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The fuse controls side mirrors and interior lights.I can use head light switch to shut off interior lights and mirror controls work fine.When I turn the interior lights back on but not all the way to on position and doors closed it blows fuse.I was going to disconnect all the door switches but having hard time locating the ones for the front doors.It does use standard type switch and not behind rubber door seal.Any sugggestions could help.Thanks,Al.
how do you change the lower control arm bushings in a chrysler van
timing the engine
i have a acura intergra 1992 will the full pump of a hunda civc work on my acura plssssss help
My security light on dash comes on and stays for a while then goes off or car will not start. Changes swtches already light was off. Then came back on again what can be done to by security system.
my 2007 corlla starts fairly good when its cold . but it cranks over a lot more when its warm .the car has 64590.00 miles on it. help!!!
rock hit the windshild on a trip on the road.
The problem has been for 7 months now, It has gone in to 3 diffrent speicalized shops. The car is still doing the same thing nothing was fixed all 3 times just exhausted all my money. The car will cranck over sometime(warm weather)but it either will not start or it will start but it will stall and turn off. When it's cold it cranks a few times but does not start at all. Once the car is started though it stays on and I can shut it off as long as It is driven for a little or to let the temp get to the middle of the temp gage. If I let it sit for longer than 1 hour or long it will not start again especially if it's cold out. This is what has been changed the ignition engine coils. The crank shaft position sensor (Twice) The crank shaft position hose. The spark plugs. The complete engine was replaced.( It didn't start when I went to get the car the first time). None of the shops can pin point it they keep giving recommendations I pay for them and still have the same problem. $6, 000 later and 7 months later. Do you think it's the fuel system flush or the N 80 purge valve, the pistons, cylinders, combustion chamber coil pack harness spark plug wires? Heat core?
i have a 1993 corolla 1.8 the problem i am having is when i take off from a light it does not take off like it should. it is very sluggish and then it seems t be better at about 15 mph.
do you think clogged fuel injectors could be the problem?

fuel pump reley is wear and does a fues cause the pump not to come on
I have some oil in the radiator over flow tank. is the possibly a blown head gasket or cracked block
i was driving my van and it just started acting like it was in neutral and it wont go into drive or reverse or any other gear is that going to be a modeul or did the tranny go out its on a 2006 ford freestar that has a 3.9l engine in it
what is a po446 code on a toyota sequoia
How does the instument panel come off?
i made a left turn and when i did i heard a loud pop. I dont know what happened but it was having difficulty accelerating so when i turned it off it will not crank at all now.