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I recently dented the bumper on my pontiac, which i know is plastic. i dont want to fix it myself but i cant find a site that tells me how much it might be. does anyone know the starting price for fixing a plastic bumper?

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I have a 95 crown victoria and i have this noise in the front end of my car. I have replace the lower, and upper ball joints, sway bar links, sway bar bushing, and idler arm and the noise is still there. It is driving me crazy what could this noise be??

the turn signals will not work

A/c blows warm air sometimes, the aa/c is very erratic when it works and when it doesn't i tried to troble shoot with MB disk but it's very vague it references a teperature pressure sensor any body else has this problem

what is the first basic thing to check?

The dealers is charging me $600 to repair this part how can I do it myself>

The car acts like its going to turn over but it never does. It's like its not gettting fuel or something...any Idea's?

found the part that's leaking - attached to frame over gas tank with vacuum like lines going to it (mechanic says it's not actually vacuum) - plastic valve, mechanic is not sure what it's called. what is the part?? i know i could replace it if i could find one

I am the original ownwer of a 1989 Chevy Cheyanne 1500 rwd a/c 5.0L a/t . Up until 3 months ago (118,249) , Everything was fine . Now oil is leaking out the back of the engine between the trans. What could possibly leak back there ? Oil gallery plugs ? What ?

just changed egr valve that is what code said and still having problems with accelaration at 55 mph

Im changing the front passanger side control arm. I got the screw out at the ball joint and by the sensor. Butt by the wishbone area the screws just keep turning is the re a nut that needs to be held or what.

how to change the rear turning signal bulb
answer at

a loud pop/snap sound occurs from the underside of my QX56 whenever I make sharp left or rght turns; am reversing & apply my brakes &/or turn steering wheel; and sometimes just when applying brakes.
I can feel the 'pop' under my feet, and the loud sound can be heard from both inside & out! (Is this dangerous? What is this awful noise?). Thank u!!!

what steps to check in order of elimination from basic to complicated?

Is it possible to tighten up the clutch cable and if so , Where can the adjustment screw be located?