Q: Problems with my 1992 Toyota Celica st coupe on 1992 Toyota Celica

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Just recently my Celica has started having problem. It started out that when my foot wasn't on the gas pedal my car was accelerating by its self up to 75mph. And then after I parked it and came back later and tried to start it when I turned the key and started the car the rpms went all the way up to 8000 and I had to shut it off. I didn't touch the gas pedal at all. What could it be?
(2) Answers
Gas pedal bushing binding behind the pedal.
Throttle cable/linkage hanging.
These two things are about the only way to make the engine run at that much rpm. 8000???
How did you get it to idle again? Or did it idle again?
throttle cable got to hot and plastic inside the cable melted causing it to bind, get a heat shield and wrap it around throttle cable.
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