Q: Problems starting on 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue

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My car takes at least 3 cranks to start. No check engine lights are on. I just had it tuned up and had the fuel pump checked and the fuel injectors checked and their fine.
(2) Answers
Could have an air intake leak - air getting into the throttle that it doesn't need, by way of a vacuum leak, a air tube or air box leak, or something of that nature.
I had similar issue. I needed to keep cranking the engine until it started. The problem would be much worse if the the car had just been driven. The longer time parked, the easier to start. If I held the gas pedal ALL THE WAY DOWN while cranking(procedure for flooded engine), startup would be easier. Over time this got really bad and while being driven the engine would periodically start to stall and then rev up or surge.

Cause: Faulty fuel pressure regulator.
If the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator was removed, fuel would be flow out of the vacuum port.
This should not happen. The fuel entering the vacuum line would flood the engine and make it hard to start.

Replacement of the fuel pressure regulator solved these problems.
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