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After washing the engine down with degresser, the engine begain the rev up , I would have to hit the gas sseveral times for it to drop down, than while driving the car it would just shut off, what's the problem?
the electric cooling fan needs to be replace, but I don't know where it is.
How do you replace the themostat on 2001 Ford Escort?
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can I see a fuse panel diagram the taillights keep blowing a fuse
Why is it when brake the front end shakes?
Well I was currently re-doing my friends timing belt because the car made a knocking noise and we thought that the engine had locked up when it would not start.. well the next day he went ahead and started disconnecting everything and removed the wiring harness, well I he also unbolted one of the ground cables on the car, its a 1.6L SOHC V-Tec and it has 2 ground wires coming off the battery, one bolts on to the body and the second one bolts on to I have no clue where does ant one know where that second cable goes???
engine check light remains on. gas cap has been replaced. Is this a sensor issue,or canister,or? What checks can I do before taking it to a shop? Cost est.?
If towing the Mustang on a car dolly, does the drive train need to be dropped? I will be towing it 1100 miles.
do you need to have the timing belt changed on q 2004 honda odyssey at 100,000 miles
dose anyone know where I can find a front drivers seat for a 2000 Dodge Stratys SE, I have a power seat that my son broke the back on it and I have to have stuff positioned behind the seat to hold it up
How much should it cost to replace water pump?
can I get instructions on how to install a front right bilstein shock/strut into my V-40?
hi, anyone else have a firebird with a 5 speed that likes to grind trying to go into reverse. you can start the car up try to go into reverse and it acts like you didnt even push the clutch in, then other times its fine for days. any ideas?
I have a 2006 Nismo frontier. That makes a very loud popping sound when I hit a pothole. I have had the truck for about 1 year and I have had it looked at 3 times and everyone says they can't find any issue. It has progressively gotten worse and scares my wife at times as it is a pretty loud popping at times. I figured it was a ball joint popping from an akward position when I turn and hit a bump, but now it happens when I am going straight and hit a pothole and I hear it from the rear at times now as well. I am thinking it may be related to the Bilstein shocks on the Nismo. I had issues with these same shocks on my 04 TRD Tacoma, so I wouldn't be suprised. But in reality I have no idea what is wrong I am just guessing. any ideas?
there is any way that i can correct that problem. thanks for you help