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PR Newswire - February 14, 2019
RepairPal Study Finds the Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Car Repairs The recently released study combines a local view of the realistic expectation of the availability of mechanics, how often cars might need to be taken in for repairs and what it costs to fix a car.
Woo - February 12, 2019
How RepairPal Uses Woo to Fight Against Competition RepairPal Vice President of Engineering Jim Castillo came onboard five months ago and made one immediate decision: bring in Woo to help find quality talent for the company.
Business Wire - November 28, 2017
CarMax Partners with Auto Repair Leader, RepairPal Through this partnership, CarMax will provide its customers with access to the RepairPal Certified shop network resulting in additional trusted, quality and fair-priced service and repair locations.
PR Newswire - October 25, 2017
Honda, Lexus, and Hyundai Top RepairPal's Most Reliable Car Brands with Launch of the First Repair-Driven Reliability Study Based on millions of vehicle repair orders from RepairPal's Certified Network of over 2,000 shops, the Reliability Rating is the first dependability metric to derive scores from real-world data.
Medium - September 28, 2017
Dash and RepairPal announce new partnership, making driving safer and more affordable “Dash, the leading open connected car platform, announces an exciting new partnership with RepairPal, a leading provider of auto service and repair information via a network of RepairPal Certified shops.
motor1 - September 20, 2017
Most Expensive Vehicles To Maintain And Repair “According to the searchable Repair Cost Index database maintained by the automotive website Here, we’ve culled a list of the 10 vehicles the Index says are...
motor1 - September 19, 2017
Cheapest Vehicles To Maintain And Repair “According to the searchable Repair Cost Index maintained by the automotive website
AutoWise - September 18, 2017
The Top Ten Cars Most Desired by Women “Female drivers are most concerned about safety and reliability,” said Jill Trotta, Director of the Automotive Group at RepairPal, which helps drivers find reliable auto shops.
Geico More - September 15, 2017
Are Fuel Additives Worth The Money? “They make additives for everything,” says Jill Trotta, director of the automotive group at RepairPal.
Tire Business - September 12, 2017
RepairPal offers advice for flooded vehicles "RepairPal Inc., an auto repair website, has warned consumers to be aware of the damage water can cause on their vehicles.
WTMJ-TV Milwaukee - September 8, 2017
Survey: Higher repair bills for younger drivers "Studying the results, RepairPal found nearly three-quarters of teen and young adult drivers are the ones footing the bill for routine maintenance.
Ratchet+Wrench - August 16, 2017
RepairPal Launches Dashboard for Tracking Customer Management Steps "The Shop Dashboard has launched to the full network of certified shops with additional features and tools being added in the coming months.
PR Newswire - July 25, 2017
RepairPal Releases Study Showing the Top Cities Most (and Least) Impacted by Automotive Recalls "To keep recalls top of mind for consumers, RepairPal crunched the numbers to see which parts of the United States might be most affected."
PR Newswire - June 21, 2017
RepairPal and TECHNET Professional partner to drive quality in auto repairs "RepairPal is becoming a standard-bearer for quality in the auto repair industry," added George Lesniak, Director of Commercial Programs at TECHNET.
Carbon Fiber Gear - June 9, 2017
55 BEST CAR BLOGS FOR AUTO ENTHUSIASTS "Focused on bringing people simple and educational stories about car care, RepairPal is changing the way you think about repair."
PR Newswire - June 6, 2017
Telematics leader Zubie joins forces with RepairPal® to deliver real-time car repair information and access to certified repair shops "Together with RepairPal, we are bringing an unforeseen level of transparency to the service and repair experience for vehicle owners," said Zubie CEO Gary Tucker.
AARP - by Sid Kirchheimer - June 1, 2017
Steer Clear of Car Repair Rip-Offs "Compare prices: Get price estimates at..."
Money Crashers - by Brian Martucci - May 19, 2017
How to Make Money Flipping Cars – Fix Up & Sell Cars for Big Profit "RepairPal has a symptom checker that’s useful for nonexperts seeking to diagnose common car problems – though it’s not foolproof and isn’t a substitute for expert advice."
OppLoans - May 10, 2017
How Not to Get Ripped off by Your Mechanic "Most mechanics aren’t trying to rip you off, and if they have nothing to hide, they shouldn’t be afraid to walk you through exactly what they’re doing."
The Wirecutter - May 9, 2017
The Best Gear for Your Road Trip "It takes only a few minutes to get your vehicle checked out for a proper road trip. When in doubt (or when preparing for a really long trip), see a mechanic first. "
U.S. News & World Report - by Eric Evarts - May 2, 2017
What Is the Best Age and Mileage for a Used Car? "According to data from, the average five-year-old car costs its owner about $350 in repairs. By the time it’s 10 years old, average repairs cost just under $600 a year."
OppLoans - April 14, 2017
Tricks and Tips for Cheaper Car Repairs "“When repairing your vehicle, the most important thing to focus on is quality. The best way to save lots of money is to find a quality shop with highly trained technicians..." - by Jim Gorzelany - March 14, 2017
The Cheapest -- And Costliest -- Cars And Trucks To Maintain And Repair "To determine the “true” cost of owning a given car or truck, one has to look beyond the transaction price and consider long-term ownership expenditures including a vehicle’s depreciation, fuel economy, and insurance premiums."
PR Newswire - March 07, 2017
How Much is Your Car Actually Costing You Each Year? Figure it Out with the New RepairPal Cost Index "Understanding the true cost of a car just became easier."
PR Newswire - February 13, 2017
Introducing RepairPal's Symptom Guide "The Symptom Guide helps achieve this by giving people a real tool that enables them to better understand their vehicle and have a more confident experience with auto repair." - by Brian Pasch - February 08, 2017 Gains First Mover Advantage by Sharing Cross Platform Engagement "Their partnership with RepairPal...are just three examples that show is willing to reinvent, enhance, and improve on their value proposition to dealers."
DataOne Software - by Anna Liakas - February 07, 2017
It’s Not Only Hip but It’s Smart to Welcome Disruptors in the Service Industry "Tired of making phone calls or driving shop to shop to get the best estimate for your automotive repair?"
Julie's List - February 05, 2017
FREE & LOW-COST CAR AND CAR REPAIR RESOURCES "Not sure if your mechanic is giving you a fair estimate? "
1380am WPHM - January 06, 2017
Radio interview with Jill Trotta "RepairPal website offers advice for keeping your vehicle winter ready."
Michigan Mom Living - by Cynthia Tait - January 04, 2017
3 Things Every Car Owner Should Do Before Taking Their Car in for Maintenance and Repair "By using the tools and resources available to customers, choosing a trustworthy repair shop can be less of a hassle for any car owner regardless of their automotive knowledge."
On Your Side - by KSDK - January 03, 2017
Snow, sleet, ice, oh my! 5 surprising checks so you can drive safely this winter "RepairPal also recommends packing emergency supplies, tire chains, gloves, and a snow shovel."
Highland Community News - January 03, 2017
Question: Do you think women are treated fairly at auto repair shops? "Nationwide, women are overcharged by an average of 8% compared to men."
Motherhood Moment - by Bekah - December 31, 2016
Thrifty Thinking: Three Things To Do Before Choosing Your Auto Repair Shop "By using the tools and resources available to customers, choosing a trustworthy repair shop can be less of a hassle for any car owner regardless of their automotive knowledge."
MNI Alive - December 23, 2016
Snow, Sleet, Ice, Oh My! 5 Surprising Checks So You Can Drive Safely This Winter "Freezing weather drains battery life much quicker than normal temperatures. At 0 degrees, a car battery may retain only 40 percent of its charge. Play it safe and get your battery checked by a certified shop that offers a warranty."
Unfair Pricing - by Staff - December 16, 2016
How to Avoid Unfair Pricing at Auto Repair Shops "For women to avoid unfair pricing, Trotta recommended to find a site such as RepairPal to find auto repair cost estimates."
The Auto Channel - December 15, 2016
RepairPal's Ranking: Top 20 Most Expensive and Top 20 Most Affordable Cars To Repair "Below are some interesting findings on the average costs of auto repairs in the U.S."
Highya - by Autumn Yates - December 14, 2016
10 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving This Holidays "“I would recommend having your vehicle inspected before driving in the winter,” Jill says."
Niagara College's Community News Source - December 10, 2016
THOSE MILLENIALS DON’T KNOW JACK: CAR MAINTENANCE FOR DUMMIES "Almost half of the students responded by saying they don’t know how to change a tire."
Motherhood Moment - by Bekah - December 10, 2016
Website Spotlight: RepairPal "The RepairPal Certified shop program is designed to help car owners and their families find a trustworthy repair shop."
Fun Cheap SF - December 10, 2016
South Bay Community Holiday Car Care Event & Free Food | San Jose "This event is hosted by RepairPal, a website that takes the mystery out of auto repair by providing fair estimates on car repair and matching consumers with quality shops nearby."
