Q: problem just start since i buy this car the code is p7400 on 1998 Cadillac Catera

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i just buy 1998 cadillac catera i have problem when i driver it's dosen't get pick it's skip other then that it's driver good what you do think what can be the problem
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P7400 doesn't exist...can you recheck it?

Sounds like maybe something in the air intake system - too much air or not enough fuel? Could have an engine misfire?
I would recommend having the car checked out in full, as you just acquired it.
you know any place where i can take to check it beside dealer please kindly help me out to find the repair shop in my area yes it's the engine has misfire problem too the code is P1700 Also they give me 5 or 6 code i'll write it's down for you in the morning