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My speedometer and rpm is working just fine. But my car stays in first gear. I can get all the way to 80mph but my cars is aking a funny noise as if it wants to shift but it can't does anyone knows what this is
where is the ambient sensor on the 1995 dodge ram with 360 eng
replacing old a/c compressor
My suburban will not start, the spark plugs keep getting wet with gas...why?
how much would the repair and labor be for a power steering pump?
does anyone know how to fix this prob ? also were is the trans module located
i have a shifting issue from 2nd to 3rd gear, and from stop to 1st, it jumps a little. took it to transmission guy who said my control valve needs fixing, but another guy says control valve has nothing to do with transmission... ? he said he could reset my computer but another guy said i have to take it to the dealer only for a control valve and reset..... any advice?
how do i lower the idel or what do i need to replace to make it idel correct
3 lights came on the dash board.
check engine
track on
I took it to Cental Toy. in Orlando
They said I needed a purge valve, they didn't have the part in stock, therefore the cleanout the purge valve & reset the light to the tune of $ 56.
Where can I get a purge valve, can I replace it myself & how urgent is it to get this part replaced ?
When accelerating or maintaining steady speed going up hill only,(empty or loaded)in top gear (manual tranny) I experience a high but relatively slight and steady vibration until my speed increases over 70 mph. Does not seem to be any power loss.
Every time when I am filling my tank it will stop filling and gas will come out of the filler neck as I am filling. I think the vent tube is pluged and if it is how can I unplug it?
I would like to know the location of the egr valve
can anyone tell me what this code is p1693 dtc to pcm
What could possible be wrong when the car vibrates or shudders when accelerating? (Doesn't always happen only now and then)
I bought new tires 2 or 3 years ago. Lately, I've noticed that two of the tires are constantly losing pressure. The worst is the front tire which should be 35psi. After a few days it's down to the 20's. Is there a fix for this?