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how do i replace an ignition switch
the air bag light stays on and the horn does not blow
hi. how can i open the code of radio .i dont have the code#....thank you
my 2004 chrysler sebring convertible LX has its check engine light on for about 1 month how much could repairs cost. Also my 1 2 3 4 heater blower selector also for a/c/ only blows on No. 4 how much could repairs cost. Thank You.
a few months ago my srs dashlight came on and wont go off i checked some websites and found one that tells you how to jumper the switch to reset this but i have this vision of something going very wrong and the air bags deploying. is there a way to do this yourself with out the dealer since money is tight right now i am sure it just needs reseting, this is the website with the info
water is running out full force under the truck. water can cause it and how much would it cost to fix
how much cost to find the alarm code and the radio code
i think it is the left motor mount. is Firestone a reputable repair shop?
when driving locally, the transmission will not shift from 1st gear unless coaxed. sometimes you need to let off of the gas and then press it gently and it will go into 2nd. Highway driving is perfect though. what could this be caused by?
I need to find out where I can get my lower pledum gasket replaced with the o rings for the bolts that secure the gasket in place for the cheapest price close to my area.
I have a 2003 PT that is showing a oil pressure switch problem (code 522) Twice in two weeks it has stayed on at start-up on a warm engine.When shut off and restarted light went off.It has never come on while driving, and only twice ever .Question:How hard to change out and what torq going back in.I have the switch from the dealer, an it looks like it all ready has a white sealer on it.
My tailgate door does not lock or unlock.
the remote keyless entry does not work,interior lights do not shut off,radio does not stay on after car is turned off,rear windshield wiper does not work. there is no indication that the tail gate window or dor is ajar, checked all fuses. Is there a common point between all of these items.
please advise.
4-cylinder, when the engine is cold the idle is low, about 200.
My car failed emission ispection because of the following Problems:
Mil Command Status- Fail. What is the cost of repair?
Anti-freeze is going some place - it is not leaking out nor going into my oil.It does smoke abit when It is idling at a cold start but quits when driving and/or warms up. Can anyone help me with this