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How do i support engine in order to remove the cradle, so i can remove oil pan and replace gasket?
where do they hide the est connector they said on 95s its under the glove box any more ideas
I seem to have lost 1st gear. Am I looking at a total rebuild/replace or a minor(ha!) problem?
All three of my brake lights went out simultaneously. My husband and I checked the fuse and it seems fine. What could be the problem and how do we fix it?
OK - I drained the coolant from the radiator and drain plug from side of engine block no problem. The manual states refill with 11.1 quarts (50/50). I could barely put 8 quarts into system (properly bled system of air too). Assuming the difference of 3.1 quarts is "stuck" in the heating system, how does one ensure all the coolant gets drained? Also, I used Zerex G-05 coolant which has BMW on the bottle. Does this meet the BMW requirements? Thanks!
I have cold air in passenger vents and warm air in drivers vents. I have removed the drivers side vent door actuator and can turn the shaft on the door by hand. all the way in one direction I get really hot air, all the way in the opposite direction I still get warm air instead of Cold AC Air.
What can I try next. The door does operate when I turn the shaft because I can hear it botom out in both directions. Replacing the actuator won't fix this problem because it still does the same thing with it out of the circuit. Any Ideas on what to do next?
hi my wife has a po440 code on her 2002 venture. we chaned the gas cap cause the manual said to and to drive for a couple of trips. does any one know how long b-4 the light turns off or is there something else can be recommend to check ? thanks .pablo
hi, i have a po455 code on my stratuss 2.4 engine . i changed the gas cap cause it was worn out but the light is still on.someone told me to check my hoses .which hoses am i suppose to check or can anybody recommend some help. thanks. pablo
the light for the anti lock brakes has come on and won't go off is there something wrong with the anti lock brakes and if yes what could the problem be and what would i have to fix
is this model prone to electrical problems?
On the Acura TL 3.2L, where is the coolant drain plug that drains the rest of the coolant from around the engine? I only get a little over 4 quarts from the reservoir and the radiator.The total capacity is about 1.73 to 2.0 gals.
Passenger side high beam works, but the low beam and small running light do not. I have had a tech attempt to remove the bulb, but after an hour, no success.

Any suggestions?


When you first turn on the truck a/c smells real musky, where does the a/c pull air from on this truck?
are the brakes on the 94 buick century drum brakes or do they have the brake shoes and pads that can be changed out by myself.
light bulb out