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My airbag service light came on today 3/29/2017 after I ran over a skateboard. First time this has happened.

The temperature gauge goes from normal to almost hot

Makes a bit of a thud over bumps

why are the OBDII monitors not ready for smog check?

front end vibrates at high speed

I was driving home from work on the freeway and my car turned completely off. It turns over and make cranking noises but want start. My radio will not come on . I tried jumping the car it don't work.

Took 2 weeks to rebuild. I just thought that was high?? Car is a 2012 Ford Escape.

High idle speed will not drop to low speed

What are the best tools in helping remove the front grille?

I can pull the hood release in the cab but the arm that needs to be pushed under the hood is hanging out and finally came completely loose. How do I open the e hood?

Vibration on passenger side

Car won't go above 25-30 mph

Car will cut off

Cupping wear on outer portion of right front tire causes car to shudder through 55 mph
gradual left turns. New tire lasts about 20 to
30K miles before wear pattern re-occurs.

i replaced the windshield wiper motor but the wipers are still not working . all the fuses are good . the windshield washer will work but not the wipers