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I have to replace the fuel pressure sensor and want to know how to replace it. Do I have to drop the gas tank all the way or, can I just lower the tank just enough to get to it? Please explain in detail.
Thanks for the help.
The temp doesn't remain where it's set at it increase until I depress the panel above the
controls. This seemed to happen after I cleaned the dash with leather cleaner and I believe I believe the cleaner goton contacts and I need to remove the panel to clean.
The vehicle is a Lincoln MKS 2013
4 wheel drive will not engage but light on dash shows it is. I cannot find a blown fuse anywhere. I get a grinding in the front end when trying to engage in neutral.

what could be the problem that it is not starting.
Brake light work when pedal is press but no running light
05 Ford Escape anti theft lock comes on while driving and it starts jumping. It jumps and acts like its going to die. Then the anti theft lock goes off and when i get up past 45mph it starts jumping bad and the light comes back on and starts jumping again and almost shuts off. It makes no sense i have tried both keys and the battery and nothing has worked,it continues doing the same thing over and over again...Please Help!!
2 weeks ago while on expressway, truck shut itself off, ive replaced alternator, starter, solenoid, ignition switch, and it shows no code errors. when you turn on the key all dummy and interior lights come on, it makes one loud click like you would hear if your battery were low, and thats it. Click. Truck was running great the day before. its just had a tune up, new plugs and coils, new timing belt, new radiator to transmission hoses, new radiator overflow bottle, new heater core, new radiator cap and thermostat,new front brakes and pads..
Cold weather. I’m hesitant to fill the coolant tank because I know the redo oil is an overflow and it might be that there is excess coolant circulating in the radiator?
I turned my Jeep off to put air in my tire. Got back in and it won’t turn overat all.
No power when on, belt shredded, how to replace belt
the problem occurs all the time .
leaking seal
My "menu" and "i" button are not doing anything. I had a service due soon warning and now a service due om the screen as well as a low tire alarm. Nothing will reset now. My cruise, and radio controls all work fine. Called dealer and they said they've never heard of it.. it's driving me nuts. Can't see fiel economy or anything now. It's like those 2 buttons quit functioning. Any help is greatly appreciated
Temperature gage was reading low. Put in a new thermostat and now the gage reads above the center line
Key has been locking up when trying to start it. Wiggle it around it would start. Now lights ect. Come on but not even a click or crank sound. Tried new starter relay switch no change. Let it sit 2 days & it started 1st try. Got home & tried to start it & again nothing. Thats when i tried the relay switch.