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The code is p0110, which is "intake air tempoeratue circuiot malfunction. I cannot get my car smogged until service engine light is off.

And it has no electricity to the ignition

plugged all air lines from pump

I have a 2005 PTCRUISER with approx.57,000 miles. When I try to crank I get clicking like bad battery but then it cranks. Acts like weak battery. Had battery checked at parts store and said results were "BATTERY MEETS OR EXCEEDS INDUSTRY SPECIFICATIONS BUT LOW ON CHARGE."RESULTS :GOOD-RECHARGE VOLTAGE-12.56V MEASURED- 453CCA RATED-500CCA. When it does crank I let it run(charge) for approx.20 minutes. After it sits about 1 hour I have the same problem ! Posts have been cleaned thoroughly. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Security system light keeps flashing

What could be causing my coolant to leak out, could it be a hose? How do I get the hose out?

It will try to start but will not turn over. Battery is okay! Fuel pump is coming on, it‘s like it isn't getting fuel!

My brother-in-law took apart the top of the engine to replace the valve cover gasket and then decided to hose down the engine while some of the connections were apart. Now we have an issue with the hold light coming on and the transmission stuck in the hold position. Prior to this I didn't have any issues with the transmission and feel as though there is an issue with the hold sensor that controls the hold button. The problem occurs when the hold light is on or off. As a result the car will only get as high as second gear and revs all time trying to get into 3rd gear. We've tried resetting any codes or taking the battery off to see if that will reset the computer with no luck so far. If anybody has any answers I appreciate it.

I started up my car to leave work and my warning indicators all lit up and I lost the radio and AC and my car is locked in park, what could be going on with my car? I've had people say it could be my alternator or a bad ground but I need to narrow it down.