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We have check plugs, plug wires, altenator, and changed battery. It idles fine in park and when you put it in gear but as soon as you push the gas peddle it boggs and it almost acts as if it is misfireing.
accidentally I added very little coolant into motor oil into the car. What will happen? Will something go wrong with the cylinders or car stall?
Alternator was bad. Wiring harness burnt. Need to find one and instructions on how to replace.
The noise sounds like a flat tire when driving next to the divider on the highway. It vibrates through the pedal. steering wheel and I can hear other thing vibrate by the passenger side. When applying the brakes, its ...
By getting the temp stat a little up happens whenever the engines cooled
like a flywheel making noise. i dont hve a flywheel. someone said it my be my timing chain since i dont hve a timing belt. i wld like to knw how much its goin to cost to fix it including labor? and who shld i take it ...
no clicking noises, no lights turn on, nothing! won't take jump start too . weird. can it be some sort of relay switch ?
When I take off the truck slips the drive gear. I have to rev it up to stick in gear but it sticks in 3 gear