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Long story short...I had TRAC OFF and Check engine lights coming on and Auto Zone pulled code P0122 (TPS). Went to shop and had new TPS put on, and car broke down the same day. Went back in the shop and they diagnosed short to ground, traced to wiring harness and found bad wire at junction box along firewall under brake booster. They fixed it and it ran fine for 4 days until the alternator failed. Could they have caused my alternator to fail by not properly fixing the wire? Also, could my wire have shorted out due to them not properly fixing/diagnosing TPS issue? They're also severly overchargin me or the wiring work ($450) and for the alternator work ($526)!
I knew what the codes where and have had it checked. at two shops the last one said bad oxygen sensor, but I have changed it twice already need more help
is the idle arm the same thing as a tie rod end
System Stability Control light comes on and the brake system fails for about 3 to 5 seconds. At this time there is a hard vibration in the brake pedal. The car does not leak any power steering fluid. also the back end of the car sits low. I know that the rear shocks are going, but are these two problems related? My mechanis states that the brakes are in great shape. The light is not on constantly and is never on when I first start the engine. It comes on nearly every time I drive the car though, usually when I am breaking but not all the time. Please advise
thanks to Valleytech and Matte. I checked the shifter it's ok. When I try to shift it seems that the cable is binding up. Any other thoughts? Can I lube the cable, or could it be the trans linkage?
My shift is stuck in "Park"! My neighbor had a Theory;short out the two wires,connected to column from the brake and/or safety mechanism.....It worked! But,when;I tried the same thing,NOTHING! I Noticed;that,the signals were OUT(due to shorting the wires). How can I correct this Problem
have had antifreeze smell since bought truck. Previous owner had heater core replaced thinking that was the problem. Truck had headgasket leak....long story short, new long block, still smell antifreeze. Any thoughts?
tranny mount squeaks when stepping on gas because the metal part of the tranny mount is rubbung on the crossmemeber(confirmed by both ford and tranny shop) and both say "that's just the way it is." Is this infact the case or am I right in thinking new mount? Also, have drive line vibs...can mount cause this as well? Lastly, what are the pinion angles suppose to be on rear drive shaft because my truck doesn't appear to have any.
my white back up lites work jsut fine if the shifter is two the left of the revers on the automatic shifter but when the shifter goes to the right where it is supposed to for revers the lites turn off
Doesn't blow cold. Had system checked...'appears to not have leak'by draw down test. system charged(33oz added, compressor kicks on and off at 3-5 second intervals. still no cold air.....We (shop, not dealer, and I)can't find low end to hook up for pressure check. Where should I start and once fixed, will it actually blow COLD air? Hearing horror stories.
would a 1996 trannie work on a 1995 trannie both are ram 1500 with the 318 motor
Why won't my 2002 Chevy S-10 accept gas when filling it up?
I just had new head gaskets and timing chain replaced. Now the oil gauge is going nuts and the engine is ticking. The mechanic is saying the oil pump needs to be replaced. I haven't had the car back 2 days. Please help!
My Ford TB head lights and the fog light is not working plus the windows stops working about two years ago. I would like to know , if Ford Motor company have recall bulletins in circulation on this problem, and how can I have my car repaired through ford motor? - sbuxi89
i have a 2005 dodge ram 2500 it is dumping fuel out the breather tube on drivers side of engine and just recently it is making a thumping noise out the intake has no power and is blowing massive amounts of black smoke out tailpipe any clues???