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Cooling fan came on repeatedly, then it said it was hot. Shut off engine. No leaks coming from it
New spark plugs and battery only and gas. Ordered a fuel pump although
2005 Dakota shifting into 4 wheel drive by itself even when it is just sitting in the driveway off. Tired of it. Scary to drive on the highway. Tries to shift into 4Lo. It has the 4.7, not all wheel drive.
Below 2,000 rpm ea shift ok around 2,500 to 3,000 rpm 1st to 2nd very hard and 2nd to 3rd it's like it missed a shift and sometimes 3rd to 4th all other shifts ok
I had new timing belt out on and now when I push gas petal to accelerate and it makes pooping pow noise. And don't. Go about 55-60 mph?? Someone help!
Just bought keep cutting off and the fuses keep blowing out on different things
Key is locked in trunk. trunk latch does not work. manual trunk open does not work
locked out of is now open...key is in trunk and cannot get into trunk with in car latch or trunk button
When it rains or go thru car wash, water comes in underneath the dashboard. When I turn on the heater it comes down unto the passenger side even more until all the collection of water is out.
i have no parking lamps that light up
If the truck sits more than a day it needs to be jummped. In this instance, while jumping tried to turn engine over the alarm system went off. Didn't even know there was an alarm system. Had to disconnect both batteries to get it to stop. Now the truck will not start. I'm thinking because of an anti theft reason. How can I get my truck to work again??
Misfiring, and when revving the engine tach goes down to zero. And a sound like marbles rattling in exhaust pipe in front of catalytic converter. Happened all at once. 4.0 v8.
The air only comes out the defrost will not switch to floor or dash
Battery/Alternator 3 years old. It happens once we start to slow down and/or stop.
Transmission repair