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My engine overheats if I run the a/c while driving at highway speeds. No problems at highway speed without a/c. No problems in town with a/c.

why does car shake when braking at high speeds

I have just recently purchased a used 2007 Pontiac G5. So far, I love it. However, I am just recently noticing that the 'Outside Air Temperature' displayed on the DIC located in the instrument cluster is regularly between 5-10 degrees higher than the current outside tempature. Additionally, yesterday, while driving home, the radio station I was listening to reported the current tempature as 89 degree, however, the 'Outside Air Temperature' displayed on the DIC was 118 degrees. I am begining to believe that the 'Outside Air Temperature' sensor is broken.

I am wondering first, if I am correct that the 'Outside Air Temperature' sensor needs to be replaced or if, as I read on one blog site, the Body Control Module (BCM) needs to be reprogram or replaced.

Second, if either the 'Outside Air Tempature' sensor or the BMC need to be replaced, how much it might cost.

Where the heck is it?

Anyone have a similiar problem? If so, do you know the solution?

car has no reverse and only goes in drive for 5 minutes

ac stopped blowing but i can hear the fan running. I went to auto parts store and check freeon and it was low. I put more freeon in and still not blowing the air?

Every car I have ever owned has been a toyota and it is the only car i will ever own. Here is my question...Heat works perfectly. maint books says if there is a significant problem with the A/C, the green light will flash and the compressor will automatically shut off. No flasing lights, compressor does not turn off. What are some possible causes and are they expensive to repair.

Coolant is leaking into the engine because no coolant is found outside the engine but coolant needs to be added. What is the problem and how can it be repaired?

what is that orange shaped light that comes on in the lower dashboard?

All of my indicator lights stay on and when i try to start the car nothing happens. I have tried to "learn" the system again but the lights just stay on. whnen I press the brake peddle the lights go out. I need some help!

my battery is dead on my 911 how do i charge battery when i can't open hood?

The windshield wipers only work on high speed and do not go into the park position when turned off. They do not work with the delay option. What do I need to replace or repair? Thanks

Belt is frayed and needs to be replaced. Where is the tensioner bolt located and how to we gain access to the belt in order to change it. it is located on passenger side and we think it is the alternator belt.

the other morning my car died while the engine was Idling,then the lights started flickeringand it died.I took my alternator and my battery and had them testedthey said alternator was good but battery was very low, so since it was a very old battery I got a new one put it in and car works the lights are flickering again and battery light that reads volts below it comes on? can someone please help me?