Q: Price for engine rebuild - spun bearing on 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI

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About how much would it be to get my engine rebuilt due to a spun bearing? Parts vs. Labor?

Best case scenario vs. worst case scenario?
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spun bearings normally indicates a ruined engine, so having
your engine "rebuilt" is not a good idea. labor for a long
block is about 15 hours plus all the little odds and ends.
the engine depends on what's available and how much money you've got. maybe as low as $4000 engine/labor and maybe
$6500 on the high end. great time to also install a new clutch if you have any extra money.
Repairing the damage from a spun bearing could be very expensive. A crankshaft main bearing spun could ruin the engine block as well as the crankshaft, and a spun connecting rod bearing wouldn't necessarily damage the block but would ruin a connecting rod and damage the crankshaft as well.
I don't know how much this would cost, estimating would be quite a job, of course I'd have to inspect the engine myself to evaluate the damage if I were estimating it.
I think you may be interested in finding a guaranteed used engine and have a qualified Subaru expert install it. You need to find a Subie specialist and get him to evaluate your situation.
If you want to find a specialist, here's our directory link for you:
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