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Have been searching for weeks for this part but cannot find it. I did a diagnostic jumper and the only code i get is 24. I tried resetting the codes but still get the same 24. Please help.
belt broke changed the belt but car will not start
I have a 2006 Ford Taurus SEL and lately I notice that my car has been whining or squeaking sound whenever I m at a stop or slow down but when I accelerate I cannot hear it. When I turn off my car I notice a little leak where my power steering or belt is ? What do I need to replace?
Radio installation
When pressing gas pedal, there is a distinct flutter noise in the upper engine. Almost like sound of a sewing machine. Then the noise stops after no acceleration. Accelerate again and the noise is back.
2002 Buick Rendevous. The red brake light has been on for two years. The brakes work fine, but appears to be a short. Yesterday, I removed the factory speakers which wore distorted. I put in new speakers. Now, I cant drive without a constant beeping or warning that the brake light is giving. Is there a way to pull a fuse or remove the beeping and keep the radio on>
Replaced master window switch in 2003 GMC Yukon Denali and doesn’t work is programming required
A bolt fell from underneath the car it was to my gas pedal and it sinks to the floor now like the cable is bad but I don’t know where the bolt goes back on at
car won't pass inspection because the check ebgine light isn't registering [won't show at all]. had an obd and computer resets with no luck, any solution?
Hi I need help my 98 Honda Accord died on me and it won't start anymore they checked it and said everything seems to be working right is it possible for the problem to be the key I was told it needs to program again
When the car is on there is a clicking noise coming from behind the car dashboard
It got stuck and I think it might have got hot trying to get it out of the mud,someone told me it’s a module in the transmission???? Is there a way to figure out this problem without dumping a lot of money on different things that it might be?????
All the power buttons do nothing. Is it the motor? The fuses all appear fine
All I know is I Checked the code and it was a p0411 secondary airstream incorrect upper air flow can someone help me diagnose this
Already replaced the fuel pump. Also it blows fuse. Usually when I replace it it will start right up but not today? Any help would be appreciated.