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I bought my car (98,000) miles. A week after I drove it about 40 miles and temperature gauge went all the way to hot. I pulled over immediately and let it cool back down for a couple of minutes. I continued driving (300 mile trip) and got it home. No more overheating problems from there, coolant was full. Return trip I was about 50 miles out and it heated up again. Jiffy lube told me it had only 30% coolant 70% water, so I got undiluted coolant and drove it the rest of the way home. It didn't overheat again. One auto shop told me to flush the coolant because of debris. Anyone have any ideas?

my oil was leaking and I took it into the mechanic. He did some re-sealing but said if continues to leak that it will need housing replacement. Is this something that I can find used or is it best to let him get the part for lots of $$?

I need to replace 3 bad fuel injectors in my car. I was told that I need to replace all 8 fuel injectors because they fire in certain sequence. Is it necessary for me to replace all 8 fuel injectors?

no spark after changing fuel pump

Brought a used Dodge Nitro six days ago and this morning noticed that the front part of the rails of separated from the roof top. Has this happened to anyone else? If it has what did you have to do to repair it?

Why does my engine slip when the car gets hot and why does the speedometer and the RPM needle go hay wire when the car gets hot?

After stoping from a highway run such as a rest area stop.
When I start the car I get a hudge cloud of white smoke.
This happens after highway runs and after the car sits for a short time.
If I come off the highway and go home and the car sits overnight I get the same problem.
I have used a crank case cleaning flush several times with no change.
Was thinking it may be valve guide seals but I think that should smoke after sitting all the time and also would be blue smoke?
Anybody have any thoughts?
Don B.

2nd owner how to tell if these recalls were done and if not is it too late

I was wondering if anyone can tell me what this code means and how to fix the problem?

I replaced clutch slave cylinder and cluth master both on a 1987 toyota corolla fx, but I still have clutch pedal pressure loss. What else could cause this?

Can I install the O2 sensor myself

not sure the engine size it's a friends truck i asked other people some say it's normal and other say it's nothing to worry about it has only 57,000 miles if that helps

I have a 1996 Ford Ranger with an automatic transmission. Occasionally I have a MAJOR tranny fluid leak. I figured it may be from overheating. I put in a new radiator, flushed the cooling lines to the tranny, and flushed and changed the tranny fluid. That worked fine...until today. On the way home from work I saw smoke in the rear view mirror, pulled over, and tranny fluid was leaking. It looked like from between the motor and tranny (not blow back through the dip stick). If it was a seal wouldn't it do this all the time? This is driving me nuts! One day I drive over 100 miles and no problem. Today I drive 35 miles and the dreaded fluid leak. Has anyone else encountered this? Any advise? Please help!

the car ran fine and then the trans starting down shifting on its own, hard enough to jerk the car severely. It slams hard like I put the brake on and let up. It doesn't do it in reverse or when it's coasting. Installed a new wire harness and repaired a short in the harness below the radiator. Can this be a speed or shift senor problem?

how do i get the seal out of the hub