HOY - December 09, 2016
Mujeres son víctimas de altos cobros por supuestamente no saber de mecánica "Alerta: Ciudades en que las mujeres son estafadas al reparar sus autos."
Tire Business - by Tire Business Staff - December 6, 2016
ASE honors 45 auto technicians "“ASE has recognized the best of the best in our industry for more than 40 years, and this year we honored 45 outstanding individuals from all across the nation,” said ASE President and CEO Tim Zilke."
Vehicle Service Pros - December 1, 2016
45 professionals recognized at 2016 ASE awards banquet "Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the talented individuals receiving these awards each year."
AftermarketNews - by AftermarketNews Staff - November 30, 2016
45 Technicians Honored At ASE Annual Meeting " In addition to looking for top scores on ASE tests, award sponsors examine on-the-job excellence, community service and other factors when selecting honorees."
Body Shop Business - by Body Shop Business Staff Writers - November 30, 2016
Automotive and Collision Technicians Honored at ASE Annual Meeting " In addition to looking for top scores on ASE tests, award sponsors examine on-the-job excellence, community service and other factors when selecting honorees."
Automotive Service Excellence - November 28, 2016
45 Technicians Honored at 2016 ASE Annual Meeting "The annual awards banquet spotlights top scorers on the ASE Certification Tests."
KGMI 790 News & Talk - by Ikeller - October 10, 2016
The Morning News. "Automotive Group Director at RepairPal, Jill Trotta also joins Joe and Alex with a list of the most expensive–and the most affordable–cars to fix this fall."
Ohio Insurance Institute - September 08, 2016
US catalytic converter thefts rise, Ohio ranks fourth in US "The report notes that insured US thefts are up 23% since 2008."
Vehicle Service Pros - by Josh Smith - August 04, 2016
Tool Review: RepairPal Certified "The reviewers say this service drives calls and vehicles to the shop and offers significant time-savings."
LA Times - by Chris Erskine - July 27, 2016
Hey, Clark, ready for your roadtrip? Here are some car prep tips "The site offers an estimator tool that tells you what any kind of repair will cost. " - July 20, 2016
RepairPal "The list of mechanics and reviews will also help you choose the best location for your repair."
Vehicle Service Pros - January 19, 2016
RepairPal and Bosch form auto shop partnership "RepairPal has formed a vendor partnership with Bosch to offer the RepairPal Certified program to the Bosch Car Service (BCS) network of top independently-owned auto repair shops in the U.S. Bosch Car Service."
Ratchet+Wrench - December 14, 2015
RepairPal, ASE Partner to Change Negative Perceptions of Auto Shops "The relationship between ASE and RepairPal really compliments our organizations as we both strive to identify quality service providers in auto repair."
U.S. News and World Report - by Jon Lal - December 10, 2015
Free Apps to Save You Money in 2016 "Your mobile device can help you stay on top of the lowest prices and best deals."
Elite - October 28, 2015
Jill Trotta Explains Knowing Your Numbers "One of the things we value at RepairPal is training; good quality training from professional training organizations."
MyWebTimes - by Angela Accomando - October 15, 2015
What's App-ening: When in (car) trouble, call a pal "Oh great, what is this going to cost me?" This is where RepairPal comes in."
CBS Houston - by Erin Austin - August 23, 2015
Eye On Houston "Services RepairPal offers, some common mistakes people make looking for an auto repair shop, and some road trip tips."
Focus Atlanta - August 21, 2015
Advice from a shop owner himself. Recommends RepairPal. "RepairPal"
Tire Business - by Jill Trotta - August 18, 2015
Advisers are from Mars, customers are from Venus "Most of the time a customer’s biggest problem isn’t that their car is broken. It’s the possible repercussions of being without their car, and the toll this will take on their life and the lives of their family."
Car Life
How To Choose A Competent AZ Auto Repair Shop "The best deal isn’t necessarily the lowest price; it’s the most competent care at a fair price!"
Remarkable Results Radio - by Carm Capriotto - June 25, 2015
RR 024: Jill Trotta from RepairPal "Jill Trotta, Director Automotive Group at RepairPal provides an in-depth discussion on the benefits and value of this shop referral site."
Tire Business - by William Schertz - June 23, 2015
RepairPal exec sees need for more female techs "Jill Trotta was recently named director of RepairPal Inc.'s Automotive Professional Group."
Good Morning America - June 15, 2015
Tips to Save Big on Common Car Repairs "Tip number one: Know the going rate. Use this free app called RepairPal."
Remarkable Results Radio - April 20, 2015
RR 008: Diane Larson from Larson’s Service "Diane Larson of Larson's Quality Automotive in Peabody, MA is a shining example of the trust and transparency that RepairPal works so hard to promote."
BuzzFeed - March 20, 2015
27 Free Apps That Will Save You So Much Money "It’s bad enough having your car break down, but it’s even worse when you’re worried you’ll be overcharged by a mechanic: RepairPal to the rescue." - by Andrew Del Prado - March 13, 2015
The RepairPal App: Your Friend to Help You with Car Repairs "There are a lot of people who do not realize the danger of seeking the lowest possible price for car repair. If you expect a cheap price, then you’d better expect low quality. This is why RepairPal focuses on the fair price instead."
Motorworld - by Jill Trotta - March 2015
Customer Empowerment: Gain Loyalty in Your Automotive Shop Beyond the First Sale "Trust and high levels of customer service are key factors in securing customer loyalty, which translates into ongoing revenue thanks to service maintenance and repairs. "
Ratchet + Wrench - by Bryce Evans - March 2015
eBay Begins Selling Auto Repair Services “When I came to RepairPal three years ago, I saw the transformation taking place in this industry. Consumers just want information, and this is the new way they’re gaining it.”
The Nest - by Kay Bosworth - February 15, 2015
Do I Need to Pay a Mechanic Who Didn't Fix Anything? "Run an online test at RepairPal to see if the charges for your repairs were appropriate"
My Family Survival Plan - February 11, 2015
50 Emergency Apps: Turn Your Phone into a Life-Saving Device! "Whether it’s an auto emergency, a roadside breakdown, or just a small problem, RepairPal can help."
Nationwide Broadcast - by Mario Armstrong - February 6, 2015
Top Tech Trends for 2015 by Mario Armstrong, Today Show Correspondant "They're like the TrueCar of auto repair" - Andrew Del Prado - February 5, 2015
The Price Must Always Be Right: Cell Phone City’s Top 5 Apps for Price Comparison "RepairPal guarantees that you will never guess anymore where to find a good mechanic."
Fox 2 Morning News Detroit - December 5, 2014
Winter Car Car Tips with The Car Care Coach, Lauren Fix "I have a solution that will empower can actually get a bell curve of the cost!"
Fox & Friends - November 10, 2014
Can an App Save You Money on Car Repair? "This is an amazing app!" - Kurt 'The Cyberguy' Knutsson
ABC World News Tonight with David Muir - November 5, 2014
Ways to Save and Keep an Aging Car Safe "Shop around without leaving your home. Use apps like RepairPal to compare repair prices before you take your car into the shop."
iGeeks Blog - September 20, 2014
Best Road Trip Apps for iPhone/iPad: Planning a Road Trip? Check This Out "RepairPal is one of the must-haves if you’ve got a vehicle. This app helps you with tips for on-the-spot repairing, calculates fees for the mechanic and even finds you one, if necessary. It’s both informational and helpful when you run into vehicle problems."
Yahoo Finance - September 8, 2014
An End to Gender Discrimination in Auto Repair Shops? Worried by Research Findings, RepairPal Conducts Secret Shopper Experiment in Cities Throughout the US.
Fox News - by Jim Travers - July 15, 2014
How to find great used-car deals "To get an idea of what a car will cost to maintain, this site can give you estimates on all kinds of services and repairs."
Business News Daily - Nicole Fallon - May 23, 2014
The Entrepreneurist: Internet Entrepreneur Keeps Car Repair Shops Honest “Art Shaw has a long history of bringing trust and transparency to industries that are generally distrusted by consumers. After several years in management consulting, the Stanford Business School alum worked with brokerage and banking firm Charles Schwab to launch, growing it into one of the first billion-dollar online businesses. Shaw also successfully ran and sold myCFO, as well as an online advertising company.”
The Boston Globe - Katherine Rushlau - May 22, 2014
7 Safety Tips for Memorial Day Travel “With Memorial Day just days away, AAA announced its expected travel forecast to reach 36 million travelers. Of those people, 31.8 will use a car. Avoid vehicle hiccups by planning and preparing ahead of time. Here are seven road trip tips we rounded up from AAA, RepairPal, and”
WSVN News Broadcast - by Craig Stevens - May 21, 2014
APPsolute Must Roundup: Car Apps “We all have had car trouble. RepairPal is an app that helps you get an estimate of what it should cost to repair your car. Compare RepairPal estimates with local shops so they don't overcharge you to fix the problem.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - by Gitte Laasby - May 18, 2014
Online resources for recalls, vehicle defects “You also can see the problems that owners of your car model experience at”
PopSugar - by Nicole Nguyen - May 14, 2014
The Apps You Need For the Best Road Trip Ever “RepairPal is an app that will get you out of tricky situations."
