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Sorry I can't be more specific... I am not as car savvy but I can tell you I am referring to the 4 bushings that lead to the back wheels. One is closer to the wheel and the other is a little farther away. How many different bushings are in the rear suspension? Also, what tools are needed to change them out?
Transmition sometimes takes very long to shift. has been dong this for over a year now. I figure it would go out but trany still holding in there. Just soem days i am sceard to pull out into traffic. and some times it shifts fine. I am thinking has to be a sensor.. any help ?
both lights went out same time I replaced some fuses left side under dash lights still out
Air condition works but quits suppling cold air from time to time also,water
puddlies on the drivers side...Drivers side is not as cool as the passangers side..Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I first turn on the car, it won't go about 25 or so for a couple of minutes. After that, when I'm accelerating it stall for a second, every so often...kind of a 'sputtering''s a popping like action.
Lights light, just don't blink. I think it's the regulator (?).
my trans seems to slugish when i go to go what should i do about this
every time i give it gas it blows out smoke what would i do about this.
Is it necessary to change the Transmission fluid on the 2004 Cavalier
My lighter went out and I don't know how to find the correct fuse to check to see if it just needs a fuse or if it is some other problem.
Need to know where these are located and any special issues with replacing them?
I see a comment in the common failure locations of this website that the crankshaft sensor can fail and cause the car to idle very low and / or shut off.

I am thinking this is whats causing my car to intermitently shut down when I amd at a standing idle.

My question is do I have to reset/set the timing on the car when I replace this component in my distributor? It appears I might if I disassemble and replace this crankshaft sensor.

Please advise and thank you!
Earlier I posted a question about Wiper Motor Issue and I got a response - Thank you.
Unfortunately suggested diagnosis has not lead me to a conclussion of identifying the failed component. I have tested both the brown and blac ground wires and they both react correctly. But the problem of the intermitent (time delay) wiper function still does not work. Also, when wiper does work in low and high state it does not park in the steady state down position when turning off the wiper switch. The blades immediately stop right in the middle of a wiping swing on the wildshield.

So my question is ...

#1. Is this a problem characteristic of a failed wiper motor amplifier?

OR #. Is this problem caused by the motor?

#3. where is the wiper amplifier located? inside and under my dash, inside the wiper motor assembly, or part of the wiper switch assembly on the steering colume?

Thank you for your expertise advise and support.
with taking out the motor of the car
What i thought was a 1997 is a 1994assport, reanti lock brakes are engaged, what can i do