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What's theeasiest wa to connect my Ipod to play from stereo and still use my steering wheel controls?
Displays "Magazine Empty", but it's not. How can I fix this error? Player is in glove box.
I made a copy of my key at a local store and it turned on and then shuts right off..whats up with that??
I have a 98 Ford Escort. I have taken it in to 2 dealers. Both have told me that a blower switch was stuck on cold. They switch it to hot and replace then it stops working after 2-3 weeks. What do I need to do to adjust the switch myself until I can afford to have it looked at more closely?
seems to not be getting enough gas to start --- only when it's really cold --- has spark and battery --- gas tank full
while driving a blast of bright yellow fluid was released then alot of alerts and alarms i was able to get it home - about a mile from the original blast - seems to be leaking from the drivers side front of the engine compartment car will start but i'm afraid to drive anywhere what could it be?
Recent master cylinder and front brake replacement. Since then after about 20 miles in stop/go and highway traffic. Brake pedal appears locked/firm and right front brakes locked tight. Pulling over and turning car off/on fixes the problem. All right front parts replaced. Still happens. Scary when it happens at 55 mph on highway. Repair shop unable to duplicate. Any ideas?
the passenger side inner axle has movement in the diff houseing . Is this normal
I have changed the alt. and also the battery but the battery seems to boil over and there is corrosion all over the battery tray and surrounding area. What would cause the battery to BOIL over?
I was going up a hill in first gear and went to shift to secound gear and when i shifted the van it went in to neutral and wouldnt come out. and the shifter moves around freely when the van is off and it wont come out off neutral on or off.
how to change front brakes in a 2005 mercedes benz e500
How do we turn light on the panel off...
Just had oil changed and the light is still on to remind us to change it and the light is on for the tires??
Help...we need to turn it off.
radiator fan stays on after car is shut off, to the point that it runs down the battery.
My van was driving down the highway, fine as usual, then the drive light switched on and off and then the the car stopped being propelled forward when I stepped on the gas. It just revved the engine. I pulled over to the side of the road and then I put it in park and then I put it in drive and it went again and then I hit a bump and it stopped going forward again. I finally just had myself towed to a car repair shop. Any ideas what might have happened. That morning I had gone over a speed bump very fast and bottomed out? Could this have caused the steering column to break something in the drive shift in the steering column?
The rear hatch door window and windshield wiper aren't working. I'm trying to look for the fuse for the rear hatch door but the labeling for the fuses in the fuse box isn't to specific. Could you please give me a location of the rear hatch door fuse or if you've experience any similar problems with the rear hatch door, possible solutions for this problem.