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the battery will not take a charge and needs replacement

any tricks to getting the door ajar switch out and the new one put back?

I just bought my 95 Chrysler Concorde not too long ago.. The car had been sitting for some time before I got it. After I put gas in it for the first time, it started to "jump" going down the road. Then it got to where it wouldn't start until I popped the hood. The other day it stalled on me when the temp outside was 83 (the first really warm day since I got it) and has been running fine this morning. I'm really confused as to what could be wrong with the car.. I've replaced the spark plugs, wires, and ignition coil. It's still "jumping".. What could possibly be wrong? Someone told me it could be the fuel pump or the fuel filter.. Please help, I'm desperate..

I have had the Toyota dealer repair the release on the rear seats twice and even replaced on of the seat because they said it could not be repaired. Now one seat will not come out again. What is the problem?

at nite hrs only when using lights and accessories vehicle starts drags as if battery very low

i put everything new ,like a clutch cylinder,slave cylinder,master cylinder clutch but when im bleeding the clutch i open the valve and the pedal stay on the floor.what could be wrong?

iwant to know how to read the dipstick on my 2000 cadillac sts. the dipstick only reads cold and hot.

I have a quote of $950.00 to replace Left and Right Inner and Outer Tie Rod Ends plus and alignment, Is this reasonable. Thanks

hi. what type of rear brakes does this model have?

ho much to replace oil filter housing on a 2000 e150 van 5.4 engine

please tell me how to get the latch assembly apart from the tumbler, so I can repair the mechanism

cable broke i have replacement mount cannot figure out how to get top two bolts out.

passanger steel break line rear to front needs to be replaced. from where to where does this line run?

new batteries when you turn the switch nothing

have a squeaking noise from the rear suspension. think this is due to bushings being worn out...anyone have any other ideas?