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where is the radiator temperature sensor on 2003 kia sorrento
what ford explorer year will a motor fit if the motor size is the same 5.4 L does it matter what year
Srs light Camer on and stay on
I was driving and i heard a noise, then the Abs light came on and has stayed on since, is this a major concern and does it involves my breaks.
I was told they needed to take off the calipers, grind the pads? and put it all back together. No parts was needed, just labor.
Please tell me what this service would cost and I am looking for a repair shop close to my home in San Mateo. Thanks for your help.
I know my head gaskets are blown. How long does it take to tear the thing down and put it back together. Not including the machine shop time.
a mist accurs inside my vehicle after driving a while, it is a cool mist like fog. when i turn the air off for a while then restart it, it works ok, then after a while the mist returns and stops cooling.
2002 mazda mpv 3.0 i have a p0305 code i interchanged the coil and still got the code. but what i noticed i disconected each coil one at a time at idle rpm (700) and every time i disconected one the engine would shake exccept when i got to # 5 nothing would happen when i incremented idle speed i disconnected 5 again then i noticed change in engine. I think its a clogged injector please advise.
Engine surges sometime when vehicle is in park and running
How do I go about evaluating my air conditioning system, It hasn't blown cold for quite a while. Are there resources at parts houses I can use to repair this? or can I get hoses repaired and then re install myself ?
I have a 2005 volkswagen jetta. when i start the car and start to drive away, i accelerate but the car only goes no higher than 40 mph. it will stay at this speed for a while then it looses pressure and comes down to 20 then 10 miles per hour. I am not an expert at cars and was wonder if it was the fuel filter or the vacuum something or other as it does not have pressure. Please help before i get told i need a new transmission. Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.
All leaks have ben repaired for some time. Cat smokes when engine gets hot with no check engine codes. I have replaced all lines and gaskets. I purchased the car used with 125k miles. I just dont want to go buy a cat they are up there in price
i have 07 impala ss chevy replaced trans in it and ever since when driving for about 30 min it starts to clunk real bad brought it back 3 times and they never find any thing wrong i told them it is the axels and they say nothigs wrong how can i get them to fix it
I have a 2006 buick lacrosse with a 3.8 engine.
I tried to change the air filter. But I dont want to force the plastic filter holder open.
I unclipped the top 2 clips, but the 'box' dont open enough to change the filter. Whats the trick?
Thank You
I changed the tires made allighnment replaced the RF lower radius armbut of no benifit
the car still shifting to the right on braking , what is the solution for this problem?
several mechanics kept searching for a solution but still no solution found