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I have a Kia sportage that Ive had the head gasket,fuel pump,new coil pack,wires,spark plugs and it still wont start
Diagnostic code P1518 sez the intake manifold control runner is stuck open. I can't find any mention of this in the Chilton Repair Manual, and could not find the part at Kragen Auto online. Where is it? How do I check it? and how do I fix it? Thanks!
how do I turn off the "service engine soon" light on a !998 Cadillac STS

how do I turn off the "service engine soon" light on the dash of a 1998 Cadillac STS?
I have a 2005 mustang g.t., the service engine light is on, had a tech check and he said the fuel tank pressure sensor assembly shows a problem, also the fuel fill shuts off when filling the tank, are these problems related and what is involved with changing the pressure sensor assembly?
What is this code represent any ideas, and how do you fix it. Thanks,
how do i hold the crank shaft to get the crankshaft pully off
i need to change the heater control on the dash but i dont want to break the dash panels. are they bolted on and where or do they just snap on
When turning at a reduced speed there is a popping/grinding noise that is coming from the area of the front right side/tire, but when driving in a straight line does not happen. What could this possibly be and what do you estimate to fix?
If my timing belt brakes, does the engine seize? Or does it just not run?
Sometimes when I'm driving in reverse on a surface that is not entirely smooth, and sometimes in forward , I will hear a squeaking noise coming from the front of the car. I noticed that if I press down on the front hood of the car it makes the same noise. I know it's not the brakes because I just had the brake pads replaced a month ago. What are the possibilities? And how dangerous/serious is this problem
I had some transmission work done over a year ago on my car (replacing some of the seals). When I got my car back, the navigation is not working properly. (see subject line). Any idea how this can be fixed? I was told by an Acura dealership that there was a navigation recall, however, my VIN # was not on the list. Please help!

Thank you
About a month ago while I am driving my message center and blower fan will shut off, and then turn back on a few seconds later! I was wondering if anyone has heard of this before and if so, how do I fix it?

Thank you
i just brought this car and for the first two days it was running smoothly but i notice a crack in the gas tank and later that night the car broke down i igot it towed to a shop and the battery was dead we jumped it and the turned over but it wouldnt stay on unless you smash the gas pedal one guy said it might be the timin belt anther guy said it was a vacum leak ps there is also heavy smoke comin out the muffler and car is idling high and shakin wen foot on the pedal
recently, i hit or ran over something in the night which caused a very loud bang! the next day my car statred soundindg like a very loud truck when i turn it on and when i hit the gas! when i took it to a garage for diagnostics they said something about the front end of the exhaust and after an oil change they said there was also a leak somewhere! i think this is all coming from the same problem when i hit something because i did not have a leak before. i also have not seen anything hanging from underneath the car either. they also said that the muffler was still in tact. i have also been told by other sources that this sounds like i need a flex converter???....pls help!!!