Q: Problem as determined by autozone, EVAP purge/vent solenoid circuit condition on 2004 Cadillac Escalade EXT

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My check engine warning light came on, I took my truck to autozone so they could check the code. The print out says, EVAP purge/vent solenoid circuit condition. The probable causes are 1. purge or vent solenoids defective. 2.Check connector and wiring. 3.fuel saturated vapor canister. Failed vent solenoid. if anybody has been through this before i would appriciate any info you may have.
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i have seen this happen to other gm vehicles. there is a solinoid on the evap canister and they could go bad. if that doesn't fix the problem, then you will probably be looking at replacing the whole canister.
I have 2003 escalade ext changed my fuel pump. Then my check engine light came on. Check the code po446, evap purge/vent solenoid circuit condition. Change the purge & vent solenoids reset the light came back on two days later. Please someone help me. I think am going to drop the tank again and check for any cracks or somethng?