Brokepedia - by Kristin Wong - May 14, 2014
Find the Best Price on Car Maintenance With RepairPal “Let’s talk about a new one I’ve discovered to help save money on car maintenance: RepairPal. It’s pretty simple to use. It estimates car maintenance prices, finds shops in your area, helps keep track of your repairs–it even offers roadside assistance.”
Consumer Reports - Anthony Giorgianni - May 13, 2014
7 Ways to Keep Car-Maintenance Costs Down “When it comes to performing regular maintenance on your car or truck, knowing a few tricks can save you hundreds of dollars.”
The News Wheel - April 22, 2014
RepairPal App: There When You Need Help Most “Need to find a mechanic near you? RepairPal can do it. Need roadside assistance? RepairPal can do it, too. Need an estimate for a repair? Well, what do you know—RepairPal does that, too.”
One News Now - by Chris Woodward - April 14, 2014
Website hopes to improve image of auto repair “This is the second annual survey from RepairPal, an organization founded in 2007 by automobile enthusiasts and entrepreneurs "frustrated by the expensive and tedious process of fixing and maintaining their vehicles." As a result, RepairPal certifies shops based on trained employees, the types of parts and tools used, as well as warranties offered.”
MarketWatch - April 11, 2014
MarketWatch: How Do Consumers Feel About Repairing Their Cars? Guest Art Shaw, CEO of RepairPal, discusses the results of RepairPal's second annual car repair survey
Mashable - by Johana Desta – April 2, 2014
7 Reasons We'd Choose Smartphones Over Cars “If you had to decide, which would you rather live without — your car, or your smartphone?" - by Judy Antell - April 2, 2014
Car Repair: RepairPal to the Rescue “RepairPal, a source for local auto repair shops and service, just released its Second Annual Car Care survey. The survey finds high levels of anxiety associated with car ownership and repairs.”
Parts & People - by Steve Sharp - April 1, 2014
You’re only as good as your reviews “Just as it takes proper diagnostics to keep customers’ vehicles performing, it takes regular business diagnostics to keep a repair shop moving forward, said Dave Frank, owner of Frank’s Auto Service, who uses third-party resources to monitor customer feedback, while RepairPal and Diamond Certified monitor business performance and supply regular customer referrals.”
Entrepreneur - by Adam Toren - March 6, 2014
What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From this Car Repair App "There are few relationships that require more trust and honesty than that between you and your mechanic. When you move to a new place or buy a new model of car, you need someone you can rely on and whose business practices are ethical. You can ask your friends, or hope the Yelp reviews are honest, but what if you want something more substantial to base your mechanic choice on?"
PandoDaily - by Cale Guthrie Weissman - February 6, 2014
Survey: When it comes to car repairs, use common sense and don’t be a millennial “According to a survey released by the company RepairPal, young people may not care so much for their cars. At least not in many mechanics’ estimations. The survey queried 162 auto repair shop owners about trends in their services and general awareness of their clientele. And, I guess unsurprisingly, millennials aren’t the most attentive car owners.”
Rachet + Wrench - February 6, 2014
RepairPal Survey Reveals Repair Trends "RepairPal released the results of its Certified Shop Index on Tuesday, which surveyed 162 auto repair shop owners within RepairPal’s Certified Shop Network."
Complex Rides - by Ian Servantes - February 1, 2014
10 Great Smartphone Apps for Drivers "You should never go into a shop, get an estimate, and automatically roll with it. Always price out repairs. RepairPal will give you a fair estimate and tell you which nearby shops are recommended. If a mechanic tries to fool you, show him the app and be all like, "Nah, son. Nah."
The Street - by Ellen Chang - December 23, 2013
The Cheapest Gas We've Seen in a While: Here's How to Get It Before you hit the road, make sure to take care of any engine problems—stalling, hard starting or rough idling, said Bret Bodas, vice president of the automotive group at RepairPal, provider of auto repair and maintenance information. "Cold weather only makes engine problems worse, so be prepared," he said. "It is also a good idea to replace dirty filters—e.g. PCV, air, fuel."
ABC News - December 9, 2013
'Tis the Season for Fender Benders and Expensive Car Repairs Tips to save at the auto repair shop, when winter weather increases car accidents. - November 26, 2013
How to avoid getting ripped off using online tools The most useful estimator I found unmasks the mystery of the costs of auto repairs, offered by Not only does RepairPal offer ZIP-code level pricing—a water pump replacement should cost between $263 and $368 in north-suburban Seattle—it also offers additional necessary information, like this: Water pump repairs often require belt replacement, particularly if fluid leaked on the belts. Getting a repair cost estimate takes only a moment, and it can save you hundreds at a repair shop.
Small Biz Trends - by Drew Hendricks - November 15, 2013
Marketing Auto Repair Shops Becomes Easier With Mobile Apps As with many other things, car owners can now turn to their smartphones for the task of finding an auto mechanic who can take care of their auto repair needs. Services like RepairJungle and RepairPal allow customers to receive online estimates for auto repair services via a mobile version of their site so customers can process requests from anywhere. Apps like the RepairPal app for iOS and Android devices provides customer reviews and the ability to locate a shop nearby. The app breaks down estimates by parts and labor costs and even connects you with roadside assistance.
Brake and Front End - November 14, 2013
RepairPal Launches Certified Shop Program For AARP Members RepairPal has announced a new program that will give the nearly 37 million members of AARP 10 percent off the price of automotive services and repairs at participating RepairPal Certified shops across the U.S.
Boomer Places - Robert Fowler - November 14, 2013
Auto Repairs Made Easier RepairPal is a company that evaluates and certifies auto repair shops based on a number of criteria. I looked into their service which offers to put you in touch with reputable and dependable auto repairs shops in your neighborhood which meets their criteria. An auto repair shop must undergo a comprehensive technical assessment by RepairPal’s team of veteran ASE certified master technicians, must meet high customer service standards which they verify by interviewing customers of the auto shop. Additionally the shops must offer a 12 month / 12,000 mile warranty and guarantee to charge fair prices within the range of RepairPal’s price estimator.
Journal Sentinel - by Gitte Laasby - November 14, 2013
Websites give free cost estimates for car repairs Consumers who need a car repair but are worried about getting ripped off by a mechanic can get free guidance online. RepairPal gives free estimates of how much it will cost to get a specific problem with a specific vehicle fixed at a mechanic where you live. The calculator lets you pick a make, model and vehicle year and a zip code.
Yahoo! Finance - by Bob Sullivan - November 13, 2013
How to Figure Out What Your Car Repair Really Costs A website named RepairPal is hoping to tip the scales back toward consumers with a simple online tool and app called RepairPrice Estimator. Drivers enter their ZIP code and service required, and it returns a price range and additional notes about potential repair costs.
After Market News - November 12, 2013
RepairPal Launches Certified Shop Program For AARP Members "AARP is constantly looking for ways to bring great value to its members," said Angela Jones, senior vice president of business development and lifestyle products and Services at AARP Services Inc. "The new relationship with RepairPal provides members with access to certified repair shops in their communities and promises to deliver great value while helping members save real money."
Ratchet + Wrench - November 12, 2013
RepairPal Partners with AARP RepairPal announced a new partnership on Tuesday with the AARP, creating a program that will allow AARP members to receive discounts at RepairPal’s certified repair shops. With the agreement, RepairPal, which independently evaluates and certifies repair shops, will offer AARP members a 10 percent discount on all services and repairs at the more than 500 shops in its network.
Tulsa World - November 10, 2013
Bits & Bytes: Adaptability could've saved Blockbuster as competitors thrived This one has been around for a while, but it's still the most useful way to get some research on your car problem before you take a mechanic at his word. Put in your situation, and RepairPal will give you an estimated cost and a list of mechanics around you. You also have access to roadside assistance organizations and a complete list of repairs through the life of your car so you no longer wonder whether you have to replace your air filters.
Yahoo! Autos - November 6, 2013
10 best car apps for smart phones Auto mechanics don't have the best reputation for trustworthiness. Calling different mechanics around town for repair quotes can be a real pain. With Repair Pal, that legwork is done for you. Just select your car and the type of repair needed, and it'll spit out what you might expect to pay in your area. It's based on the Web site and functions the same.
Motor Week - by Pat Goss - November 1, 2013
Goss’ Garage: Watch the RepairPal clip. Pat Goss and guest Brett Bodas discuss a new web-based service to help car owners locate a reputable repair shop and accurately estimate repair bills.
Mashable - Rebecca Hiscott - November 1, 2013
25 Apps to Save You Money RepairPal eliminates the guesswork of finding a good mechanic. Tell them your car's make and model, and it'll give you a repair estimate and recommend "Top Shops" in your area.
