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leaking water from radiator. Having to replace water in overfill bottle.

i am having problems with the heating and cooling from the inside of my car, can not find a picture to help what can i do

I recently had my brake fluid flushed and was charged $99($35 for parts & $64 for labor) and the power steering fluid exchanged for $120($75 for parts and $45 for labor).I was informed that since the fluids had never been changed that they degrade and should be changed.Was I correctly advised? Was I fairly charged? Please advise. Thanks, Louis

My car wont start, its getting fuel you can hear the starter doing its thing when I tested the spark plug wire by putting a screw driver in it and had someone start car it had a yellow spark the rotor in the distributer is sitting at #2 instead of #1 and i believe the firing order is 1342 so my only gues is that it has slipped timing. All help is appriciated thank you

I own a 99 Gs400. Having a bit of a problem. Firstly, the stiring wheel no longer goes in nor comes out when I insert the key. Secondly, I no longer have control of the windows from the driver's door. The interion light wont come on when doors are opened and finally, the indicator lights wont come on, only when starting the engine...the only light that shows is the emergency brake light. Help

leaf springs and struts

The truck was shifting without problem and then started getting difficult to get it into gear until now and I cannot shift at all. When I turn the engine off, it shifts no problem. What could this be?

I have changed my egr valve and fault has come on again. What should I look for next?

when i turn the car on it stays on for mabey 2 to 5 seconds then shuts off. what could be the cause of this?

I have a 1994 dodge ram v8 it starts up great but seems to want to cut off I changed the spark plugs and wires got a new Z-BWD series Cap(C274Z) for it but it seem to want to cut off when I give it gas and it will not pick up speed I have no leaks of any kind and 17000 miles on it

toyota dealer said it was leaking or it had a small cut in boot and they said rack should be replaced truck only has 69000 miles on it why can't it just be repaired with kit that is offered at Advance Store.

My transmission has a fault code how do I clear it ??? I was on a road trip when it happened I am not sure of the code and have read it is a common problem with that model it still shifts strong and doesn't slip what can I do ?????

How do you replace the real small light bulbs on the steering wheel that show the differnt functions. Anyone????

After hitting a chuck hole a part fell from under the truck
that I've never seen. It looks like some kind of counterweight with a exhaust clamp on it,

Why does my 2000 Blazer continue to take water after everything has been replaced, this is short of doing an intake gasket, that being the only thing left.