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funny crackle in radio speakers,. changed light switch, fuses twice. they keep blowing . lights worked engine not running. i was driving last night and turned on the head lights dash lights worked for a short time and now more than one fuse is blown again.

i am looking into buying a 92 explorer but the owners say there is a leak in fuel line i guess what my question is: to replace the fuel line to have to change the entire fuel tank itself? and is this worth it and is it real costly?

i had to have my transmission repaired and charged me 2400 and it took 5 days at cottmans they said they had to drop the frame to get to it how long should it take to repair a tranny?

The headlights on my 2001 Toyota Corolla have stopped working except for the parking lights and the highbeams. How do I fix it?

I need a replacement Automatic Transmission (Type 4T65E) installed for my 2007 2.2 4cyl and I'd like the know the total cost estimate for parts, labor and torque converter with at least a one-year warranty (preferably longer).

Thank you the help.

I just replaced the cars battery and now the tranny kinda jumps or kicks when entering or coming back down to first gear. I had the fluid power flushed with cleaner and new fluid installed but to no avail. Codes read were torque converter and can load. Any suggestions?

Having problems adding gasoline to 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 fuel tank since local service stations recently started to “add up to 10 percent ethanol” to gasoline. Very very slow going in. I believe plastic liner(?) in fuel line to tank is ‘swelling.’ Anybody else experiencing this problem? What is the fix?

my car has 60,000 miles, and the engine light came on and wont go off, I dont think anything is wrong, because I take excellent care of it. 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend got mad at me, and did something to the wires so it wouldnt start. when he fixed it, I noticed the light, and its been on ever since. could this be the problem? and what should I do ?

How do I remove the driver's door panel? I have removed the visible screws, but it seems stuck at the door handle and I cannot see how to get into that.

This car starts everytime and will run hiway speeds fine but when I get to a stop sign it dies, if I have been at hiway speed. It will restart immediately but when I put it in drive to go again it dies. It stays running fine if I am going slow like in town driving speeds. Never dies at stop signs then. After it has sat for a hour or so it will finally go when put in gear but will die again after driving short time at hiway speed.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch and how can i tell if it's working properlly?

I need an estimate of the cost to replace the engine with a used or rebuilt including labor.

I do i remove the rear spark plugs on a 2006 kia sedona
or does it even have any?? can any one help?

How do you change the automatic transmission filter on an 04 pilot

accidentally left key in on position, battery was dead and couldn't even get the key out. Tried to jump with cables and got the key out and the engine would turn over but not start. Reset security and only indicator light that stays on is for the engine.