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I jut bought a 97 c420 with miles.
new trans, new brakes, new tires. for a steal.
Will I like it? why? How long of a life # of mile can I get?
Should I anticipate problems? If so what kind?
Help is appreciated. cmee
Now and then this fault appears: The engine does not take load. When I turn it off and start again, it works fine. Recently, the Emission control light came on associated with this fault and the engine stalled completely. Restarted ok. But this can be dangerous in heavy traffic with the power steering not working. (It's a diesel engine)
When I put the car on reverse gear, there is a noticable jerk (jolt), but while driving on reverse there are no issues. Is this common for Ford Taurus.
When my husband touched the oil filter, it was lose & he was able to tighten it by hand. Could that be the source of such a large leak? I am afraid to drive it now.
My 02 grand caravan heats up fine and the temp gauge moves up normally but as soon as I start to drive, the air from the blower cools down and the temperature gauge need drops back to cold. it takes a few minutes to cool down. when I stop, it slowly starts to heat up again. thermostat problem?
TOD works perfectly but TOD check light comes on intermittently. checked all connections at trany and transfer case.
How is the inside door panel removed? The cable connecting the handle that opens the door broke. Thanks
i know i need to replace the orings i also wanted to know if you could tell me what the name of the part is so i may order i have a small gas leak, is it a gasket? also i am leaking transmission fluid any suggestions thanks so much
When I am driving the engine shuts off sometimes. Sometimes it will start right up other times it takes awhile. I need to know if it could be the fuel pump or aould it be the fuel filter. The altenator is fine I got it tested.
How do I get at the driver's side low beam headlamp to replace it?
I own a 1997 C-230 in Virginia. When I lift the hood I hear noise coming from the belt. Any suggestions or recommendations on how to fix this or what this means.
The plastic part of yhe tube that is inserted in the top hose has falling off. It is replacebile or do I need a new rediator?
How fast will a Ford taurus go? How many miles to gallon?
Ok. Got it 'fixed' yesterday. Out today, came home and now brake lights won't go out at all! Where is the fuse? Where are the associated wires for the brake under the gear shift?
When I get out of the car my inside lights remain on,this causes my battery to run down and sometimes I can't crank the car. Can someone please tell me where the inside lights fuse is. I want to remove it until I can get this problem diagnoses.