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Heating in the car...rather it's turned all the way up or down still barely blows out heat
My sons Equinox just staring this. When you turn the key off the tail lights and dash lights stay on. All day, all night.
would like to know the estimated time it takes to install a convertible hydraulic pump
My ignition is stuck in lock and will not budge I've giggled the steering wheel the key I've tried everything!! The steering wheel moves freely but the key will not turn!!
i would like to know how time it takes to replace the two hydraulic convertible latch lines
Was working fine stop at store 10 mins when put in reverse would not engage either direction
would like to know how much time it takes to replace the convertible latch hydraulic lines
dealer states-rear toe links are loose and need to be replaced-no tire wear-no effect while driving
When my car gets too cold I can't turn it on. Which stinks when you live in Michigan. Sometimes if I slam the drivers door just right it will turn back on. Other times nothing will turn on but usually I can still charge my phone. It's always when it's cold and I have to let it warm up and it'll start on it's own if I leave it in the ignition. Please help. I use my car for work and this has gotten ridiculous
Does this hurt to drive the car
Outside temp 30 degrees. Vehicle garage kept. Leaving for work I have my defroster and floor heat on. I notice that my air condition button shows an amber light. When i press the button it turns green. A 2nd press turns it off. What is the amber light and should I just leave it alone?
I just had a brand new starter put on my van when I went to start it the alarm went off it wouldn't turn off with the key pad and it wouldn't start it would turn over with the clicking noise... I replaced the battery in the key pad and tried it again still wouldn't start I tried to jump start it and the alarm went crazy and wouldn't
My car decided to overheat, but no heat inside the car, liquid on the front of the car
losing power and not sure what to do. cold air, new plugs, wires. trans???
6 month s