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car has set in garage for a week without starting tried to this morning cranks but does not start

The temp gauge for the oil stays in the middle for the most part, good I know but past few days I start hearing a whistling sound it goes up to hot the check guage light sometimes comes on at that point then I hear a gurgling sound and it goes back down.

problems occurs all the time

I need to know how much it cost to repair the Trac Control on my 2005 Ford 500. Driving to church I hit a pot whole the error popped up ... so while leaving it wouldn't start. The lights work ect ... I'm thinking something might have come loose which caused the error. Is it a bad oil filter which recently I had an oil change or the connection sensor between the filter and the car? Or both? How much will it cost?

Apparently, the plastic cover that runs over the top of my engine, protecting the coils, is missing. So, when my bf pressure washed the engine compartment, water submerged the spark plug wire boots. Like I said in an earlier post, I drove it about 6 miles as it progressively began sputtering, hesitating, knocking and CEL began flashing. Parked it... and smelled rotten eggs. Read a code P0301. Bf checked the coils and wires and found everything submerged. #1 boot was not sealed as it should have been. Bf dried everything and sealed #1 boot to spark plug. Cleared the code, car ran fine. Later on, took the car to the store and all the symptoms, incl. flashing CEL, and rotten egg smell returned. Could it have damaged the coil pack?

When in gear

On a cargo van I once drove, the lower back of the seat was straight(ish), and the slight angle (crease that's indented) was higher up where the shoulder blades rest. On my corolla, the angled crease is in the center, causing the middle of my back to bend and hunch over. I was trying to look for some sort of seat cover that would reshape it to the comfortable type of seats I like so much. Do things like that exist? And if so, what do I search for? (Because the only results I get are basic seat covers or braces/cushions of various types, no matter what o search)
I'd even be willing to buy an entire new seat if that were my only option/possible lol.
Please let me know!
Thanks so much! -James