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i have a 2005 dodge ram 2500 it is dumping fuel out the breather tube on drivers side of engine and just recently it is making a thumping noise out the intake has no power and is blowing massive amounts of black smoke out tailpipe any clues???
I press down on the clutch pedal, shift from first to second, or from second to third, when letting up on the clutch I hear a clunk sound. No sound when shifting from third to fourth, or from fourth to fifth.
what is the front crank gear bolt torque spec?
I just resently purchased a used 2006 chevy uplander. Over the pst couple of months I have had a bed electrical smell while driving. It scared me but I can not tell where the smell is coming from. I opened the fuse panel and it all seemed fine. I even opened the hood and the smell was not coming from there. It seems to be coming from either in under the van or the rear. It happened again today and I am a little afraid to drive it with my kids in the van thinking that it may catch on fire. I know that electrical will cost me a fortune at a repair shop. Do you know where the smell may be coming from and is it dangerous to drive? Both times has been about 2 months apart.
If I need the seals and 100K maintenance done to my differenatial what would be my cost?
Can the coil springs be put in upside down??
What is the cost estimate to replace motor mounts. I did not see this part listed, so I choose front struts as a close facsimile.
I noticed there were no questions here regarding fuel pumps for the 2000 toyota camry. A co-worker metioned that on his celica that problems occured because his fuel pump was in the gas tank. If the fuel goes below 1/4 tank it causes problems on the fuel delivery. Are there any known problems like this for the2000 toyota camry 2.2L 4 cyl. Please advise. Thank you very much!
direct transmission systems, anything out there for symptons.
tested ignition wire for spark when cranking, no spark. is the problem the ignition coil because wires test ok, or is there an engine control module at fault?
warning lights come on checked with code reader and got no codes
The cigarette lighter doesn't work in order to charge a portable dvd player or cell phone.
I thought that it would be a fuse issue but could not find in the manual anything to do with a fuse for the cigarette lighter.
Please advise if there is a fuse for the cigarette lighter and if so, which one is it.
Thank you!
What is the general cost for the replacement of an ignition module and control module (computer)?
Are the dash lights in series or parallel?
My a/c blows warm when its idling and cool when im on the road. It is set all the way cold. And sometimes all of a sudden it starts blowing very hot air for a couple of minutes then goes back to being cool (not cold). It only blows cold sometimes at night.