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took car to auto station. He said that the radiator and the engine gasket has to be replaced. Mileage on car is 133k. Is it worth to spend money (around $2000) on that?Please advise..Thanks

When I turned off car, fan continues to run, I'm assuming to cool vehicle down

I have changed my starter already and its still doing the same thing what could be wrong now

It seems odd that with a service bulletin on spark plug removal that 3 of 8 plugs would still break off requiring the dealership to charge an additional fee to remove them. Is that usual and customary?

So the knocking begins when I turn the car on or I give it gas but when I put it in r, D4,D3,D2, or ,D1 it stops doing it I've checked the lifters in the Pistons I don't want to have to replace the whole engine

under the blower , directional air flow and hot/ cold control? The graphics are worn off.

I want to replace the donut with a regular size spare but don't know if it will fit on rim or in trunk.

It's started blowing clouds of white smoke out of exqust & using lots of antifreeze/water & getting hot every 5miles haven to fill reservoir back up also gage is showing HOT & check gage is coming on wen it runs out or gets low of water/antifreeze??? Is it the head gasket blown or what exactly is it??? THANK U,VERY MUCH..

The car was just serviced

The AC stopped working after a short road trip a couple nights ago while we were sitting in a drive-thru. The next morning, it was working for a little while, but it stopped again while we were driving. It hasn't come back on since. Is this a coolant problem or an electrical problem? Thanks.

and runs until it randomly does it again , now I put new oem distributer in and now still no spark , where di I check next , I know auto electic pretty good , I was going to check grounds and plug connections ,, any suggestions

where is it located

just put this engine in my car it was sitting in garage for a couple years

ive replaced the sensor, the throttle body, & fuel pump but you cant take the car over 3rpm or it will jerk. also sometimes it acts like it doesnt want to go

My climate control does not light up