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When I turn the wheel to the left, I hear a knocking sound that seems to come from the front wheel.
I do not think its the brake pads. it does not sound like a grinding noise
When I take my foot off the gas to apply the brake, my car dies. It stays running if I apply brake and gas at the same time though.
While my car is running and in park, the noises it makes are so loud and rattling.
After about 10 mins of driving , my car starts to smoke under the hood and then dies.
What kinds of signs or indications will be present to alert me that an oil change is due soon?
I noticed that after turning the engine off from driving while using the air conditioner, water will leak from the exhaust pipe.
I have new tires, want to make them last for as long as possible.
Just seems there must be a leak but I can't find it.
Normally you would just put the blinker lever in the left or right turn position, but I have to hold the lever just under the point where it locks in place or the blinkers won't blink.
This is just the first time after I start it, but once I put the car in drive it will hesitate when I step on the gas. After a minute or two it stops doing this.
Happens every time, just goes from 1/4 full to E and sounds the alarm.
When I have the fan on high it buzzes through the speakers
A strange thumping sound can be heard coming from the tire. I have checked the air pressure in the tire and it is fine.
Just curious about the best battery brand for my car.