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My CEL just came on..I need to drive it for 3 days before I can get it looked at..will it be okay ?
I just bought the car recently from a friend. He has about 144,000 miles. The problem is the car goes over a bump it dies. I have replaced the fuel pump,fuel filter, clean fuel injectors, drain the gasoline, and put new gas in.
My car will not start when it is cold in the morning. But once it gets started it is fine... What could be the problem??
i got the service engine light at 50k miles.took it to auto zone got it diagnosed i have replaced the camshaft and crankshaft sensor all 4 plugs and cyl 1 coil pack. it still runs like crap and it says restricted power and wont go more then 5 mph? what do u recomend to do now?
the speedometer and overdrive don't work on my 1993 jeep grandcherokee,5.2 auto.
how to drain all water and anti freeze out
do I need to drain all the water out of block
Door don't open from inside.door panel removed ,cable seems attached and taunt. how do I take apart other end of cable inside door?
My truck will barely run. Changed plugs and coil. Will start but idle is very rough. It will cut out and almost die when you put in gear. when you start down the road it misfires and has no power.
had fuelpump replaced,ever since after starting ,runs fine untill you put it in gear,then starts shaking and idiling rough and sometimes dies,worse in reverse ,put in drive and ease on gas pedal and it will smooth out and run fine
Located near the ocean. Warm and moist air, always.
In the morning, when cool, turning the key to start, produces no result. Repeating 4-5 times produces a very weak start. When engine is warmed up, starting is much stronger, almost normal.
Analysis shows battery, alternator and starter in good working order.
All connecting wires and terminals to battery, solinoid and starter motor have been cleaned and re-connected. What could be causing the weak starting ??
i cannot get the buttons to operate on my 1989 riviera there doesn't appear to be any fuses blown
The driver's side reading light in the overhead console is burned out. How do I a access this bulb to replace?
From time to time we lose sytems. Windows open but will not shut. Dashboard gauges disappear, including speedometer and odometer. Engine is fine, but with 135K miles I don't want a massive repair bill, and a couple of mechanics here don't know what is going on. Suggestions, and possible price for repair?
How do I remove assembly to get to left-front side marker light?