She Knows - Christine Bryant - October 31, 2013
10 Questions to ask your mechanic before winter Have your mechanic check the tires on your vehicle for both air pressure and tire tread, says Bret Bodas, director of Automotive Professional Group at RepairPal and a veteran mechanic of more than 20 years. "Whether you live in a climate prone to rain or snow, you'll need tires that will provide adequate traction to keep you safe on the roads during tough winter weather," he says.
Top Cultured - Drew Hendricks - October 25, 2013
Top 8 IPhone Apps for Your Car Finding a reliable mechanic can seem impossible, but if you need auto repair and don’t know where to turn, RepairPal is a great sidekick. It can determine what price is fair for various procedures based on your specific model, and enables users to track your repairs.
The Huffington Post - October 18, 2013
Top 10 Driving Apps Rated four and a half stars by Apple users, RepairPal is the go-to app for auto emergency help. The app estimates accurate service fees and will direct you to the closest legitimate repair shop. It keeps track of your repairs and contacts roadside assistance if need be. It was also rated an New York Times App of the week.
Life Hack - October 15, 2013
5 Car Apps That Make Your Life So Much Easier Available for both iOS and Android phones, RepairPal makes unexpected repairs much easier. Never worry about where to find an auto repair facility again, because this app will find the one nearest to your location based on your mobile’s GPS. This is important when traveling because one never knows when they are going to break down.
App Advice - October 3, 2013
Apps For The Prepared Road Warrior
tecHTwick - Sakshi Sharma - October 2, 2013
Top 5 Must Have Apps For Car Lovers Car break-down is one bad dream that nobody wants to live. The garage mechanics charge hefty amounts for repairing the damage, burning a hole into your pocket. But here is an app, RepairPal, that has come to your rescue. This car app tells you the exact and a fair price and one does not have to worry about paying huge garage bills.
Apartment Therapy - October 2, 2013
6 Apps to Help Find Repair Services Not everyone is a trained mechanic, so when it comes to taking an automobile to a trained professional, I highly recommend RepairPal as a first step to getting back up and running. Whether it's for a roadside breakdown, or the investigation of a peculiar sound emanating from your engine, RepairPal can be used to send your car's model/make/year information, a repair query, and then in turn offers feedback about what the issue might be, alongside a repair estimage, and even helps locate the right local mechanic for the job.
Extended Vehicle Warranty - October, 2013
Best Car Apps It is really frustrating to pay too much for a repair; but, if you don't know your prices, or if you break down on the side of the road in an unfamiliar area, you could find yourself paying much more than necessary. The RepairPal app will tell you the fair or average car-specific price for various repairs. It will even identify your location and give you the information for reputable repair shops in your current area and put you in touch with a roadside assistance service if necessary.
Move Hub - October, 2013
100+ Travel Apps and Resources for 2014 Repair Pal - Find trustworthy mechanics anywhere in the US.
Lifehacker - Alan Henry - September 19, 2013
Five Ways to Save Serious Money on Car Repairs If you're not into car forums, try RepairPal, a service we've mentioned before that does the legwork of finding a good mechanic for you. Give them your car's make and model and the type of repair you need done, and they'll do the rest.
Yahoo! Finance - Monica Ricci - September 10, 2013
7 Ways To Save Money with Mobile Technology Price comparison apps such as GasBuddy, Amazon Price Check, RepairPal and Redlaser let you research prices on gas, Amazon products, car repairs and general retail items from wherever you are. In just moments you’ll see if you should buy now or wait and shop elsewhere for the best price.
Xconomy - Elise Craig - August 19, 2013
Need a Good Mechanic? Fill Up on Recommendations at RepairPal As the amount of time that drivers hold onto their cars increases, so does the need for repairs. Back in 1930, the average lifespan of a car was 6.75 years; today’s owners are keeping their vehicles for almost twice as long: an average of 11.4 years. And that extended relationship means that the importance of auto repair is increasing, says RepairPal CEO Art Shaw. “A lot of the focus of the industry is the purchase of the car, and that has moved online,” he says. “But service is incredibly fragmented and has so little transparency. We’re trying to change that.”
FatWallet - Melissa Schraiber - July 22, 2013
Is It Worth Keeping Your Old Car? Tip: Use Repairpal’s Repair Estimator. It’s a quick, smart tool to use to estimate repairs, and segments it into labor and parts. There you can also find a Top Shop in your area, which I also found to be handy.
ABC News with Diane Sawyer - July 20, 2013
President Obama speaks on Trayvon Martin ruling and his experiences ...And in San Francisco the Raybrands [are] using RepairPal to find out how much those auto repairs should really cost.
News Channel 6 - July 16, 2013
Reducing Car Repair Costs Phil Reed, from, the consumer authority on the car industry, says car owners like the ray brands don't have to spin their wheels. To figure out the going rate for repairs before you call your mechanic. Tip number one, use this free app called RepairPal.
ABC News with Diane Sawyer - July 15, 2013
Taking a Bite Out of Costly Car Repairs To figure out the going rate for repairs before you call your mechanic, tip number one, use this free app called RepairPal. Their suv needs a big tuneup. We typed this list in and they tell us the average being charged for the same service to others in your community.
Times Herald - June 27, 2013
App of the day keeps your car on the road, money in your wallet Cruise Week continues with another automotive app of the day. Sorry to be a downer, but owning a car comes with responsibilities. Like dogs and kids, they don't take care of themselves, you know. Fortunately, there is an app for that. Actually, there are several, but the best is called RepairPal and it's free. It has won a big pile of awards and many reviewers say it is the best thing since chrome hubcaps.
Tech News World - June 12, 2013
All Things Appy: 5 Best iOS Car Apps Here's a way to avoid being bamboozled by your auto mechanic. RepairPal lets you know the fair price for an auto repair. Just punch in the job and the app provides an estimate based on labor and parts. Use it to price compare with your auto shop, or let it help you find an auto shop to get the job done. The app suggests best practices when making the repair, and also common symptoms and what might need doing. This is an example of an app that could make your smartphone pay for itself.
Ratchet+Wrench - June 3, 2013
Shop Certification on the Rise Few things strike as quickly and cost as much as auto repairs. The worst part is that it’s only when we have to take our car into the shop that we realize just how much we depend on the old clunker. Well, RepairPal won’t save you from having to get your car fixed, but it will help you locate the quickest, most inexpensive repair shops in your area. It also provides an estimate on how much you should be paying, just in case you need a second opinion.
Technology Tell - Rick Delgado - June 1, 2013
The 10 best money saving apps on iOS ...[Joe] Jacobs earned the Top Shop certification through RepairPal in September 2012, an organization that certifies repair shops for adherence to business standards such as work quality, equipment and tooling, and training. “Certifications help shops stand out from the rest of the group. If you’re able to differentiate yourself with a third-party certification, that lends much more credence to your story,” Jacobs says. “Customers walk through your doors with much more confidence if they’re able to find that you’ve been verified for things like warranty, price, quality and service.”
MotorTorque - May 31, 2013
The Atlas is Dead - Long Live the Apps Repair Pal gives you information on all the nearest repair garages to your location, as well as price estimates on what repair you need done. By inputting your make and model vehicle, then your location and required repair service, the Repair Pal app gives you all the locations of appropriate garages near you - accompanied by price estimates for the necessary repair. The Repair Pal app even gives you a contact number for the garage and its distance from your location.
USA Today - Reginia Lewis - May 31, 2013
Money Quick Tips: Cutting auto repair costs In this Money Quick Tip, we take an up-close and under-the-hood look at the true cost of owning and maintaining a vehicle and ways to curb repair costs. The website and app for Repairpal can help chart the projected costs of owning and repairing a vehicle. The site also rates repair shops.
Motor News Weekly - Bob Long - May 19, 2013
Bret Bodas Director Automotive Professional Group Host Bob Long talks with Bret Bodas about the very cool RepairPal and Top Shop.
Torque News - Don Bain - May 10, 2013
How Apple and Google may revolutionize safety in cars Admittedly, third parties develop apps like this, but Apple enables it to educate drivers and presumably save lives via their products. Another such is RepairPal, an app that helps you identify repair costs, find nearby mechanics, rate their reliability and thus help you maintain a safer vehicle to drive. Whether it’s a needed battery or a sensor replacement the app provides an estimate based on both dealerships and private shops, a breakdown of parts and labor costs, and red flags you should be aware of on top of recommending and rating mechanics. Furthermore it can notify your roadside assistance or automaker's helpline if needed.
The New York Times - Joyce Wadler - May 9, 2013
App-Armed and YouTube-Educated, Taking Care of My Baby There really should be an app for this stuff, I think. Poking around online a few days later, I find that there is: RepairPal. You put in your car’s make and year and your ZIP code and it spits back estimates and the names of local shops. My radiator and hose repairs are estimated from $277 to $367. A few minutes later, I’m on the phone with a mechanic in the Bronx who gives me an estimate of $300. And when a customer representative from my old repair shop calls later that morning and offers to meet whatever price the other shops are charging, I finally know something about the repairs involved and tell him goodbye.
