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I have had the dealer line up my 2009 camry twice and it still pulls to the left, the dealer tells me a new strut mount or forced balancing will fix the caster problem
How do you change the starter solenoid for an AT? Is it a complicating thing?
My 2006 Yukon Denali XL's battery has died twice in the last month. I had a 2004 that died at least 6 times in the 2 years that I owned it. Anyone else have this problem?
Recently, my alternator died. I'm going to replace it, but I can't get the belt that surrounds the alternator loosened. I got the main bolts and nuts off the alternator and the electrical connections. Now I just think I have to pull it out of its housing, but need to loosen belt first. I don't know where or how to loosen belt.
I have almost 60k on my car and the dealer is pushing a pricey tune up. What is really needed at this time? I commute 130 each day for work.

i got my accord ex 96 model enine overhauling,after tht everything was going smothly. recently we had 8 friends on a long drive on the car n suddenly there was severe gear oil leakage from the gear box chamber. now what should i do. my mechanic says to change gral bos seal or totally change the gear box.what should i do now?
I have a 97 Escort, that I have been having heating problems with. Thermostat has been changed twice, and the last time, bypass gasket was also changed. I have to drive it for approx. 5 miles before it gets into operating range. Once there, it heats fine until I get into town, then goes down again. No one seems to have an answer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Shorty
Replacing manuel clutch need to know what to torque the flywheel bolts to
my vehicle starts right up it dont over heat and has no loss of power but throwing out white smoke when driving or just idleing it blows out horrifcly could it be the head gasket or block
The windshield wipers are not working at all, please give detailed instructions on how to fix it & what could be the problem, also where the fuse,switch,etc would be located if one of them is the problem. Thanks a million, Jenny
im not getting enough fuel pressure any ideas
my jimmy wont fire what could it be
There are 2 cooling fans, the one on the driver's side comes on when engine heats up or if AC is on. The fan on the passenger side does not seem to be running at all. Shouldn't one of the fans run at all times? If not when should the passenger side fan come on?
I have a 1998 C230 with about 88,000 miles. The car was parked for about 3 months without use. Before that it ran but the battery had to be jumped a few times. When I went to start it this week we found the battery completely dead. We replaced the battery but the engine would not turn over. It would try to start but die after a second or 2. The Mercedes dealer now has it. They first tried to replace a relay (I think they said it provided power to the EIS) but that didn't fix it. They now ordered a new EIS which we are waiting for. I'm starting to feel like they are just changing parts until they get it right. Any suggestions?
I am replacing the crusie control switch, I can pull the switch out of the steering wheel a little bit but I don't know how to disconnect the electrical sockets. Is there a release catch to squeeze? if so where is it at? I tried just pulling on the two sockets but I realized there must be something locking them together, but without much slack in the wires its hard to tell.