Q: problenms with cruise control on 1995 Oldsmobile 88

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My mechanic thought it was the actuator. He put a new one on and it still doesn't work. Anything else to check ???

The fuse is OK as far as I know. He says there is power to everyhting !!!

Thnaks !
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The system is not that complex. As with any cruise control trouble shooting you will need a wiring diagram and voltmeter and check inputs to the cruise control module (power, ground, speed sensor, brake light switch input ect...) and then check the out put that controls the actuator. I am sure your mechanic has a wiring diagram or access to Mitchell or Alldata information which is where independent repair shops get there information.
My mechanic says that the switch is fine, but is this the problem ? He says the voltages are correct but is it possible somewhere there is a break in the line ?

I first noticed my " no cruise " after I dimmed my lights. Also the radio light is dimmer than the rest of my dash, but this is an intermittant problem.For the past 2 weeks it was as bright as the rest of the dash, but last night it was weaker.

When talking to him today, he mentioned something about the ecm and the actuator that may be the breakdown. As you can see I am not that much of a mechanic .Thanks again for responding.

I am also sure that there could be trouble with a bad vaccuum hose .