Newsday - Mike Hanley - May 9, 2013
Cars' 11 most expensive features
The Boston Globe - May 5, 2013
Try these apps for when you hit the road After entering your car’s make, model, and other details, this app can give you estimates on what a car repair is likely to cost in your area. It can also help you find a repair shop and get real-world quotes on the work. If you log your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, it will give you service reminders. It even helps you locate emergency assistance if you break down on the road. It’s free for Android and iPhone.
The Car Doctor - John Paul - May 4, 2013
John Paul AAA's Car Doctor talks with Bret Bodas of RepairPal lets consumers find the typical cost of repairs as well as quality garages in their area. Bret Bodas talks with the Car Doctor about how it all works. - Kicking Tires - May, 2013
Top 10 Features with Hidden Costs Take a close look at a newer car, especially one with a luxury badge, and you'll likely see a camera or two or a row of small round sensors. These have been added in the name of safety and convenience, but they're also highly susceptible to damage if they're located on or around the bumpers. According to RepairPal, expect to pay $860 or so to replace the backup camera of a 2013 Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.
Parts & People - Matthew Sevart - April 30, 2013
Iowa shop receives 2013 ‘Facility of the Year’ award [Chumbley’s Auto Care], a NAPA AutoCare Center, was recently recognized as the 2013 ASA-Midwest “Facility of the Year” at the ASA-Midwest Vision Hi-Tech Training & Expo in Overland Park, Kan., in March. One of the keys to success is that Chumbley’s, which is also a AAA Approved Auto Repair Top Shop, is service-ready for the vehicle makes and models that make up the bulk of his business.
7x7 Magazine - David Weir - April 25, 2013
RepairPal is Establishing a National Network of the Best Auto Repair Shops Did you know that April is National Car Care Month? That means it’s the perfect time to look into SF-based RepairPal, which helps you locate the very best mechanic to help you maintain your car within a fair price range.
Consumer Affairs - Daryl Nelson - April 14, 2013
Your Money Matters: Saving on car repairs And in terms of fair prices for parts and services, Rudloff says the Internet is a great place to compare prices, and fellow ASA member Diane Larson agrees. “RepairPal has a great tool on their website,” she says. “Enter your vehicle and repair needed. It will give you a range of where pricing should be for that job, and offer advice about the repair.”
NY1 - Adam Balkin - April 8, 2013
App Wrap: "SaferCar," "RepairPal" If your car is in bad shape or you're in need of a mechanic ASAP check out "RepairPal". Based on your location it'll help find you an auto repair shop. You can then through the app get an estimate on the job you need plus offers up some questions you may want to ask when you get to the shop. You can also keep track of your car, see what maintenance has been done and be alerted to your next service appointments. There's also a one button touch to get you immediate road side assistance. "RepairPal" is a free for iPhones and Androids.
Fox Business - Donna Fuscaldo - April 4, 2013
How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the Mechanic When it comes to getting their car repaired, many consumers feel they are getting ripped off, a new survey by auto website RepairPal shows. According to the survey, which polled more than 2,000 car owners, 66% of respondents indicated they think they’ve overpaid for repairs to their vehicle while 38% said they worry they can’t trust their mechanic.
Farnoosh.TV - Donovan X. Ramsey - April 3, 2013
Auto Repair Savings Tips According to a study by RepairPal, three in four consumers have put off an auto repair for some reason and 11% admit to delaying maintenance, even when their cars’s check engine light comes on. Sound familiar? Well, it turns out that many consumers avoid auto shops because they don’t trust mechanics.
WGN Chicago - April 1, 2013
Your Money Matters: Saving on car repairs In honor of April's National Car Care Month, Bret Bodas, Director of RepairPal's Automotive Professional Group, advises viewers on how to find a trusted mechanic.
Your News Now - Adam Balkin - March 30, 2013
App Wrap: “SaferCar” and “RepairPal” If the car you own is in bad shape, sudden bad shape and you're in need of a mechanic ASAP, then check out RepairPal. Based on your location, it'll help find you an auto repair shop. You can then through the app get an estimate on the job you need. Plus, it offers up some questions you may want to ask when you get to the shop. You can also keep track of your car, see what maintenance has been done, and be alerted to your next service appointments.
San Francisco Business Times - March 25, 2013
Bay Area People on the Move Kristen Stantion has been hired as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development by RepairPal, based in San Francisco.
Yahoo!Finance - Farnoosh Torabi - March 21, 2013
Ask Farnoosh: Is premium worth it in high-performance cars? Not necessarily. The main difference with premium gas (besides the fact that it’s 30 cents per gallon pricier) is that the octane rating is higher, which means the engine is less prone to pre-ignition or engine pinging, according to Bret Bodas, director of data at RepairPal, a site that provides auto repair information.
Gizmodo - Andrew Tarantola - March 16, 2013
How to Not Get Ripped Off by Your Mechanic If you've just moved to a new town and don't know anybody yet, check out and RepairPal for free local referrals to quality shops. Avoid reviews from sites like Yelp, as they are written almost exclusively by disgruntled customers.
BetaKit - March 4, 2013
Russian Startup Autosprite launches English version of auto repair platform [Autosprite] faces competition in the U.S. market from RepairPal, which connects car owners with reputable repair shops in their area, and YourMechanic, a “we come to you” car repair solution that brings mechanics to a car owner’s driveway or office to save them from going to a repair shop.
myNationwide - March, 2013
Are you a backseat driver? “The driver may already be frustrated with traffic,” says car-care expert Bret Bodas, a director with “You need to be careful not to add to that frustration. Unsolicited advice and other backseat driving can turn ugly quickly, resulting in driver distractions and even accidents. Knowing how and when to provide feedback is often more important than the feedback itself.”
Consumer Reports - March, 2013
Try these apps for the road After entering your car's make, model, and other details, this app can give you estimates on what a car repair is likely to cost in your area. It can also help you find a repair shop and get real-world quotes on the work. If you log your vehicle's maintenance schedule, it will give you service reminders. It even helps you locate emergency assistance if you break down on the road. It's free for Android and iPhone.
Outside Magazine - February, 2013
Copilots In Your Pocket Punch in your vehicles year, make, model, and mileage and it predicts upcoming maintenance and — especially handy.
Consumer Reports - December, 2012
Finding Car Recalls Just Got Easier
TWiT.TV - Leo Laporte & Sarah Lane - January 31, 2013
iPad Today, Episode 134's hosts Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane explore RepairPal's mobile application, finding a nearby shop with verified quality work that specializes in foreign imports, using the RepairPrice Estimator™ to determine a fair price for a clutch repair, and demonstrating how to request roadside assistance. The RepairPal segment begins around the web episode's 13 minute mark.
Mashable - Daniel Watson - January 28, 2013
5 Premium Apps for Car Enthusiasts "With the help of RepairPal, you never have to worry about paying too much for a repair again. The RepairPal app tells you the fair price to pay for different repairs, for specific car models."
Consumer Reports - Liza Barth - December 10, 2012
Finding car recalls just got easier In the past, Consumer Reports covered these alerts on our news blog. Now, with the help of a partnership with RepairPal, you can search for recalls right on the Consumer Reports website and in vehicle model pages. - The Savings Experiment - Nadine Cheung - October 16, 2012
Don't Get Taken for a Ride When it Comes to Car Repairs "A great place to start is on a site called This handy website not only helps you find the best mechanics in your area, but it also offers a list of common makes and models, as well as the problems you may experience with them." - Aaron Whitfield - September 13, 2012
'RepairPal' Gets Your Motor Running "This free app for your favorite iDevices seeks to take the guesswork out of auto repairs for the average consumer." - July 6, 2012
Five handy smartphone apps for drivers "Unexpected repairs to the family chariot can put an unexpected dent in your vacation budget. That's where the award-winning app RepairPal comes in handy."
The Car Connection - Bengt Halvorson - June 19, 2012
Five Car Problems You Shouldn't Fix Yourself "'If you drive a '64 Chevy, then sure, you can save money and do nearly all the repairs yourself,' says Bodas. 'But on modern cars it's more like, maybe you save $50, or maybe you do $500 in damage.'"
The Island Packet - Grant Martin - May 29, 2012
The Top 10 Mobile Apps For The Hurricane Season "If you should experience car trouble on your way out of the area, RepairPal tells you the right price to pay for your repair, finds the nearest recommended mechanic, tracks all your repairs and offers one-touch access to roadside assistance. Perfect for getting you and your family back on the road and out of harm's way."
