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Periodiocally, when coming to a stop and starting off again, transmission seems to slip and then shift hard into first gear
I have to replace my door on my 95 dodge ram 3500 van and wonted to know what was the color code for me each wires that runs through driver door.Also to replace headlight switch on this 95 dodge ram van what would I have to take off
My 2003 mazda protege lx has a hesitation issue only while my foot is on brake?
I would to swap it out to a 1980 chevy 350 which I already have in stock trans and engine complete. will the computer still work since the 1980 engine doesnt need it. how much problem might I run into getting everything to work right again.
This occurred this morning Working fine on way out but nothing on way back. No display whatsoever. Could it be a blown fuse
While driving there are no warning lights or any signs of a malfunction. The only way to stop it from beeping is to disconnect the battery.
This is a 2002 Ford sport explorer Trac 2 door hatchback. The battery was completely drained so I got a jump. Now even after a week of driving it still acts like it doesn't want to start. It has been shaking alot exspecially with the AC on. I also prior to all this noticed the engine shaking under the hood. And when I'm diving there is like a 3 to 5 second shouder now and then I can't explain plus the lights are kinda dim what could be going on?
So my car engine light was on and we checked the car and put AT oil in (auto transmission) as it was very low. Servo guy checked it and said all looked good then we drove home and the light kept flashing and revs would go up even thought we were parked at the lights. Any idea on what this maY be? Car has no leaks.
Recently bought this car used, noticed the front end of the car and steering wheel start to shake when accelerating up to 50mph, soI immediately replaced all 4 tires. Car still shakes. What's the deal??
E300 2017 sedan passenger and driver doors detent too weak, If door pushed open hard it springs back to close. Door detent not strong enough to keep the door in open position or in-between position without "springing" back unless the door is swing out slowly. If the car is parked on an incline, then it is worse. Dealer says that "spring" or detent "resistance" or "strength" is the correct factory design.
It has only done this once and someone released a valve or something under the hood
I have problem with my E500 2003, the key can not unlock the car from far distance, it only works when I am beside the car, Also the keyless go for dooe unlocking/locking is not working. Keyless go for start engine will work only if I put the key on the top of the ashtrey where the senser is lokated, and if I move the key 1cm the car will not detect the key.

Note: The key is working fine with the EIS, no issues, it turn/run the vehicle with no issues.
Once I start my Xtype Jaguar, (after a lot of early morning attempts) there’s an intermittent “gurgling” sound with, what sounds like a miss in the engine, that is emitted from the intake throats. It’s like there’s a choke-like flap somewhere in the engine, that has a broken spring & it’s flapping loosely??? Can anyone help?
Was told the ecm was bad and needs to be replaced, can not locate the unit on a 2005 Nissian forester