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The transmission does not up shift and the speedometer is inop.
i have a 2005 h2 sut with a 6ltr engine. when driving under norman conditions my engine rpm's rev up and down when i'm going about 45-55mph. any help will do. thank you
I have recently run into a problem where my remote doesn't unlock or lock my power doors. So it forces me to use the key which is quite annoying. Although it does work to remotely unlock the trunk. When inside the car and using the lock/unlock button on the door, it will only lock/unlock the passenger and rear doors but not the the drivers side. Also, when the drivers side door is unlocked and you manually push it down it will lock all doors as well. When examining the driver door lock you can see that it tries to lock and unlock but fails to do so. Any suggestions?
How too find and purchase a charcoal canister?
When I try to start my car it just clicks and clicks. I thought the gas was out but I put 2 gallons in and no change.
My engine light came on while driving down the highway. I pull over and I was losing oil. I put more oil in but it ran straight out. So I had it toad home. The engine still start but I dont run it.
30,000 mile service cost.
My blazer has HEAVY doors that sag and do not close properly. Often I hear and feel air rushing in around the seals of both doors. I have to LIFT and SLAM the doors to close properly. HELP!!!
2001 Galant dies when I stop
I recently had the AC recharged; sometimes it works fine but other times it just blows warm air. What could be causing this?
when i start the car after it has sat over nite the idil jumps to 2000rpm for a few seconds that seems high then it drops to 1300 i know it has some thing to do with the tempiture
in the summer it go s up to 1700 or 1800in the winter it can go as high as 2300 for a few seconds i dont think it should ever go above 1300 rpms when you start it. it dose idil at 600
rpms after it has warmed up
after a miniute
where is the water temp sensor (TO89422-35010) on this model (2.2). What is involved w/ replacement?
First off my camaro is a 1989 IrocZ with a 5 speed tranny. this happens in warmer weather and in stop and go traffic. I never ride the clutch but after a while the clutch seems to stop working and even when pressed down the car keeps moving. It's really hard to get it into or out of gear at this point also. When the car cools down for a while it acts normal. The car repair guys think I'm nuts. HELP!!!! I'm NOT!
When I put my truck into reverse it pulses. Like the engine is going to die on me.
Have had checked and spent $ for fuel pump and etc. Engine light on engine. Engine has to idle for 2 minutes before there is any throttle responce, cold or hot. Performance fluctuates. Fuel filter has been changed. Tranny oil was changed.