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What should the cost be to replace a charcoal vapor canister on a 2003 Toyota Camry
How often does vapor canister bad.
When I first bought it a few months ago I would hav to jiggle it then it would turn but now it won't do anything
I have tried to do this several times. It is the code off of the card that came with the car so i know its the right code plus it doesnt say error it just says wait. Please help.
Water starts boiling on the reservoir.
I looking to purchase this automobile the seller said that it has a small oil leak. When I went to see it I could not see where the leak was coming from. Do you have any suggestions where it might be leaking at.
I've changed the alternator and still rough ride
The brake light is flashing and there is a loud, extended beep when I start the car. My mechanic says it will cost $1000 to replace the ABS module. But then he also says that I don't really have to replace it if I don't mind the light and the beep. I would normally just get the problem fixed but the only thing that makes me pause is the price. What should I do?
The car runs while cool in drive but it but stalls out when it gets to its hottest temperature it doesn't seem to be over heating go's about halfway up in normal range on Thermos meter
hi,my 2004 acura tsx has 166.000 miles,is it wise to adjust the valves?..tks
My Husband was putting a level kit on his dads truck. After he replaced the suspension coils on the front end . It started to make this awful grinding noise. I'm afraid that it will cost a lot of money.
I am buying a used Nissan Altman 2005 and the guy said a pin in the shifter is broken. I want to know the cost for replacement or if I should just leave it alone?
It's a 2003. I also have a 99 eclipse, can I use parts from the 99 eclipse to repair my 2003? My back right shock just broke and problems with the clutch
My family has owned Dodge Rams for about as long as I can remember, so I know the usual RPM at 70mph is typically right around 2000RPM. We bought this truck used from a guy that bought it at an auction, so I have zero history on it.

No matter what speed you're at the RPMs are always way over. It sounds really loud, like it's making an enormous effort just to go. If you press the O/D button the light in the dash turns on that the O/D has been turned off but there is no difference in RPMs or anything else.

It is also leaking oil (it seems like just while is running) not sure if it's related.

I haven't changed any parts on it as a need a better idea of what it could be before I start buying parts.