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A couple of months ago, my AC started blowing warm air.. took it to a repair shop and had performed leak detector test as well as checked system.. all looked fine.. Freon level was fine.

After a while we disconnected the battery so mechanic could check something else.. nothing found.. so we hooked up the battery again. started up car and AC worked perfectly.

Recently, the problem has returned and the only repair i've performed myself was to disconnect/connect battery after a few minutes and it works perfectly again for a few weeks.. Problem now seems to reoccur more frequentlly. Mileage is only 60,000.

Its like a hard reset on a computer.. What could be wrong?
Anti theft light flashes when car not running.
I am replacing the door on a 2000 Expedition and I need to know how to and where to disconnect the wiring harness going to the body. Thank you
Third brake light won't light.
Replaced bulb and checked fuses and still nothing.. Any help would be appreciated.

06 Chevy express 1500 b0092 fault
Normal driving transmission temperature goes over 200 degrees
My sunroof is stuck in the tilt position and wont close
Acts like its going to start (sometimes does but misses terrible). I have 57psi fuel pressure. The only code is P0300 and battery is fully charged, with all terminals clean.
When my car is running I get a noticeable leak from the middle of my car, where the transmission is, it’s not trans fluid.

2008 dodge magnum 2.7.
Cause of the auxiliary water pump failing
Why does my AC system blow hot air when in idle and gets cold when moving
Can I replace the glove box light bulb in my 2011 Nissan Altima myself? I've looked at some YouTube videos (though I can't find one for my model/year Nissan), and it seems pretty tricky.

If I can't do it myself, what can I expect to pay at the dealership?

Stalls at idle sometimes and in slow traffic. Sluggish acceleration
a/c works but, regular switch works, but, max air switch does not blow
when I park my car overnight something is draining my battery