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it may work for 2 days & then not work for a week

If I turn the ignition on and listen for the fuel pump noise and do this three times without cranking and finally then crank the engine and it starts up right away does this mean a bad fuel pump?

smog diagnostic noted psi's of each cylinder and that "excessive"smoke from tailpipe, hear air leaking past valves @cylinder leak down test; recommends replacing engine & turbo. fixed by volvo dealer w/tune up & gas cap & related hoses and tubes, passed smog. what's with the engine/turbo diagnostic?

I have determined that tranny is not locked due to parked incline etc. Rocking does not work.
Have cleaned out bushings in shifter housing no effect.
What does work. Locking or unlocking doors via locking button on driver door cluster. Sometimes even opening driver door works.
I have had issues where door lock button doesn't work and I have to use remote to unlock doors.
So a page from NCIS, no coincidence, what is broken in the door lock/ignition switch/transmission circuit?

1999 Honda passport has 140,000 on it. Clean vehicle no rust checked fluids and everything is full and color of fluids looks good just can't figure out why it won't reverse up a incline but will on flat ground all day without a problem

When I spray gas in the intake it will crank it's a 2000 model 2.4 in a 96. Had to change everything on the block for wiring harness. Intake manifold and all sensors injector rail dist etc... Please help

I have a 2001 Blazer and I'm having issues with it starting. I'll try and get it to turn over and it does nothing. Afterwards, I discovered a large amount of clicking coming from the transfer case control module while I was replacing my ignition control switch(which is apparently fine). I tracked the sound to the transfer case control module and am wondering if this is the culprit of my issues?