Q: price on 2008 Hyundai Veracruz

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price on bcm module for 2008 hyunday veracruz.
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When a person ask about essential parts for their vehicle, I always tell them to check at the dealership first,for price and availablity, we know that the highest price may come from the dealership, but most times they are OEM parts, and are directly related to or with the manufacturer. This is one of those important parts, and my suggestion is that you price compare shop first. Then availability, shipping and taxes on the part. There are numerous online parts stores and local parts store in which to choose from, but only a few will have the part in stock, others can get you the part within s few days. Also check at the dealershiip for recalls, because maybe there have been a few thousand owners with the same problem. If you bought the vehicle as the second owner you may not have gotten the recall notice.
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