Q: Problems changing power steering hose on 1996 Honda Accord

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While attempting to change out the high pressure power steering hose on my son's 96 Accord and struggling with space issues, it seems the threads are now worn smooth where it connects to the steering rack. What are my options now? Can the bolt be re-tapped? Will the housing for the steering rack need to be re-tapped or will it have to be replaced at this point? Thanks for your help.
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If you're lucky you can get a new bolt, but if the threads in the rack are bad, then you will need to try and fix them, or replace the rack. It takes some experience to be able to fix these types of problems.
As mechanics, we all make these mistakes, and we learn to try and avoid them, but the real skill comes in knowing how to fix your mistakes. It takes some ingenuity, patience, finesse and skill.
Good Luck
The threads (first one) on the bolt is worn smooth; I can't see the opening on the rack - due to space (or lack of).