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On my 2010 cobalt, I have been having Electrical issues. I just got a new battery, but it's lately been having trouble starting up (there are only about 70k miles on it btw) . It would start but it would hiccup a lil before getting there. This morning I got in it and it won't start. The clock radio and odometer come on and the clock has the correct time and all my radio presets are there so I don't think it's the battery . The dials on dash all kind of "jutter" as well for a few seconds. Also this morning I came out to see my emergency lights where blinking (I obviously didn't turn them on before I went to bed lol ) . I feel like it's a blown fuse or spark plugs but I have just basic car knowledge. Please help, my car is needed for work and I work tomorrow.
Hi, my first post here.
'91 S-10, 2.8L 5 Speed.
Can't keep fluid in the clutch hydraulic system. From reading other posts, it's probably either the resivor, hose, master or slave cylinder.

Question: Is it necessary to replace X when you replace Y?

We have changed everything
Just been told after oil change at Firestone I need both struts and shocks. I have never driven on rough roads, mostly highways and major metropolitan streets and freeways. I have not noticed any problems with how car handles or rides.
work at a shop and use alldata tried everything original problem was locked motor replaced it
I was charged 220.00 I'm labor costs and the same amount for a tensioner assembly. Am being told I was ripped off. What should the cost have been?
Can hear air blowing when truck hits 50 mph. Noise is coming from the back seat. ( extended cab).
air get in from the moonroof from 130 km speed.
Grinding noise at starter and flexplate
Gas & exhaust fumes ignition coil not firing
drove down the road loud nocking the just shut off and won't crank or do anything. only put 85 miles on it after the oil change. started nocking after about 30 miles. was not hot just drove about 5 miles when it got real loud and just shut off and wont do anything now
We replaced the bulb, also when we put the turn signals on the flasher blink inside the car. The lights to light up the dashboard went out. We checked the fuses they are good.
The digital speedometer just stopped showing. All other information is displayed when you touch the menu oil life, trip 1, trip 2, etc. Just the digital speed doesn't show. The odometer and direction are still displayed but the rest of the screen is blank.
The problem occurs every time it is switched from 4 high to 4 low. It is a manual landcruiser 200 gx diesel 2011 model