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my car does the exact same thing. word for word. what have you done to fix that?
On cold mornings, sometimes the transmission is slow to engage. Otherwise, shifting is smooth and quiet.
2005 Ford Escape hybrid
my car is completely dead, it want crank or start. I took the battery out to charge it but it was fully charged 100 % i also checked the alternator and it still works. I also gave it a jump to see if it would start but its like the car is getting no juice none of the electricity cuts on
All will light up the numbers will appear but nothing will not come out. No heat or air
Do not know how to get into it and need advice
Why is my emergency park brake light turning off and on, with the sound of the light licking? when I release the emergency brake. As well as why does my headlights turn off & my high beams turn on? As well as my heat is not working it was working JUST find yesterday. My car has been sitting I can't remember for how long but, went and got my vehicle back yesterday and it was working except the emergency brake light was cutting off and on. no there are no leaks from what I can tell and no noises. Radio lights light up as well but radio CD player deck don't work
My cassette player is stuck on rewind and I've disconnected the battery to fix it but it jumps back to the rewind position. Any advice would be helpful
When you turn up volume it makes weird static sound
It backfires stalls when accelerating up hills and we have noticed that when the outside temp is in the 50 or higher it does this
Truck sat for 2 years and ran fine. Trued to start it. No power to fuel pump. Changed all relays and fuses still no power to fuel pump.
my truck wont start, i replaced distributor cap and rotor, when coil wire is in the distributor it wont start, but held out to see or hear spark, the engine wants to start but dont. its a 1989 mazda B2200, 4 cylinder.spark plugs and wires were new 4 months ago.
My truck smells like mice piss n farm grass when heat is on.
Have 1999 Saturn SL-2 that isn't passing smog test. It's blowing blue smoke from tailpipe. What is involved with making that go away? What is worst case scenario to fix (other than replacing engine)? What all could be needed and what range would repairs cost? Smoke is not particularly visible when not being tested. Thanks
I just installed a used transmission. I put it in drive, and it seemed to work, but when it shifted out of first it was like it went into neutral. I shut it off, and tried again, same thing happened.