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I took my truck in for its 40,000 mile check-up today and the Toyota Service Rep informed me, much to my chagrin, that my warranty has expired. (Somehow I had it in my head it was a 50,000/3-year warranty.) I've religiously taken it in to the dealer for its scheduled checkups and have never had an issue. Today though, the rep came out and told me, "I see you've neglected to have the power steering flushed as well as the EFI serviced," services that would cost me over $300 to perform. First off, I'd been coming to this same dealer for regular service since purchasing the truck, so I haven't "neglected" anything. It felt to me like, now that my warranty has expired, it's time to pull the JiffyLube upsell routine where the mechanic comes out and tells you you need to spend a whole lot more dough. Now, it's entirely possible that it is indeed time for these services, and perhaps they wouldn't be covered under the warranty anyway. But the way it was presented and the timing just left me feeling like I was getting scammed. Is a power steering flush and/or EFI service something a truck with 40,000 miles should have done?

I have noticed my car shaking noticeably when I am idling. What could the problem be?

The dorrs will not open from the outside even if unlocked, however will open when you are inside. Only one door can be open from the outside the driver side rear door.

My stereo/cd player does not work, nor does the digital clock display. Everything else works, heater/Ac, etc. Looking what needs to be looked at and estimated cost. thanks

my steering wheel is shaking really bad.when i get around 50mi per hr and slowing down to around 30mph

is a e'g'r valve the same as a p'c'v valve?

I had this car two days when it began stalling out and losing power.I had driven a total of 25 miles. My salesman came out and said it was the cam sensor. This car was, also, completely out of oil and loaded with gunk. He says he will flush it out, change the cam sensor, timing belt and water pump? And it will cost me around $500.00 or so. Is this all necessary? And did the fact that it had no oil contribute to what happened? My check engine light didn't come on until a mile before I parked it.

After first driving it then parking for a hour then drive again the truck jerks and have to give more gas to get it going

The cost to have the cold start valve replaced. Hard to start when cold and idles a little ruff.

the positive post on the battery gets really hot and sparks and car dies

How to determine if fuel pump is out? How to find out which pump to order?
Is there a fuse associated to the pump?

What is the cost for replacing intake manifold gaskets

runs good when giving it gas, and idles fine.

blowing out transmission fluid,slippage

Why does it cost so much just to change the air filter? Can I do it myself?