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when I start my car throughout the day I hear a heavy knocking sound underneath the valve cover on the drivers side for 3-4 seconds. The noise does not persist while I am driving, but it does start again when I start up the car at a later time. The oil has been recently changed, there is no check engine light, the engine is running good, and there is no sludge in the engine. I just bought the car on auction and don't know any services that were performed on the car prior to my ownership. what do you think is wrong with my car? Thank You Mike.
The check engine light came on in my 94 Ford Escort after having transmission work done. The trouble codes are 335,326 and 172, and supposedly relate to the DPFE sensor. I installed a new sensor, but the light is still on. Does the computer reset right away, or is there something else wrong?
When I'm in OD and I excellerate to go faster,I press the gas pedal down and I get a slight pause/pull back and a pop sound. What causes this?
My Explorer only seems to do this when it's raining or when driving on wet snow. At random times, could be every 1 minute or could be every 15 minutes. My transmission acts like it's down shifting for a split second, then goes right back. So I would have to assume that moisture is getting into something underneath my Explorer and freaking out the TCM or possibly a solenoid in the transmission. Anybody else ever heard of this before? If so, what's the common fix for it? If nothing else, where can I find some kind of a diagram that shows me where all my speed sensors are, where the TCM is located, and any solenoid electrical connections on the transmission?
We have battery corrosion on our cables and the Honda dealer repaced the harness now it is happened again. This time we have to pay to have corrosion preventative spray to be put on. What is the deal why is this happening and is this not a defect?
wh at can i do to better 18mpg.on the hwy i'm using chevron premium, sparkplugs are bosch and modify chip
Hi, I bought a new brake light switch and am now underneath the dash. There seem to be 2 switches there, which one do I replace? Also, how the heck to I get it out of there? It is such a tight spot that a wrench doesn't even fit in that tight, tight space. i have tired manually with my fingers, but it is impossible to unscrew it. Now what? thanks for your help, in advance.
How do I remove the rear bumper black step?
Got a cam sensor code. Replaced sensor,didnt fix problem. Scanner also showed crank out of sync. Car has 100000mi. Runs fine most of the time. Could it be the timing belt?
1990 Taurus SHO 5 speed has broken end on shift cable. The end looks like a half-moon and clips onto a ball at the transmission. Can it be repaired or replaced? Ford doesn't make them anymore.
where is the turn signal relay switch?
Hello, anyone know how to change out the 3rd brake light. I tried looking for access but had no success. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.
I bought my 2006 maxima new 2 years ago. I have carried the car back to the dealership several times because the fuse that'
works the interior lights , auto seat adjustments, auto steering wheel adjustment, gear lock, visor mirror lights don't work etc.
All they do is replace the fuse. usually it will be blown again before I would get home. Of course my warenty is out now and when I replaced the same fuse It would work for a day or two. Then fire sparks popped out of the fuse box. Of course I won't try to replace the fuse again. I know Its in the wireing but I could never get the dealership nissan gadsden alabama to fix it. Do you have any suggestions.
My power steering stopped working but everything else runs fine.The fluid is full .
will a 1992 accord starter fit a 1999 accord?