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if your timing gasket fails will it leak water
A/C is blowing warm air.
my will satart and stay running but wont rev
my will satart and stay running but wont rev
it blows out air but not cold
Really only want to change the idler pully only but thought I would replace the belt at the same time. How much am I looking to spend at the service station for both repairs?
timing marks
After I've driven enough to bring the engine up to temp the oil light flickers when I come to a full stop and then goes off when I accelerate. This does not happen often...maybe 3 times in the past 2 months. The oil is full & clean (changed every 3,000 miles with 5W30 high mileage Mobil)and the car has no leaks and does not use oil. Any ideas?
For the ford six speed auto transmission, there are two different types of transmission fluid, one more costly than the other. whats the difference? one is very expensive.
I have a 2005 Saturn Relay and I got a quote to replace my tranny, which would include the master kit, platary assembly, converter, and over drive clutch hub for $1,983.26.
It idles high in park and runs rougly. I've never had any major maintanance done besides hose replacement and oil changes. What maintanance should be done by 70,000 mile mark?
i Would like to know where is the transmission vacuum on this car located
Nothing is leaking under my vehicle but the refrigerant would not take...Do I need a new compressor or something else?
This occured once before. At that time we found out it had blown a head gasket. Am I dealing with the same issue? I need to travel from Raleigh, NC to Maryland.
transmission fuel spill out while driving on freeway i put more fuel there is a hole underneath can't figure out what it is a missing parts blow out or blew out do you know what it could be fuild rans out through there