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That's basically it. The car shakes at those speeds and only when I'm accelarating. I already got the tires balanced. Can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Spark plugs changed, front axels changed.
Is there a problem with the front brakes on these cars? I have 99k miles on it and my front right brake pads keep wearing out. The left pads are like new and the right keep grinding to nothing.
I had a full tuneup done,also a transmission flush, the problem only happens maybe once a week or every two weeks no certain time, but it feels like the car is bucking or misfire, it happens when you accelarate took to mechanic and it does not do it with him of course, it is driving me crazy. but the car seems like it will die when it happens.
My timing chain broke and the mechanic found that there were problems with the valves on the engine. I was debating whether or not I should even get the car fixed because it is not worth that much. The mechanic told me I should replace the valves and the timing chain and then it would be like I was driving a car with a new engine. After getting the car fixed at a hefty price ($2700), I found that it was leaking oil. I took the car back into the shop and the mechanic said that some of the O-rings are bad and it would cost another $3000 to fix the problem. Does this seem right to you? The dealership by my house says that if they went in to my car to replace my timing chain and they found that there were problems with the valves, that they would then recommend that I also get the engine replaced and that they wouldn't recommend just fixing the valves like my mechanic did. I'm also wondering, can a mechanic be able to tell if there's a problem with the O-rings when he's replacing the timing chain?
computer reveals that output speed sensor(po720) & gear /? ratio (po731a) are the problems. How much should each cost & labor for each. Where they located?
There's an orange square, picture with a bulb displayed on the dash, what does that mean? In addition, my "steering wheel lever lock (the latch that allows the steering wheel to adjust and lock in place), was broken off by mistake, how much will this cost to repair it?
How do you replace the headlight bulb in the chevy equinox 2006
My Civic has 130,000 miles on it. When accelerating you can hear a faint but distinct crackling coming from the engine. It happens once the car has reached 3000rpm in second and third gear. Once the car has leveled off in fourth and drops below 3000 it stops. Could anyone please give a starting point for this since thier is no way to check it while the car is sitting still?
While driving 60mph, my check engine , vsc trac, and vsc off lights came on at the same time. Any ideas?
what is the problem when u start your car after it has been sitting for eight hours and white smoke comes out from the muffler for about five seconds and stops.
There is water in the front and back passenger floor. I assume that it is from a plugged air conditioner drain. How do I find it and fix it?
Replaced gaskets on water pump no water poring out of the weep holes
I have a 1998 sable and all of a sudden have no headlights. I have replaced the headlight switch on the dash but that did not solve the problem, any suggestions?
how much should a speed sensor cost for this '98 plymouth voyager?
I shut my door the other day and my window fell into the door compartment on my drivers side. I would like to know how to fix it? Danny