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Already replaced the radiator

4wd never engages

Replaced both the front and back evaporators. Find no leaks with the detector. At the end of my rope. I had it filled Friday evening and Saturday am it was out air blows hot.

Anyone have a suggestion?

looking for the Camshaft positioning sensor on the 92 ZR1 corvette 5.7 motor

I'm told the brake sensor could be the problem. I had triple a on the way until someone at the gas station where I was stalled. a kia mechanic got it started right up like nothing was wrong. he said kia brake sensor will do that.

Car won't stay running and then only idle touch throttle it dies. Have replaced fuel pump filter took off converter replaced crank sensor computer, map , throttle ,and mad sensors help help help

Did the cam lock up

All the rest of the lights work fine like the headlights work and brake lights are working too including the 3rd brake light any help would be appreciated

Mirror is hanging from housing by electrical wire connectors

Monitors always take over a month to clear

Turn the key sometimes it starts sometimes it won't

Yea got a diagnostic test on my blazer and it said something about the 5th cylinder not firing. What do I need to get to fix and what is going to be the price.

the reverse gear works without a problem. while driving(after getting the car to stay in drive) car will switch to neutral when I slow down and sometimes won't shift back to drive.

PSP reservoir bone dry after 5 miles driving no leaks near or around pump, replaced high pressure line, return line no leaks, leaks at center front subframe.

The abs light started flashing and then my car died. Had to get it towed. Charged the battery and put it in the shop the mechanic could not fine anything wrong. But 6hrs after picking my car up it happened again . Had to get it towed again.