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Is it safe to drive 20 miles to the Toyota dealership, or should I have it towed? The light stays solid in park.

SRS light is on

When I turn the steering wheel There is a metal clicking sound I checked the inner tie rod's they're fine also the outers are fine

Took in for service on May 17 2017 and dealer is saying I need to replace transmission mount not knowing I did in 10/2012. My car is in excellent condition.

The steering wheel is in different angles to go straight. Not in accident. what happened

changed fuel pump, no help

I replaced the rotar cap and distributor button. Put new plugs and wires. Changed the injector and it still wont start. It ran fine and it just cut off so i replaced all those thinking it would help. It turns over and gets spark and fuel. I tried spraying starter fluid in and it still wouldnt start. I have no idea what to do. What could the problem be. I have a obd2 book scanner6830 but it said no dtc. I dont know what to do. Can someone please help.

I have a 2002 Pontiac Pontiac Bonneville SLE and it is the year and engine of the panic Mandeville that was recalled for the fuel issue and I was wondering if this car is also included on that recall as I am having the same issues as they described

top won't retract. I can not find a specific fuse

I have Escalade and one of the passenger door has child safety lock on. We press the unlock button for child safety and it either turns on or keep blinking. Second passenger door in the back is fine. What should be do?

Should I bite the bullet and R&R for $3500 or diagnose for possible trans cooling line obstructions??

it does not over heat, but i lose all accelleration power when it get's noisy. but it only happens intetmently.

so when I am looking at my caprice from behind it is tilting a bit to right

2.)need top piece on dashboard part cost and installation cost?