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Kia Sedona 2002. AC runs for a while and shuts off, we have replaces 3 point pressure switch. AC relay seems to work ok. AC pressures seem to be ok. any ideas???
How much does it cost to replace a universal joint?
Both breaklightout .where is fusebox etc..The breaklites on the bumper not the back window are out. Where is the fusebox and what kind of fuses do I use?
I have some type of phone feature in my car. Not sure how to set it up with my cell phone. Not sure if I can or not. Anyone know anything about this?
No gas will spray out of injections. How can I repair this?
Seat belt light blinks even when all seat belts are buckled.
This is not a duel system when the AC is on the air is blown stronger and colder on driverside vents when I say colder I mean at least 20 deg, difference
where is the rear main oil seal located?
Where is the fuel filter and how can I replace it?
i need to replace speaker in the door, there apears to be noscrews to remove, most be clips of some sort, i do not want to break them,how do i remove panel
compass and temperature quit working and i need to know how to remove the overhead console
to signal other drivers at night it is usefull to be able to turn the headlights off momentarily, and gate guards appreciate the courtesy when driving onto a military facility. I thought the easiest way would be a dimmer switch under my left foot but I can't seem to isolate (find) the wire. The fuse marked headlights located on the steering column does NOT turn the lights off when pulled. I've tried to find a wiring diagram for my Winnebago View/Sprinter but haven't found a source. Thanks ,Gordon
how can i reach the light bulbs at the license plates and if i need to change fuses, where is the fuse box. Thanks much
It will not stay cranked even in neutral and after driving it for a couple of minutes the back end begins to shake and there is a "hold" light that has come on and will not go off. The transmission fluid is full so I know it's not low transmission fluid.
a mechanic suggests that I get a front stabilizer link replaced. Nothing in your repair categories mentions that.