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Could it be vacuum line?

Six months ago clock would not reset. I brought it in and they said they had to update the software and changed it for me. It is now doing the same thing again with the time change I cannot reset it. Trying to avoid bringing it in overnight to have it fixed.

When I fill up it still says empty. When the car is running the gauge goes to F and E. I've been managing the mileage to not run out of gas. Please assist.

Put in neutral it starts and turn on key starts all the gears work when key on have to play with it to work in park

What is causing this 97 rav4 to loose power and not rev over 2000? How to check for the correct fuel pressure ? Thank you!

It also acts like it isn't running on all cylinders. Acts like maybe has a block somewhere. Also at times my hoses go flat

If the auto fan is turned off, the whir sound disappears. Is there a resolve for this?

I want to get a car wash but concerned about the antenna

Sometimes it drives ok but after 30 minutes it revs and the caution endicater comes on I turn the car off and back on it drive again then do the same things and I'm losing power I know I need a full tune up so can That be the cause

I want to do a simole tune up but i need to know how many spark plugs to buy

I didn't see it under the paseneger side or under the right side near the brake. Please help?

i start the car, the alarm sounds for about 30 seconds and stops for about 10 seconds and starts up again.

Ac works perfect. Heat in all areas except the front passenger side

When rotors are not warn?

Where is the fuse for my rear facing console light