Q: Pressing the brakes causes a prolonged, grinding, noisy stop.
on 1998 Volvo S70

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The stopping takes longer, with a trembling, noisy stop.
I was told that it might be from "park brake locking".
This malfunction happens in warmer weather (above 60F).
It seems the noise is coming from the rear left.
How it can be corrected?
Also I heard that "cruse-control cable" can be responsible
for failing brakes. How this can be checked? My car's cruse
control has not been functioning for years.

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You need to have your brakes checked immediatly by a porfessional. It sounds like you have no brake pad remaining. This can lead to brake failure.
The car passed state inspection a couple months ago.
Since then the car was driven very little. The shoes pads were OK.
Is there any explanation on the relation of the "park brake locking"
and its cause for the brakes' malfunction?
Thank you.
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