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Where is the running lights relay located?

Where is the windshield washer pump located on my 2001 Deville?

Car stalls at nearly all stops and some slow downs. Then it doesn't re-start right away. After sitting for 10-15 minutes it will start and drive again

This car has failed emissions in VA - altho it passed all the actual emissions TESTS, to Check Engine light does not go on (burned out). Can just the light be replaced, or is it the whole cluster?????

Gets stuck inn 1st starting out .. intermittant. Cut off car, restart works 1/2. Also sticks in 3rd. Speedometer works 5% of time. Tranny fine, new injectors, everything else is 100% ok. Has that heads-up display also. Electrical problem? Buy speedometer? They're both $$$$. Thanks for help.

My car starts but the engine shuts off as soon as I take the foot off of the gas paddle.

How big of a deal is it to drive with the double blinking wrenches that appear when i start my car? thank you

The water pump on my Jeep Liberty stopped working causing my battery light to come on. I kept driving, not knowing the water pump had stopped, then lost steering power, steam came out of the engine and the belt came off. They replaced the pump and now state that one of the cylinders has no compression and may have been caused by the engine this right? The temperature guage never showed that the engine was hot, just the battery light came on... Help!

it has 149000 miles. at not any givein time it won't start. wait 15 min. it will start right up just like it didn't have any trouble. never know when it will do it. chevy dealers don't know whats cause it to do that. its been doing this for about a year. hope you can help thanks lucas

how do i find out when to change it

i have 82,000 miles . How do you know if it was changed?

i have 82,000 miles . How do you know if it was changed?

firing order

installed aftermarket stereo, now front right speaker and both rear door speakers dont work. what gives

I noticed that my wiper fluid wasn't working on the back wiper. I could hear the motor pumping but no water coming out. I noticed that when I went to the back of my car, the passenger side rear panel, water dripping out from the bottom. It was blue so I knew thats where the fluid was going. How can I get to the tubing that runs to the wiper nozzle? It appears to be leaking right before it gets to the back door......