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Replace fan clutch pulley twice in one month. Both replacement part cane off and hit the radiator.
Is iac valve or tp sensor can cause a gear shifting problems
I tow a small boat and have lost power from van to towing socket. Checked fuse looks good? Any further advice would be helpful
The bearing in original pulley went out in NY 2012 Armada. We went to AutoZone bought replacement part. Drove it a week the fan came off pulley hit the radiator. Second time around after replaceing the pulley ,this time pulley broke from bracket with fan attached.
I change the Timing chain for Preventive issues ,,now when it idle it make a very bad noise like knoking and rattle ,and tthe PSI at idle is 4 to 5 ??
temp. guage shows good no heat when dial turned to heat.
not getting fuel to the engine where should i start
In my Honda vezel recently the smart key battery low warning appears even after replacing the smart key battery. I have replaced it several times but still it appears. I can only start the car by pressing it against the push start button
Water in oil
i have a f150 with two gas tanks the truck starts hard when cold but once it warms up runs fine but check engine light comes on and stays on when i step on the gas....2000rpms or higher
when I go to high speed #4 the blower turns off
The keys are in the trunk and the latch to the trunk on the inside of the car doesn't work how do I get the rear seats down to access the trunk
Need info on how to turn off yellow light indicator
Car will crank but wont stay running. I spray starting fluid in MAF an it fires up an dies. I can give it gas but it doesn't seem to help. Fuel filter has been replaced. Fuel pump kicks on an has pressure on gas lines. I've tried what I know an even had some friends look at it An try what they know. Still no running Car.?
Could it be a fuse?