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where is the fuel pump located and how hard is it to change
Sometimes when I go and start the engine it wont start and the anti- theft light will be on.As long as that light is on it wont start.Sometimes a few minutes later it will start,other times it wont till the next day.
what causes this
I need to replace the Camshaft Position Sensor. Can anyone tell me the exact location? I have a Bosch model 232 103 037 as a replacement part. Thanks and Best Regards,
I have replaced the thermostat, replaced radiator cap. The coolant is not flowing through the eninge. Could it be the water pump or the heads. How can I resolve the problem or temp fix.
what tools do i need to change my wheel bearings in the front of my car
I removed the dash and a/c duct to remove a dead mouse when I finished with reassembly the a/c cycles hot air every 30 seconds.
When trying to hook up electrical lights hook up from my trailer to the truck I have no power. The truck was bought new and I have not used the trailer hook up before. Is there a fuze I missed? What can cause the hook up to have no power?????
If the AC compressor is leaking, could using the do it yourself recharge freon stop the small leak I have and will it last?
how do you remove the console in the car to get to the heater core?
my engines wont accelerate at normal temperatures,I have had the engine check and they said that piston#2 was misfirind.I have change the spak plugs and wires and st first does ok but after a while it begins hestating when accelerating,could u give me some possible solutions?
I have a 2006 Isuzu Ascender with the 6cyl that is showing a P0449 code (EVAP System Vent Valve/Solenoid Circuit Malfunction).

Would replacing the charcoal canister by the fuel tank help this code, and does anybody know what I need to request when I go to the parts store?
what is the estimated cost to replace the transmission pan gasket ?
check engine came on code said 0/2 sensors changed all 3 sensors.reset comp light came back on code said 0/2 sensors again .what do i do now?
my car run hot not overheating, fan seems to come on late. what turns on the fan