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ck com. good. ck ing. inj.good. missing on #2 cyc.plug wires new,spark plugs is correct.engine has eight plugs
Sometimes, when I put my 96 Geo Metro in reverse it does not move. It just started about a week ago (04-19-2011 - 04-22-2011). I checked the transmission fluid and it seeme to be low. Would low transmissioin fluid be causing my reverse issue?
Hello, I have a 1998 Isuzu amigo 2.2 dohc. My question is how can I test my coil pack. Before I make the decision to just replace it. It has a very weak spark when i crank it over. So is there a way I can test it with my ohm meter or take it to a dealership to have it tested. Car is giving me horrible performance
How much does it cost to have an EGR Valve Replaced in a 2007 Jeep Wrangler. The check engine light is on and the mechanic told me that the EGR Valve needs to be replaced.
occurs when engine has been warmed up
replaced disturtor cap it still shuts off ater you drive it and it warms up
Truck wont start so im just trying to figure out if there's a fuel shut off switch or not
car runs good at hiway speeds runs real ruff once in awhile at idle and low speed changed plugs wires fuel filter hooked to obd says no codes then next stage says reset eng. cont. can it be reset and where is it located
the air-conditioner automatic control will not change back from the defroster mode to normal air=conditioner. The air-contitioner works fine but will not come thru the normal vents.
when driving down the highway no rain the windshield wiper will come without touching the control and will not go off until the 30 amp fuse is removed.
I have to wiggle the switch to open and close
How much should it cost to replace my power steering rack and outer tie rods?
since i burought it
167,200 miles, have a miss, could this be the plug wires?