Q: price for cylinder head, ignition coils and spark plubs on 2003 Lincoln Navigator

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What would be cost for materials and labor to replace driver cylinder head, ignition coils #7 and #4, and replace spark plubs
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Often you can re-thread the cylinder spark plug holes and use a thread insert after the head is off the vehicle.. that is what I have done in the past. This will save a lot of money. The labor is around 8-10 hours and the cost of each coil is about $100. the plugs go for about 5 dollars each. You will need a head gasket as well ( about $100 ) I would do both heads, it is only another hour or so. I recommend a 'rethread' on both of the rear cylinders. the forward ones can be done in the car. Good Luck!
I had cylinder #6 rethreaded at the spark plug threads which included tig welding (aluminum) a new coil and plug last month 4/10 at the cost of 500 dollars. I am in Southern Nevada.