Q: proper weight of motor oil on 1996 Ford Mustang GT

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if i installed 10w40 in my 4.6L,instead of 5w30 as recommended will it make my right bank have a clicking noise?
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It possibly could if the weather gets cold enough. The 'W" in the 10W-40 stands for winter or when the car is cold, but, if the newer, thicker oil stays thicker because of colder environment, then the oil can be too thick for the very, very tiny check valves in the hydraulic lifters to deal with, and they will not stay properly self-adjusted. This could mean that they may slightly collapse which lead to a ticking sound.. How clean was the oil that you drained?
clicking noise is very noticeable,I removed the right bank valve cover and started car,noise is evident.oil pressure is 12 psi when warm.left bank is quiet.All lifters and valve look to be operating normally when engine is running,but clicking noise is evident towards the front area of the cyl head
it may, but should not. especially on a 13 year old vehicle. Have you driven the car since changing the oil? If so, how far? You may have had a lifter drain its oil when you changed it, but it should pump right back up after driving for 5 minutes IF IT HAS good oil pressure! How noticeable is the noise?