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Car overheated and mechanics changed thermostat and was fine. Next morning car won’t start at all.
heater hose leaking at rear of engine, cant see end of hose or hose clamp at engine connection
on a 2010 Ford Fusion what are the signs for thermostat failure and also what are the signs for a water pump failure and also what is that holds right up under the radiator hose and could a AC hose leak make the fan run without the temperature gauge going up
a blue thermostat lights up in dash for a minute then goes away when i turn on car.. what does this mean? low on antifreeze? I have a 2005 Scion Xa.
The temperature is 80 degrees outside and the inside of the vehicle is cooling at 60 degrees. The low side gauge is reading 42 psi and the high side gauge is ready 240 psi.
I have taken the car to a mechanic shop to check the issue but they could not find it. They checked the alternator voltage battery voltage and all wiring associated with the alternator and everything is reading between 14.2-14.4 volts with anything that would lower voltage on max. Yesterday i found out that there is a recall on my car for the EPS. Is it possible that this is the issue for the battery light coming on and off? While i was driving the battery light came on and immediately i lost power steering and when the battery light went off the power steering worked fine. i had installed a brand new battery when i first saw the battery light and have not seen it come on since i took it to the mechanic
Check engine light stays on
Brake lights are constantly on whether pedal is compressed or not. I replaced the brake light switch and problem still occurs. When the switch is not in position on the master cylinder rod lights are off. I know it’s not a fuse or the switch. What other possible things could it be?
How do I activate the speed display on lcd readout
Ive had the new battery and alt checked they both check out good but gauge inside still reads almost no power. What could cause this?
The car is an Impreza 2006 Automatic.Humming increases with speeds every time you drive the car. As mentioned all wheel hubs were changed but problem wasn't fixed. The car is a front drive with no rear diff and very sluggish on hills or poor in picking up speed.What could be the cause?The car doesnt have leaks and is periodically serviced for engine and gear.
My uncles z3 has been sitting parked in the weather for 5 years. I put the key in the ignition and it will not turn and the steering column is locked as well. The key opens all doors and it’s the right one. I just got a new battery and thought maybe that would fix the problem. If that doesn’t work is there something else I could do. Thank you for any help in advance.
I`m not sure where the water is coming from. I assume when the AC is in use it maybe coming from AC.
whenever we put the car in park to turn off the care, we get the message "car not in park", and the car engine will not turn off. We have to keep pushing the button until it finally turns off.
1996 Dodge 2500 5.9 diesel has no air. whats the cost to install air?