Q: PT CRUISER HEATER CORE on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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PT CRUISER HEATER CORE is there a fast way of doing this any shot cuts out there thanks
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Sorry, no short cuts, Here is the summary to replace the Heater Core. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Drain the cooling system, Evacuate the refrigerant system, Remove the instrument panel, Remove the refrigerant line retaining bolt from the expansion valve, Remove the refrigerant lines from the expansion valve.
Disconnect the electrical connector from the bottom of the expansion valve. Remove the expansion valve retaining bolts and remove the valve from the vehicle. Remove the heater core coolant supply hoses from the heater core. Working from inside the engine compartment, remove the A/C-Heater housing retaining fasteners from the bulkhead. Remove the A/C-Heater housing drain tube. Remove the spring clip and pull the hose from the housing nipple. Working from inside the vehicle, remove the defroster duct from the A/C-Heater housing and body attachment point.
Remove the A/C-Heater housing retaining bolts. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the A/C-Heater housing. Remove the A/C-Heater housing from the vehicle and place the assembly on a bench. Remove the heater core cover from the housing assembly. Remove the heater core coolant lines from the heater core. Remove the screws necessary to disassemble the A/C-Heater housing assembly. Remove the heater core from the A/C-Heater housing.
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