a 4.0 sohc engine

Trying to figure out why I have ah airleak by the engine does the car need valve cover gaskets or manifold gaskets

Every other day I have to wait for security light to go out to start car what do I do

a/c blows warm air, compressor does not kick on. dealer said no leaks in system and evacuated/filled a/c. worked fine for 2 days now problem back again. smell come through vents went i turn on a/c.