Business Insider - Mandi Woodruff - May 1, 2012
RepairPal's New Rankings System Could Make Yelp's Mechanic Reviews Totally Pointless "Now they've built a network of what they've deemed the nation's "Top Shops" – a ratings system designed by certified technicians to pinpoint the best shops in the country."
CNET News - Rafe Needleman - May 1, 2012
RepairPal now rates and reviews thousands of auto shops "We're paying for our own repairs. And where are we going to take them for those repairs? A new RepairPal service helps you find the good shops."
The Car Connection - Bengt Halvorson - May 1, 2012
Need A Car Mechanic? With RepairPal, A Higher Chance Of Satisfaction "Now for that second question—how to find a good, honest mechanic, if you can't find one through friends or co-workers—RepairPal is finally coming to the rescue for that, too. As of today, the site has a new Top Shop Network, which represents the upper echelon of repair shops."
WCSH TV - Rich Brooks - March 27, 2012
Rich Brooks on money saving Apps "Find a shop, get an estimate of what things SHOULD cost and what questions you should ask, and load in your own car so you can see the required/recommended maintenance."
Redbook - Melanie Abrahams - January 25, 2012
Don't Get Ripped Off on Repairs "No offense, repair guys, but we don't always trust your fuzzy math. So we asked three Ms. Fix-Its how a sister can avoid getting suckered. The #1 Car-Repair Rip-Off: engine work. Beat The Swindle: Tell your mechanic that you want to see any parts they remove and replace. "That way, they have to come clean about exactly what they did under your hood," says Bogi Lateiner, owner of 180 Degrees Automotive in Phoenix. And visit, where you can find the reasonable price range for many common fixes at shops in your city."
CBS Denver - Suzanne McCarroll - January 16, 2012
Website Allows Users To Visit Mechanic Armed With Knowledge "Perhaps a fan belt is broken. Or worse yet, front brake pads and rotors need resurfacing. allows users to put in the make model and year of a car, the repair needed and the user’s zip code. It then it tabulates what that repair should realistically cost." - Gretchen McFarlan - January 6, 2012
Automotive App of the Week: RepairPal "Smartphone apps allow drivers to stay connected so that information and services are just a few taps away. RepairPal harnesses that connectivity so you can be confident you'll get reliable and fairly priced auto repair service anywhere in the U.S."
WDIV - Detroit- Craig Clough - December 25, 2011
New technology keeps mechanics honest "You don't have much of a choice but to get the repairs, At the same time, you don't want to get ripped off. Now, with the help of a little 21st century technology, you can quickly and easily double check any mechanic's honesty. launched in 2007 to "provide drivers with the most accurate, unbiased and useful car ownership information available," according to its website."
MSN Money, News Center - David Pitts - December 16, 2011
Auto Shop: Tips for finding a reliable mechanic "Older cars are no longer under warranty so owners are paying for more repairs out of their own pockets, said Art Shaw, CEO of RepairPal Inc. in Emeryville, Calif., which offers repair estimates and shop recommendations. Maintenance costs are becoming much more important because they're a significant chunk of the average car owner's budget. It all adds up to underscore that finding a trustworthy mechanic should be a top priority."
ABC News - Daphne Munro - August 12, 2011
Website Helps You Figure Car Repair Costs Help is just an app away "RepairPal won't fix your car, but at least it gives you an idea of whether you are getting a fair price. You can also see what common problems other members are having with their similar model cars, so you can identify any problems with your vehicle."
Los Angeles Times - Terry Gardner - June 26, 2011
Help Is Just an App Away "RepairPal uses GPS to locate repair shops, provide ballpark estimates and find roadside service. Shops with sponsored listings usually appear first. Free for iPhone and Android."
FOX 9 News - Kelsey Soby - June 12, 2011
Site, Apps Give Auto Repair Estimates "Getting money-saving knowledge just got easier thanks to the website, where users can find answers to commonly-asked questions based on their car's make and model and get price estimates, including how much the part should cost and how often it should be replaced." - Kristin Arnold - May 16, 2011
Car repair estimates on the Web "Some individual websites, like, will give you a range of estimated car-repair costs, factoring in the difference in the cost of original manufacturer parts and less expensive aftermarket parts. The estimate also reflects how much the repair would cost at a dealership versus an independent shop." Russ Heaps - March 25, 2011
Cruise the Web for Car Repair Estimates "Although consumers always have the opportunity to use the Yellow Pages and phones to obtain a "second opinion," it is time-consuming. A quicker way is to type "automotive repair estimates" into Google. This will bring up a list of websites that provide ballpark estimates for specific car repairs. has been active since June 2008 and is accessed by about 22 million visitors annually."
MSN Money, Saving and Spending - Liz Weston - February 16, 2011
5 Things Worth Haggling Over "Finding a mechanic you can trust is a key ingredient to keeping your car well-maintained and reliable. But that doesn't mean you have to pay whatever the mechanic wants to charge. Even if your car is dead on arrival, you can check RepairPal to see how much a repair should cost and pay to tow it to another mechanic if the quoted price is out of that range."
Financial Edge by - Porcshe Moran - February 16, 2011
6 Apps That Save You Money On Your Car "This highly rated app gives drivers peace of mind when dealing with auto repairs. Users can compare service estimates and shop and dealership ratings to find the best value. The Android, iPhone and mobile web app has received accolades from The New York Times and iTunes."
CBS Money Watch - Farnoosh Torabi - February 9, 2011
Switching to Verizon iPhone? 16 Money-Saving Apps "Ultimately, it’s the iPhone’s growing library of applications that’s winning me over. Whether you need roadside assistance or a tune up, this app will find you the nearest help. If you’re thinking about a repair, it will also give you some pricing advice. Cost: Free"
Ward's Auto - Steve Finlay - October 5, 2010
Websites Detail What Auto Repairs Cost "Satisfied and savvy car buyers typically know vehicle pricing before going into a dealership and realize they got a good deal driving out in a newly purchased vehicle. Such pricing transparency, largely brought about by the Internet, is expanding to the service department." - Tara Baukus Mello - October 2010
Repair Your Old Car or Buy a New Car? "How much does the repair cost? Get a couple of quotes on the cost of the job. You can call mechanics or dealers in your area and ask them to quote the job for you. They can do this without seeing the car as long as you know what repair is needed. Have them give you the estimate in writing or try an online quote service such as RepairPal to get estimates. While the cost of the parts is not likely to be much different -- if it is, ask why -- labor rates can vary from shop to shop and you can possibly save some money by choosing a different mechanic."
CBS News Early Show - Rebecca Jarvis - September 8, 2010
Great Freebies All Around You "We always talk about arming yourself with information before spending mucho dinero. Well, is exactly that kind of FREE service."
Kiplinger - Erin Burt - September, 2010
Fabulous Freebies 2010 "It won't fix your car free (darn), but will help you find out whether your mechanic is quoting a fair price."
AARP Bulletin - July 1, 2010
Facing Car Repairs? Find Out What the Job Should Cost "Facing car repairs? First visit to find out what the job should cost. The site gives free quotes based on surveys of thousands of shops."
Consumer Reports - June 29, 2010
Useful Smart-Phone Apps for Motorists "RepairPal helps you find a repair shop and get estimates. If you break down, it will locate a tow truck. After you enter your car's make, model, and other details, it will give a range of estimates in seconds."
CNN Money - Jen Haley - June 24, 2010
Care for Your car, Cheaply "Did you ever wonder if that $300 mechanic bill was way out of line? Check out This free website gives price ranges for common repairs, like brake shoe replacement or wheel alignment."
The Huffington Post - Nathaniel Cahners Hindman - June 23, 2010
The Best Money-Saving iPhone Apps "RepairPal gives users the right price to pay for a car repair, finds them a local mechanic, and gives them one-touch access to roadside assistance."
Ladies' Home Journal - Josh Garskof - May, 2010
100 Ways to Live Well for Less "Ever wonder whether your car mechanic is charging you a fair price? This app gives you ballpark repair costs for any post-1990 vehicle."
U.S. News & World Report - Nadeem Muaddi - March, 2010
5 Car Repairs You Can't Afford to Skip
Examiner - Bruce Emmerling - March 28, 2010
New RepairPal App from AOL Shows Price Estimates for Car Repairs in Baltimore Area "To help car owners in Baltimore and other areas, RepairPal gives out fairly accurate price ranges along with a breakdown of each repair estimate, including labor and parts."
VentureBeat - Anthony Ha - December 16, 2009
RepairPal gets $4M to Estimate the Cost of Fixing Your Car "When a car owner goes to the Emeryville, Calif. startup’s website, you can enter basic information like the manufacturer, model, and year of your car, as well as the repair needed, and the site will give you a price range showing how much you can expect to pay for parts and labor. (The estimate is customized to your location.) It sounds much easier than calling around to different shops to find out of an estimate is reasonable."
