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my truck takes a bit of turning over before it starts, why could that be
When my car engine is cold usually in the mornings, the automatic transmission idle before it changes to the next gear in other words it race change
My check engine light is on, and the code it returns is for the EGR valve. The AutoZone computer tells me this:
EGR system fault
The ECM has detected too little flow on the EGR System.

The AutoZone person told me that the valve needs replacement.
The dealership mechanics told me that replacing it would be a waste of money, and that the system only needs decarbonization. Would cleaning the system be enough to turn off the Engine light (and therefore pass inspection)? Thanks for the help!
how do I replace the control relay module and where is it at.
me car needs a tune up , can i do that my self or do i have to take it to a professional mechanic?
I replaced the drivers side headlight assembly and when I plugged it in, the horn went off but the lights did not come on
shift lock fuse burn
what kind of brake pads and rotors do you recommend using on a 4wd?
I just changed the brake pads yesterday but when I finished my brake pedal is hard as a rock. When I apply the brakes they don`t engage.
I did bleed them.
when I try to close my door it seems like its not closing all the way.Even when I slam it, the door is not closed all the way.Then when Im driving and hit a bump the door rattles like it hasnt been shut all the way. Any suggestions on what I can do?
how to reset the computer to take the antitheft devics off
hi my check engine light is on and am wondering if it's just taking it in and getting computer reprogramed or more serious. The gauge cluster is half burnt out and going through dealer is very expensive to buy new cluster, do I have any other options? Also cruise does not work also any options on getting it fixed and recommendatios.

Thanks a bunch!!
The Ohm Guage just stopped working but all other guages on dash work
I already know the problem with my ac, the compressor is bad, my mechanic and I saw the refridgerant leaking out of the compressor with our own eyes. I have a new compressor and air dryer. I know how to replace the compressor, I just need to know how to replace the air dryer and recharge the system. I need the instructions to replace it. Thanks.
Where is this sensor located on a 2001 Ford 3.0 DOHC.