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My van was driving down the highway, fine as usual, then the drive light switched on and off and then the the car stopped being propelled forward when I stepped on the gas. It just revved the engine. I pulled over to the side of the road and then I put it in park and then I put it in drive and it went again and then I hit a bump and it stopped going forward again. I finally just had myself towed to a car repair shop. Any ideas what might have happened. That morning I had gone over a speed bump very fast and bottomed out? Could this have caused the steering column to break something in the drive shift in the steering column?
The rear hatch door window and windshield wiper aren't working. I'm trying to look for the fuse for the rear hatch door but the labeling for the fuses in the fuse box isn't to specific. Could you please give me a location of the rear hatch door fuse or if you've experience any similar problems with the rear hatch door, possible solutions for this problem.
I am down a little less than a quart of oil when it is time to change the oil. I get to 15% on the maintenance minder at roughly 7-8,000 miles. I am using 5W-20 oil as recommended in the owners manual. There is no oil on my garage floor. I brought this in for warranty service at Honda and they indicated that they would not do anything until it was burning one quart every 1,000 miles. Is burning this much oil a concern on a new car? Any ideas on what may be wrong?
xterra keep dieing, after a couple of days of that, would not start at all. Someone suggested we change the tps sensor and we did, but did not calibrate anything. We are think that the transmission went into safe mode. Never had any problems shifting before changing the tps sensor.
will a 1992 tranny fit in a 1991
I have a 2002 XLT 46 Expedition. I was driving in cold weather on 1/2/09 and have 115K on the engine. I was at 65MPH and the oil gauge started moving from high to low quickly and then the engine shut down with engine light on. I have changed the battery, the cable wire and posts. The engine starts now, but again loses oil pressure after 10 mins. Is this a sending problem (electronic), oil pump go out (no oil spilling out). Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
engine has a surge type of idle during cold weather temps wich trips the engine service light. It idles fine during warm weather and the light goes out. I was told it is a blocked egr tube but I can't find the egr on this model of the 5.3
had new break pads put on now they squek at times vey annoying any solutions
steering wheel makes squeeky noise sometimes when I first start out,and turning. Could this be lubercated or is it a power steering problem
I have had to take the carpet out of my 4-runner due to a leak, from where, i dont know? I had the drain tubes in the sun roof replaced last year, all the seals around the doors look good...any suggestions about what else to look at????
don't know if its a hose a something else, and it's cold!!
Please if you can
Do you have and will you share the radio code for my 1994 Chev S10 Blazer 4 door 4 wheel drive ... Changed my battery .. Yupp the Radio and tape player no work now ... The code and how too..... would be magic

Thank you RND
when I start my car throughout the day I hear a heavy knocking sound underneath the valve cover on the drivers side for 3-4 seconds. The noise does not persist while I am driving, but it does start again when I start up the car at a later time. The oil has been recently changed, there is no check engine light, the engine is running good, and there is no sludge in the engine. I just bought the car on auction and don't know any services that were performed on the car prior to my ownership. what do you think is wrong with my car? Thank You Mike.
The check engine light came on in my 94 Ford Escort after having transmission work done. The trouble codes are 335,326 and 172, and supposedly relate to the DPFE sensor. I installed a new sensor, but the light is still on. Does the computer reset right away, or is there something else wrong?
When I'm in OD and I excellerate to go faster,I press the gas pedal down and I get a slight pause/pull back and a pop sound. What causes this?