TechCrunch - Leena Rao - December 16, 2009
RepairPal Grabs $4 Million for Google Health for Cars "The site, which we reviewed last year, is similar to a Google Health for cars. You get price estimates for different parts and repair jobs for your car. You enter your car year, model, and mileage, and it spits out price ranges for your zip code ... It’s like a one-stop shop to maintain and record the health of your car."
Automotive News - Leslie J. Allen - November 16, 2009
RepairPal, AOL Autos Team Up on Estimates "RepairPal,, a Web site that provides free auto-repair estimates for consumers, has landed a deal with AOL Autos ... The deal greatly expands the potential audience for RepairPal’s services ... The company generates price-range estimates for about 100 repair and maintenance procedures. It built a forecasting model for labor costs after calling thousands of shops and dealerships, and it employs about a dozen certified auto technicians as consultants."
The Kim Komando Show - Kim Komando - November 9, 2009
Help for Car Owners "You probably know how much you should pay to get your oil changed. But, when it comes to repairs, things aren’t so easy. That’s where RepairPal can help. It will provide you with estimates for car maintenance and repairs. You’ll know if a mechanic is giving you a good price!"
Ward's Dealer Business - November 1, 2009
Enhanced Online Guide Provides Consumers with Auto Repair Cost Estimates "It offers complete pricing information for scheduled maintenance services for the top 40 makes of cars, including the additional services that mechanics and manufacturers most frequently recommend. It is designed to help consumers determine how much they should pay for a regular automotive service, including parts and labor ... mechanics often recommend additional services that make standard estimates hard to establish."
Real Simple Magazine - November Issue, 2009
Cool Calculator, "Your mechanic declares that you need to replace your catalytic converter. ("My what?") How can you tell if he's naming a fair price? Well, you could spend a morning getting other quotes by phone, or you could enter your car's vital stats (make, model, age), your ZIP code, and the type of maintenance (choose from more than 100 fixes) into this free Web tool. It instantly gives you a price range for the job at dealerships and independent auto shops in your area and lists specific places to try. Plus, the site's encyclopedia can help you decipher terms like catalytic converter."
The Car Connection - Bengt Halvorson - October 23, 2009
How Much Should My Repair Cost? "For great advice on what a repair should cost for your car, in your area, we've found the site a very useful starting point—and the best of several major ownership/maintenance sites ... RepairPal also has an excellent iPhone application ..."
Family Car Guide - Robert Dillman - October 20, 2009
The 3 Best Automotive iPhone Applications "If you find yourself in search of constant maintenance or road-side assistance, then the RepairPal App must be added to your iPhone. This program was designed to provide tune-up tips and locate repair shops ... It is a must-have App for all car enthusiasts. By using an online database, RepairPal gets accurate information according to your vehicles make and model."
TIME, It's Your Money Blog - Brad Tuttle - October 15, 2009
20 Money-Saving iPhone Apps "When your car breaks down, how can you tell if a mechanic's estimate to fix the problem is actually a fair price? RepairPal gives rough estimates on how much a repair should cost, and also helps you find local mechanics and get roadside assistance—even if there's no wireless connection available."
MSN Money, Smart Spending Blog - Teresa Mears - August 17, 2009
Get a Free Car Repair Estimate "Even if you're lucky enough to find a neighborhood mechanic you trust, it never hurts to double-check the price quote. And, if you want to work non-urgent repairs into your budget, you can research the cost ahead of time."
New York Times - Roy Furchgott - August 11, 2009
Pricing Car Repairs, Before the Repairs "You can look up problems most common to your car, see recalls, and ask questions of fellow owners."
CNET - Wayne Cunningham - July 23, 2009
Top 5 Free iPhone Automotive Apps "RepairPal is useful when you've got a breakdown, giving good advance knowledge of what to expect from the repair bill."
Ward's Dealer Business - June 1, 2009
Need a Repair Pal? "Smart dealers are going to see the site as another tool to provide enhanced customer service and differentiate themselves from their competitors. The website has been operational less than a year and already AutoNation Inc. is using it to drive customers to its service departments."
AARP Bulletin - Sid Kirchheimer - April 1, 2009
Save a Buck: Mechanics a Click Away "With auto mechanics consistently ranking high on the consumer complaint list, it can be hard to gauge if you’re being taken for a ride when you ask for a repair quote. Now there’s help— The site offers free, realistic quotes based on surveys of auto repair prices at thousands of shops across the country and analyses of actual invoices."
CNET - Rick Broida - March 10, 2009
Six Killer iPhone Freebies "A must-have for car owners, RepairPal helps you price-compare repair estimates, find and contact local mechanics, get roadside assistance, and more."
New York Times - John R. Quain - March 6, 2009
Have Smartphone, Can Travel "Tap in the make and model of your vehicle along with what ails it (for instance, worn brake pads and rotors) and RepairPal spits out estimated parts and labor costs ($417 to $516 in New York City). It does not include diagnostic fees and taxes, but it does offer a list of nearby repair shops with customer ratings, should you want to comparison shop."
New York Times Gadgetblog - Roy Furchgott - February 2, 2009
App of the Week: A Tool to Use on Car Repairmen "RepairPal melds several repair databases to tell you how much you should pay for parts and labor on common repairs ... The result is you know the expected cost to install a new battery in your car, wherever you happen to be."
LifeHacker - Kevin Purdy - January 31, 2008
Top 10 Driving and Travel Tips "Dentist, plumber, and mechanic—everybody needs one of each they can trust (though accountant wouldn't hurt, too). On the car front ... use a comparison site like the previously mentioned RepairPal to see how close to the mark your estimates are."
Apple iTunes App Store - January 26, 2009
Staff Favorites List
iSource - Patrick Jordan - January 23, 2009
RepairPal - Best Damn iPhone App I’ve Seen in Quite a While "RepairPal is easily the best and most useful iPhone app I’ve seen in a long while. It serves as a very valuable resource in an area that’s useful to the vast majority of us, and does so extremely well."
MobileCrunch - Lane Stroud - January 23, 2009
iPhone App Review: RepairPal "... if and when you find yourself in a situation where its services would be useful, it does its job incredibly well, and since it’s free, why not go ahead and try it out?"
AAIA SmartBrief - January 22, 2009
RepairPal Introduces Tool for the iPhone "RepairPal has introduced the first iPhone application that offers consumers auto-repair pricing and roadside assistance."
Aftermarket News - January 22, 2009
RepairPal Launches Free iPhone Application "Whether it’s diagnosing a problem, getting a fair repair price, or finding the right technician, RepairPal gives drivers the information they need to save money and eliminate hassles ..."
The iPhone Blog - Rene Ritchie - January 22, 2009
Quick App: RepairPal for the iPhone "RepairPal, from the website of the same name, leverages the power and convenience of the iPhone to provide highly targeted — and at times vitally important — information when and where you need it." - Brian Osborne - January 22, 2009
RepairPal Offers Free iPhone App "It’s yet one more thing you can have handy on your iPhone in case of an emergency. It’s also a nice application to show a mechanic if they do try to charge you too much for a repair."
GTD Times - Oliver Starr - January 21, 2009
RepairPal for iPhone Helps You Get Back to Getting Things Done "How likely are you to have your computer with you when your car stops purring and starts huffing and puffing? Murphy’s Law would suggest that it’s not likely at all. This is a bummer, however iPhone owners can now be a little bit less bummed because RepairPal has just launched a new application for the iPhone that does everything the website does. The iPhone application is also free so, Murphy-be-damned if you’re going to have an automotive meltdown at least you don’t have to have a personal one courtesy of an unscrupulous mechanic too."
IntoMobile - Will Park - January 19, 2009
RepairPal for iPhone - Find Mechanics, Get a Tow, Browse Estimates from Your iPhone! "From finding a capable auto shop for your specific car to comparing estimates from multiple shops, RepairPal for iPhone makes it easy to get your car back on the road in a jiff."
Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal - December 5, 2008
RepairPal Reveals Math Behind Auto Shop Prices "Emerging Tech runner-up: Internet technology - When your car’s in the shop and your mechanic calls to report an unexpected problem, you’ll probably have a nagging suspicion — even as you tell him to go ahead with the repairs — that you’re being gouged. Suspect no more. Type in a few details at ­, and within seconds you’ll know for certain whether you’re getting a fair deal or need to shop for a new mechanic."
The Miami Herald - Jack G. Hardy - November 10, 2008
Customers Enjoy Haggling Over Price "If you've got a price estimate for a specific job, compare it to their repair price estimate. You'll make sure you're getting a fair deal. You'll also learn what to expect and what to look out for when you have the service or repair performed. The best part is that it's free! And easy to understand."
The Street - November 7, 2008
Gadget Girl "If you don't know the difference between a spark plug and a piston, let alone how much it costs to clean or fix them, this is a good resource. When you type in your zip code, you can find out approximately how much it will cost to fix it and where to go to get it done."
LAPTOP Magazine - Scott Stein - November 2008
Top 50 Web Tools 2008 "Adding a little Web 2.0 to your automotive life, RepairPal calculates estimates on repair costs for ... both OEM and aftermarket suppliers."
