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I have got quotes on a 90k maintenace and it ranges from $399-$600.00. Is this worth it?
A few times my car has stalled out and the engine failure light came on. The car continues to idle, but has no power. If I turn the car off, it will start up and have power. What is the problem?
my radio doesn't do i check the fuse box for this problem?what is the best battery for this car?
I want to remove and replace my rusty stock brake lines and flex hoses from the top down. Must these lines be formed as you work or can you purchase replacement pre-forms? (for upper lines from fluid container)
How can I shut off the hazard lights, the switch is broke, and pulling the fuse doesn't stop them.
I cannot determine what the correct tire pressure is for this truck. The tires say one thing and the sticker on the door says another. According to the door, I should have 50 psi in the front and 80 psi in the back. Why would the amounts be different? I am a first time truck owner, so please forgive the ignorance. I just want to make sure my truck gets the best gas mileage I can get.
what are some possible causes of excessive oil consumption?
what are some possible causes of excessive oil consumption?
what causes the brake caliper to leave indentations on the back of the pads and also what causes the the pistons not to be compressed back in upon removal of the caliper?
I have a used 98 ford taurus with under 90,000 miles on it and after blowing white smoke and spewing fluids everywhere i looked at the engine oil dipstick and discovered a thick caramely milk. after looking up why the smoke was coming out i found a blown head gasket.. can anybody tell me how much it would cost to have it done? i realize to do it myself will take a lot of time and help..
what is the proper torque procedure for the head bolts on a 1997 land rover discovery?10 bolt head. thanks
I am in the process of replacing my headgaskets and ran into a small problem. Having trouble getting off the last piece of the engine right above the passenger side cylinders. The culprit seems to be the pulleys on that side of the engine, being as they are connected to the block and said piece. How can I get them off?
What is a good, functional, inexpensive cd player that I could install in my Elantra?
my cts had the check engine light on and it runs really bad at this point. I can't really go over thirty miles per hour
Heater Control Valve was leaking so I replaced it. Ran the engine to test for leaks, no leaks, however the temp gauge continued to show the engine cold. When I go to rev up the engine the temp goes up to normal. When I take my foot off the gas and return to idle the temp gauge slowly returns back to below cold mark. It does blow hot air but don't know why the gauge keeps going to cold during idle, system worked fine before I changed the valve.