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if there is metal in the oil what is most likely needed to be done?
How do I change spark plugs in mbz s-500 coupe?
would like to know about the distributer drive gear.
i have some slop in my steering usualy when i hit a bump .checked tie ri\od ends they are good .with the car jacked up i tried to turn the wheel and felt about 1/2 inch movement in the wheel . i wondered if there was any adjustment in the rack or pinion.
Where is the oil pump located on my 1996 2.5L Chysler Sebring. I wonder can my skills get this job done?
The upper u-joint and steering shaft on my Escape needs to be replaced. I looking for a diagram or schematic so that I can do the repair. I am an experienced mechanic.
how do i fix this? wont go out
I could not pass SMOG, Due to fact that I need a sensor for P0551 code,I need to know do I have too drive it for some miles before it will computed over again...please let me know ,if so or what...Thank You very much...Repair Pal is the best Q A shop ever.. please let me know where I could donate a check to...Dolores G. Merza-Cortez...
I have a 2007 Kia Sedona LX and had both power sliding door motors replaced under warranty last year. The left power sliding door will not operate and I'm over 60,000 miles now. I checked the fuse and all it does is beep when I try to open the door. I'm an electrician and very familar with AC/DC motors. I'm just trying to figure out where the motor is located. Thank you!
lately I 've been having a hard time getting my car to shift gears & park seems to be the most difficult. If anyone can help me out that would be great.
It doesn't matter heather mode or A/c. turn the switch on & a noticeable noise is heard. The higher the speed the louder the noise. Some times you can hear generater whine. I have had a lot of cars & this unusally loud. Blower works.
When I turned on the car it was shaking a lot, and then 3 blocks later on a stop, it turned off. A neighbor said that the power steering pump hose its damaged and it looses power, can this be true?
clutch on ac is not engaging seen a prong on top of ac compressor with no wire hooked to it. where is this wire? and what is its purpose? (clutch)
the engine is a 6.3, six cylinder. the caddy runs fine for a while, then it starts shaking, and engine light comes on. plugged in scanner and it comes up that fuel injector #6 is misfiring. i changed all the fuel injectors, all new plugs,and a new coil on number six cylinder. has not run more than 10 miles, and now its doing the same thing, with the same code, on number six. appricate any suggestions.