National Public Radio, Day to Day - Tim Bomba - October 22, 2008
Bad Economy Boosts Car Parts Sales "Go to RepairPal. Put in your car's make, model, etc. Your zip code and the type of service needed. RepairPal will give you an estimate."
Switched - Dan Reilly - October 16, 2008
How Your Tech Can Save You Money "Visiting a mechanic is a gamble ... Luckily, there's, which approximates how much fixing your car should cost and recommends where to go."
GeekSugar - October 12, 2008
Websites to Help Save You Money "Saving cash seems to be the name of the game right now, so to help you penny-pinch a bit more, I've put together some of my financial-favorite websites ... Find Affordable Car Repair Shops in Your Area With RepairPal."
Automotive News - Donna Harris - September 3, 2008
Web Service Leads Grow " offers online repair estimates and provides a list of repair shops within their ZIP codes. Consumers can rate the shops they visit. "
The Huffington Post - Dave Burdick - August 20, 2008
The Greenest and Best from PC Mag's Top 100 Undiscovered Sites List "If you do drive a car, the best thing you can do is keep it running as cleanly and efficiently as possible. It's not cheap, but it must be done. So how do you avoid getting fleeced by a mechanic when you don't know what something should cost? Plug in your ZIP code and car info. The site will give you a range of acceptable prices."
Sun Sentinel - Daniel Vasquez - August 18, 2008
Why Replace? Rebuilding, Refurbishing Can Save Money "I recently discovered a site called, which provides price ranges for labor and parts for mechanic work ... You can use this information to be sure you're not paying too much and to negotiate price with your mechanic."
PC Magazine - Kyle Monson and Eric Griffith - August 11, 2008
The Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites "Until recently, God and your mechanic were the only ones who knew how much it actually costs to replace the fuel injector on a '95 Toyota Previa. Thanks to RepairPal, that kind of info is now open to everyone."
Newsweek - August 10, 2008
TipSheet Checklist: Our Top Picks "Now you can visit the shop with enough ammo to talk your way out of any scam."
Daily Candy - August 1, 2008
Va Va Vroom, RepairPal Car Care "Thanks to, you’ll never be had again. The free user-friendly site takes the guesswork out of finding local repair shops and trustworthy dealers who can get your motor runnin’."
Bloomberg Radio, Bootcamp - Fred Fishkin - July 21, 2008
How Much Should That Car Repair Cost? "How much should it cost for that car repair? The Web can help ... If you don't have something like RepairPal, you can spend a lot of time calling a number of different shops and trying to get price quotes."
The Washington Post - Warren Brown - July 18, 2008
Don't Trade Your Gas-Guzzler "Check out for an authoritative rundown on how the used car or truck you are thinking about has held up in the real world."
The Kim Komando Show - Kim Komando - July 12, 2008
Manage Your Car's Maintenance "If your car isn't running properly, you're wasting money; you'll probably spend more cash at the pump ... so, it pays to keep your car well tuned. RepairPal will help."
FOXBusiness - Donna Fuscaldo - July 11, 2008
RepairPal Aims to Level the Playing Field Between Mechanics and Consumers "[RepairPal] made me feel liberated," said customer Ebony Hawkins ... "I had the knowledge to go and say an air conditioning service costs this much."
Forbes Auto- John Adams - July 9, 2008
Ten Tips to Lower Driving Expenses “Online resources such as the new website can help in assessing maintenance and service costs and in finding reputable shops with competitive rates.”
TechNewsWorld - Rob Enderle - July 7, 2008
Product of the Week: RepairPal "Because people are pinching pennies, hard times are likely to make some folks less than honest, and RepairPal protects against that. It is my product of the week."
BusinessWeek - Stephen H. Wildstrom - July 2, 2008
Answers on Car-Repair Costs, Via the Web "RepairPal, with its clean and simple design, ... allow[s] car owners to specify almost any kind of repair job and receive prices ranges specific to their area."
WGN-TV Chicago - Kurt Knutsson - July 2, 2008
Kurt the Cyber Guy: Costly Car Repairs "Getting armed with a breakdown from the site's mechanics first pays off!"
Tom Dziubek - June 25, 2008
The E-Report, Wall Street Journal Radio
MarketWatch - Therese Poletti - June 24, 2008
Can the Internet Revolutionize Auto Repair? "The site is a good example of how much more transparency is needed in the auto repair business, which at times seems to rely more on customer ignorance than customer service. I hope RepairPal helps lead the way."
MotherProof - Courtney Messenbaugh - June 24, 2008 Delivers Fair Service Price Estimates for Free "I, for one, am a gal who’s glad to have this Pal on the scene.
Thrillist - June 23, 2008
Thrillist : RepairPal "History's full of situations where you're almost certainly being ripped off
The Washington Times - Mark Kellner - June 16, 2008
Kellner on RepairPal "I can't say enough good things about [RepairPal] ... If you drive a car, you absolutely need to investigate the site and learn from it. Ignore at your own risk.
The Christian Science Monitor - Chris Gaylord - June 13, 2008 – Your Autobody Insider "You can tell RepairPal what the auto shop says is wrong with your car, and it will give you a price estimate for the repair. If the numbers don’t match up, it may be time to find a new mechanic.
Hartford Courant - George Gombossy - June 13, 2008
Website Helps You Look Over Your Mechanic's Shoulder "For the millions of us who know little more about our cars than where to pump the gas, a new Internet site launched Thursday could help level the playing field between us and the less-than-honorable mechanics and garages ... [RepairPal] has the potential to bring transparency to the $150 billion-a-year car repair business that will benefit not only the consumer, but also the honest mechanic.
TechCrunch - Erick Schonfeld - June 12, 2008
RepairPal, It’s Like Google Health for Your Car "Going to the mechanic is like going to the doctor. When something needs to be fixed, for most people there is no easy way to tell if they are being charged the going rate or are being ripped off. Enter RepairPal ..."
LifeHacker - Adam Pash - June 12, 2008
RepairPal Finds You an Honest Mechanic "Web site RepairPal provides independent repair estimates to help you decide if your mechanic is ripping you off. Just take your mechanic's quote and compare it to RepairPal's encyclopedia of repair estimates by specific make and model—RepairPal will even factor in your location and provide you with a breakdown of parts and labor estimates.
CNET - Rafe Needleman - June 12, 2008
RepairPal: Yes, Your Mechanic Is Ripping You Off "There's a very cool service launching this morning: RepairPal, a utility for when you need work done on your car. As CEO David Sturtz explains, car repair is one of the classic cases where the consumer "is at an extreme informational disadvantage." Mechanics know more than you do, and this disparity can be used in the worst way: to completely rip you off. Even in the best cases, many people suspect their shop is cheating them out of money whenever their ride needs unexpected work.
Wired’s Autopia Blog - Chuck Squatriglia - June 12, 2008
Don't Let a Mechanic Take You for a Ride " used reams of auto industry data and insights from more than two dozen mechanics to create a database it says covers more than 20 billion estimates to repair just about anything that could happen to just about anything on the road. Think of it as the Kelley Blue Book of auto repair.
The Kelsey Group - June 12, 2009
Auto Repair Site RepairPal Launches "[RepairPal] takes everything into consideration, including not just make, model, mileage, etc., but also the city you live in, labor cost,s and the myriad factors that will help determine what you should pay for a given job. This all comes from a secret sauce of pricing surveys, expert input, labor data, geography, and other factors that are plugged into a proprietary algorithm.
PC Magazine's Technoride - Jamie Lendino - June 12, 2008
Hands-On: RepairPal Auto Repair Site "[RepairPal’s] goal is to give consumers unbiased, formerly hard-to-get information about specific repairs so that they can pay the right prices, get only the correct repairs done, and save money while making their cars last as long as possible. - Chris Morrison - June 12, 2008
RepairPal Turns the Key on Car Site, Setting Stage for DriverSide Rivalry "The key is bringing to light the trade information, kept by only a handful of companies, that mechanics have worked with for years … That information covers costs for the multitude of parts on the market and the time required to do a repair. On top of that, the sites have to estimate costs based on geographic area—a shop in Savannah should probably be cheaper than San Francisco. - Kristen Nicole - June 12, 2008
RepairPal Tracks the Health of Your Car, from Buy to Sell "The main goal of RepairPal is to provide a tool for keeping track of your own car’s maintenance, finding the best deal, and arming yourself with information about your car so that you’re not left in the dark when you’re faced with a repairman who’s offering quotes and suggestions for additional repairs.
GeekSugar - Heather Dale - June 12, 2008
Website of the Day: RepairPal "We've all been there. Your car starts making a funny sound so you take it into the repair shop where they charge you $1000 to fix a part that you've never even heard of. Thanks to a great new site called RepairPal, women (and men) can arm themselves with all the tools they need for getting their car fixed—like knowing what's wrong with it and how much parts should cost.