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PRice for part is $35-51. Yet the cost to replace is $570-735. So much labor to replace such an item. Can yyou explain this a bit?
I have a cracked cover on my key, the computer inside is o.k. where and how much to repair it?
recently i have had work done to my car because of staling problems. i had the crank sensor and cam sensor replaced and then later new right shock ti-rods and left ball joint. anyways now my car would not start for me a couple weeks ago it would turn over but the gas did not seem to be keeping it going. now i turn my car on and put my foot on the gas and it starts off at a slow putt and slowly works it way up to sounding like i am reving the gas quickly over and over. also it has over heated a few times when just idling. can anyone help me with what could possibly be wrong with my car?
I added some backup lights to my rig and the other day I was backing down a dirt road and they just went out. All of the reverse lights no longer work. The running and brake lights work fine. Any ideas? I wired the after market lights to the 8pin trailer harness.
Sometimes I have to jimmy with lever & use pretty good force to get it out of Park. Do step on brake pedal.
Had them checked and was told break pads are fine, but when I press brake pedal I hear a squeaking and grinding sound, I think from the front. Any suggestion?
A/C runs fine when driving, but blows hot and idles down when stopped. Any Suggestions?
my altima wont go into 1st or 2nd gear. it goes into 3rd 4th and 5th just fine but when i put the gear selecter into 1st gear i have to realy push it to get into gear. i was thinking maybe syncros but idk please help!!!!
when i hit my brakes i get grinding? like i have to let go of the brakes and press it my abs sensor?? there is a box ontop by the engine the abs. a local mechanic told me i need to replace the abs box which would cost 1000?? the mechanic was meineke and i think they was trying to rip me off.. so a friend told me to unplug the wires and youll just have regular brakes.. i did and so far so good with out abs?? anybody with info please help these ny mechanics cost to much.. thanks
What are some of the possible/most likely reasons why when it gets below 40 degrees outside my 98 Jp Gr Cher 6 cyl 4.0 does not want to shift into overdrive? It will once it has been running about 10-15 minutes. If I start out fully accelerated and the RPM's reach about 4k it will also shift, obviously not something I like doing. I had heard there is a line that run's to the trans. fluid cooler on models equipped for towing, and that there is a filter in that line (like a screen thimble) that gets plugged/is not really nessasary/and should be removed or cleaned, any truth to this?
My daughter has trouble in cool or humid weather keeping her windows from fogging. It usually takes 15 minutes before she can see enough to drive. Sometimes they fog up while driving. What needs to be done?
Van was squealing while driving and when I stopped at the light the temperature started to rise. Once I got home and shut my vehicle off all the coolant poured out of the bottom. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
The engine shuts down completely at randome times the digital odometer, flashes then reads "no bus" and the dials all read 0. After a few minutes all the dials return to their proper spots and the milage reaappears. and I can then re start teh engine and drive normally. I have switched out the distributor, and the idler control, (as per the engine light instruction) Any other Ideas, I am thinking of having computer switched out.
Thinking of trading my chevy exuinox for an even trade on 2000 lexus rx 300 with 140,000 miles. I know that is alot of miles. Is it worth it.
a friend wants me to replace heads gaskets on his P-U how many hours, is a fair price

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