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If my a/c went out on it about 6 mos ago, will I need it fixed so that it don't start a chain reaction of things to not work right with the engine? If so, what kind of things could happen because of the a/c compresser is not working?
My 1991 Honda Accord Ex is stuck in sport mode. It is an automatic with a button on the side of drive selector for "sport" mode which increases the rpm's by 1000 to 1500. A week ago my car started to randomly go in and out of sport mode regardless if the button was depressed or not. Now, for 2 days the car has been stuck in sport mode with the rpm's racing around 4500 when doing 55-60 mph. I check for a fuse, both under the hood and inside with no luck. I have no money to send it to the shop. Is this something I can fix at home? How? Help!
Where can I get the code for reset after battery has been reconnected. I understand that there is a series of buttons to push on the radio to reset the computer.
It was given to me. They started it up ab a year ago and it ran for ab 30 seconds and was leaking from most of the spark plug wells. I just got a quick chance to look at it yest and drained the oil. There was much water in the oil and it was milky.
How is the automatic transmission fluid level read? Is the car at idle or does the engine need to be turned off? If the engine is turned off then does the fluid need to be warm?
Sound came from the cylinder head at one side only in the right side
When I stop to mail letters and I leave the engine running I hear a chirping sound like little birds in a nest coming from the engine?
Is this the sign of a serious problem?
How do I adjust the tension on my emergency break for a disc break, 4-wheel drive truck?
need the specs for the routing for the serpentine belt
Would like to know if this model has a timing chain / belt. And what is the time frame to get this replaced ? The cost information would also be great.
Sometimes my car starts on the first try, other times it takes up 3=4 tries, what could problem be? My mechanic says maybe computer?
I Have a 1988 Ford Aerostar, and the driver side front brake won't release. I've already replaced the caliper, but that hasn't fixed the problem. Is there some other part of the brake system that would control the release of the brake pad.
My Accord sounds like a zoomer and I need a muffler. Is anyone able to tell me is the muffler a separate item from the rest of the exhaust system or does the entire system need replacement? I've been told it's one piece; told by another that it's three pieces. Anyone know? Thanks
Are there lower ball joints and should they be replaced also?
when i go to pass somebody my car just seems to not have the power it should, you have to punch it to pass anybody. The gas mileage is not that great i think i get about 16 mpg i know it can do better. Also when its up in higher rpms it puts out black smoke enough to notice and sometimes it will idle rough i put new spark plugs in it that seem to help but it still has a problem and the check engine light is on. any ideas?
-- thanks Matt