Q: Question: Transmission stuck in Park on 2004 Volvo S60

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start car,push on brake pedal to shift outa park,hearing clicking noise from shift lever also feel it.wont shift outa park when its below 55 out or humid
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Sounds like an issue with the shift lock mechanism. If you hear the click noise, that means the signal from the brake pedal switch is OK and the issue is with the lock mechanism in the shifter. Best to have a shop familiar with Volvo's look at this. Here are some near you:
Good Luck!
Thx,Bret,my mechanic sprayed some lube on it(the shift lock)Volvo reported to him that is not an often requested $50. to take apart and spray he figures the part will need to be replaced hense only 1/2 hr labor for when we have to go back in.The labor book clms 1.5 hr. so we'll see
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