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2nd. you can feel the jump in every gear change but not as hard as first to second. what you think is the problem?

My new 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo flashed "shit into park" while driving at 55mph today on a four lane highway and basically went into neutral. I had no choice but to stop and shifted it into park and then tried to put it back in drive. It wouldn't go. I had to turn it off and then the shifter worked. This had only happened once, but I don't want it to happen again. Any thoughts welcome! Thank you!

Starter, battery, and alternator tests good but engine cranks slow or just clicks several times then then may start slow or have to jump. Battery takes a charge but only lasts a day or so. Cables at battery and starter are clean

My fuel gauge continues to move up and down. I do not know how much gas is in the car. I think I might need Fuel Level Sensor Kit with Sensor, Float, Seal, and Cap, but I do not know where it is located to replace.

I cannot get the car to drive without pushing the winter button. Everytime we come to a stop or go under 20 miles an hour we have to stop and push it again

Window on left side and all seat functions not working

Car wouldn't crank so I turned it to the on position to check the fuel pump, nothing came on. I replaced fuel pump, battery, alternator. I also checked all the fuses & relays all are good, but I still have the same problem as before. I have no instrument panel lights, brake lights, radio want come on, & fuel pump no engaging

The pressure gauge and outside temperature to recharge aren't cooperating and i don't want to overcharge the system so i want to lower the level cause it seems like compressor is engaging but inside is still warm

I called dealership and got the code for the radio.I then had to unhook the radio and hook it back up to enter the code.We then had to put a fuse in also.Ever since we got radio working the alarm has been going off.So we unhooked the wire so the beeping would stop but now the alarms lights continue to blink even when going down the road.They will stop for a min then start back up.Please help

I've checked oil, transmission, coolant and steering fluids look normal.

Where on the fuel rail

The whistling sound started around 3 days ago, and it's still persist now when I drive. The whistling seems to go away whenever I hit the breaks, but it comes right back after I release the breaks. Sometimes it goes away temporarily, but comes back. It's not a grinding sound. It's a steady whistling type of sound. Hope someone can tell me the problem.

I have tried youtube videos but cannot find whether it is the glove box or behind the hood at the firewall.


Seems to spew worse when the tank is almost empty.