it wont turn over sometimes on 1st try I turn it off start it again & it starts

Beeper stays on while driving,,but will stop when vehicle comes to stop

Whenever I hit a bump or pothole, more noticeably at higher speeds, but happens even at lower speeds.

Transmission was pulling slow and jerking now it don't change gears now or move but it start right up but won't move when I change it into gears.

Is this a recall fix 16v502000?

Engine light came on and flashes. Engine runs rough with a constant misfire and lacks power

77k miles: irregular shaking coming from front of car when first turned on. has increased over past month when it first started. almost sounds like it's surging when it's first turned on, like it can't figure out exactly what speed? to run at.

ove. What can I do?

ABS, Brake and traction control light will not go out on dashboard. Tried disconnecting battery and reconnecting it, but lights still remain on

Do I have to clamp the springs down...o was told I do and I was told I dont

put a new battery in and a throttle actuator control. but lights still come on.

and it was wiring. Still surges, most noticed when car is warm and at speeds above 60. Dealer has no idea :( Any advice? Please and thank you

Drove car today and noticed it was steaming out of the hood area when shut off the engine. I discovered it was low on coolant and don't have leak and no ideas as to what it causing it to steam

What Else do I need to replace to get the check engine light to stay off

low beams on headlights not working, what is the average cost including labor to replace the dimmer switch