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I replaced expansion valve and dryer and ac still not working. Low side pressure goes straight up to 100 psi. Compressor is turning on.
Also replaced fan with auxiliary fan which is pulling 3000 cfm
I was driving my 2008 ford edge and hear a metal sound like if it was scratching the floor.I saw under the car and it look like it was the drive shaft shaking in the front part that was making the noise,now i want to know can i just remove the drive shaft and make it fwd temporary so i can get the money to change the drive shaft(if it is the driveshaft) or anyone had the same problem or any idea what can it be and if it is can it be something less expensive to fix ?
My car key fell off and broke, I removed the circuit inside the key case to be soldered. Then I tried to start my car with just the key without the circuit situated inside the key case. The car started successfully, but dropped. Even if I throttle it, it won't raise. I started it again, it started, but dropped off again. The third time, no revolving again occurred. I called a mechanic who tried to hard_start the car. It didn't work that way. I tried to fix back the circuit in the key case, the mechanic put some fuse, so now the car starts well, steams, throttles fine but it's misfiring. The engine is vibrating. I tried to check the coils (plugs). When I checked them, one of the coils is not firing. No spark in the wire connected to the plug. There's no current coming to the coil. And the check engine light is On. Other coils are sparking, but one is not sparking. The sound of the engine is not stable again, reluctance in movement and the security alarm is off
Drove out of steep driveway and back glass broke from inside out. 4 door club cab.

The timing tab is missing I replaced the timing chain and the mark on the balancer keeps coming up on the passenger side the car will only start if you advance it why is this
If the light switch is left on and the car is parked and key removed, will an alarm sound on an 1999 infiniti qx4?
The Expedition will not accelerate over 15 mph. It has a slight ticking sound. Anyone have any ideas?
AC is cold when running, turns hot when titan stops
My a c condenser fan dont stop when i turn off
The switch n still running.
the controls to set up blue tooth dose nor work it dose not show any thing
the equinox 2015 stat but next day don't sart
happens when it gets warm but not hot
I have read that E15 ethanol based gasoline has an octane rating of 89 or better; does that
mean I can substitute it for premium
The engine light went on, the diagnostic computer code wad P0191 FORD - Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance. So we replaced the sensor and next day the light goes on and same code pops up. Now what do I do?
The car runs real rough around 600-700 rpms and shuts down around 400 rpms