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When I turn on the radio the antenna motor makes a noise for about 30 seconds, how can I repair it?
the light on the transmission shifter dash and the radio.
My engine speed goes up and down in park after car is warmed up. Put it in drive it sometime dies
I have a tohoe and the heat in the rear just stopped working out of nowhere now it just blows cold in the rear of the vehicle but the front heat works fine.
Do they run on seperate heater cores if so where do I locate the rear heater core?
I can't find the oil sending unit on my 2001 sebring 2.7 DOHC
I recently purchase and Audi A4 Quattro 2001 1.8 and the car unfortunately did not come with any manuals what so ever. Until I come with the excessive money to replace the instructions (radio codes, mileage profiles of the car, timed repairs) I wanted to get some some general information. What type of oil does this model use? Do I have to use special oil made by Audi? What fluids and/ or parts must I buy directly form Audi from proper function? Should all repairs, tune-ups be done by the Audi dealer. Thanks in advance.
I am having a problem with the heating. The heat in the truck gets cold, I have checked the water and put about 2 galons of antifreeze in and still having problem. How do I check the water to make sure there is enough. I slso have a whistling coming from under the dash and Its driving me crazy.
What is causing my emergency brake light on my cluster to stay on? Van has 38000 miles on it. Tried setting and releasing the park brake several times but light stays on.
All lights come on but none stay on. Will start back up after a couple of seconds. Also if car sits in neutral it will just stop. Would the cold weather have anything to do with it.
Sorry But till this day idk where is my transmition fluid cap. Can you direct me there ? Thankx Alot!
Once I get into my car and start it. My computer shows the engine light was a steady ... but now it has been blinking for a week or so. Can you halp me and explain whats wrong with my car?? Thank You.

i live in mn so its -15 degrees outside and my car is not starting no more i got a new battery but it still won't start! When I turn the keys it sounds like its starting but it just need a little something! So help tell me whats wrong!!
HELP! I'm going on the road tomorrow and the windshield wiper fluid isn't coming out! THe wipers work fine but the fluid won't come out front or rear. What do I do?!
Is 5w30 the best oil to use in a 4 cylinder 1997 Honda civic, it has slightly over a hundred thousand miles.
It is VERY cold here and I need to jump our battery. I went to pop the hood but when I pull the hood release, nothing happens. Is this because of the cold?