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My car failed emission ispection because of the following Problems:
Mil Command Status- Fail. What causes this problem and how can it be fixed
My window washer fluid leaks out all over my garage floor. This is the second time it's happened in the 10 years I've owned the car. It comes out by the left-front headlight, and the reservoir is on the right side under the hood. The engine compartment is so packed, I can't see where the hose is to follow it. The spray for the left headlight is hidden behind a door that only opens when you push the button on the console. Any suggestions on how I can get the door to stay open, or locate the hose in that area from either under the hood or under the car?
The eng turns over freely, but will not start. This started when I was driving on the freeway. I was doing 55mph and then all of a sudden the truck loss power. The truck had a muffler leak just to let you know incase this is tied in. Thank you for you time.
my transfercase will sift to 4 high,2 high,but will not shift to 4 low it goes back to where it was before i pushed the button
service engine light code said pcm,low curent,loose conection,car started using gas
My 1996 960 cranks and runs for about 30 seconds then leaks oil through the spark plug wells. where should i start?
Your web-site estimates a rate for four spark plugs on my Mazda b2500,however it has eight. I`m confused?
What would cost be to have supercharger belt replaced
Recently my car started overheating. After taking it to the shop, the informed me that I had either a blown head gasket or a cracked head. Instead of attempting the costly repair, I used a block sealant. This seems to have resolved my overheating problem. However, the same day I replaced the coolant in my car, the tranmission started acting up. After the car warms up, the transmission will not engage into Drive or Reverse, if I let it sit for a while, start it up, it will engage, but will slip a little. After checking the fluid levels, the fluid is overfull. Could the problem be caused from the motor overheating, too much fluid, tranny filter, or just the transmission is done. I have not had any problems with the transmission slipping until the car started overheating. The car has 141k. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
For the past few days, I hear a rattling noise in my engine for about the 1st 15-20 minutes, then it goes away. While the rattling occurs, acceleration is much slower, and I even feel a little hesitation while trying to accelerate. When the rattling stops, I'm able to accelerate as usual. FYI - I had a gasket replaced and an oil change last week. Anyone that can help, thank you in advance!
Does anyone know how I can obtain an engine diagram for the 8 cylinder 5 Series engine?
The dealership said I needed to remove and replace the AC hose assembly and AC accumulator. Then they would charge the AC. The cost quoted was $1200. Is this a fair price?
how to repair it and what is the cost to fix it.
What would cause my car to have low charging voltage? The battery is good and the diode ripple is normal.
my clutch master cylinder has one fluid line coming from it to the 5 speed manual transmission. There is a bleeder screw above the fluid line on the transmission. what is the proper and best way to bleed the system in detailed step form? I tried bleeding myself but no luck, and now I can drive vehicle if I pump the clutch 2-3 times before each gear shift change. Now the whole truck is shaking harshly when driving. This clutch problem started when the engauged clutch pedal sank to the floor one morning and after checking, the reservoir was empty and been having problems eversince.