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I'm wondering if the airbags on the rear suspension could be worn out. Car has only 31,000 miles

Intermittently reads key and will start.

it ran great before. I fixed grille, ect myself. no electricity to anything

I was trying to hook up some led pod lights to my reverse lights and they stopped working, I noticed a blown fuse so I replaced it but it still doesn't work.

I check Freon that's good. I have the A/C heater auto climate control unit.

If I turn on the windshield wipers say for washing the windshield , I get a pungent odor from the air conditioner vents. Is water getting into the cabin filter? No signs of mold or water damage to the filter there.

was wondering if it could be a sensor or cooling module?
what tells the module to kick in and start the fans?

the timing belt as well as the crank belt broke at the same time ,is that normal for both to break at the same time,,or did the cam lock up causing both to breaks ,and yes the car is 17 yr old

I have heard it is a sensor. What can be done to buffer it?


This started earlier this spring. I was standing out side my car and could hear the compressor engaging repeatedly. Got in my car and it was blowing warm air until I started driving. My wife drove it without anymore issues for a month. Then it was back to only cooling while driving. Took it to a shop and it passes a leak test but it was a little low on freon, .89lbs to be exact. Afrer charging the system to 1.4lbs the A/C worked great while setting there and on my drive home. The next day l started the car and all I got was warm air. Still only blowing cold air again while driving. I'm going to take it back to the shop and have the same test done and put the freon level put back to 1.21lbs. We over filled it. Could that be it? What do you think?

Was this part of a recall?

To see if senser is bad

Runs fine most of the time but sometimes it starts to miss and clears up or dies. but it seems to restarts every time

Took my Impreza in to the Subaru dealer for an oil change and asked them to reset the check engine light - one of my children had recently borrowed it and actually put gas in it so I thought it was a loose gas cap issue but was told that I need a new front sensor and possibly a rear one, too, they could not be sure. I bought the car new and have always had all service done at the dealership as scheduled so I am a bit concerned that I wasn't informed about this recall. This is not an inexpensive repair, especially if it is for 2 of them - is Subaru suppose to foot this bill?