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  • Richard Norton - President, Owner
  • Established 1990
  • 4 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 2 ASE Master Auto Technicians
  • 85 Years of Car Repair Experience

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26 Verified Reviews
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by July 03, 2013

They do great repairs.

by - Verified Customer July 02, 2013

Honest, trustworthy and knowledgable. I know they are not going to try and sell me something that I don't need or want. They tell me what I really need done immediately and what I can wait on they just suggest.

by - Verified Customer July 01, 2013

They were very good, but I have only been there once so far. It takes time for me to have full confidence in a company. Off to a good start, but they still need to provide great service over time, not just once.

by July 01, 2013

7 is one of my lucky #s

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by - Verified Customer June 28, 2013

I am a long time loyal customer.

by - Verified Customer June 25, 2013

Friendly staff that explains repairs that are needed in plain English.

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by - Verified Customer June 25, 2013

Friendly car care people, and the care your car receives.

by June 24, 2013

Good service!

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by - Verified Customer June 21, 2013

I trust their judgment, work quality, and honesty.

by - Verified Customer June 21, 2013

The service was great.

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by June 17, 2013

They do great work and warranty their work for a longer time than other shops.

by - Verified Customer June 06, 2013

Having been a customer for a number of years I have learned that this is MY place of service. I trust Rick and his employees to service my two vehicles and give me an honest appraisal of the condition of each vehicle. There service reminders help me to do my part in maintaining these vehicles.

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by - Verified Customer June 04, 2013

Very good customer service and follow up.

by - Verified Customer May 28, 2013

Precision is a trustworthy business. We have been using them since the mid-80's. Have recommended several friends that are also equally pleased with the service they receive. All employees are personable, polite and honest. A worthy business to recommend.

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by - Verified Customer May 24, 2013

I can now drive my Lexus stress free after 3 years of looking for an honest, trustworthy, precise pricing, knows exactly what they're doing. Thanks Rick for a job well done. I will definitely highly recommend you.

by - Verified Customer May 13, 2013

Competent work, friendly staff, solid warranty, willingness to go out of their way to help.

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by - Verified Customer May 06, 2013

The service that was done, was done in a timely manner. They checked out my car and said that it was running fine. The staff was friendly and professional.

by - Verified Customer May 01, 2013

Precision auto is great. Rick took my car out for a test ride to identify the problem and we were in the car for 20 minutes or so. In all my car repair years I have never had anyone do the test run for more than just around the block. I was very impressed with the time he took and the knowledge he has. His crew is great , friendly, and totally give 100 + %. I am thrilled to have found them and will not take my car anywhere else.

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by - Verified Customer April 23, 2013

It is one of the most thoughtful and respectful shops I've ever had contact with.

by - Verified Customer March 27, 2013

They are always upfront with me, honest, high quality, caring and reasonably priced.

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by - Verified Customer March 25, 2013

Really good service, but not open on the weekends and a little pricey.

by - Verified Customer March 07, 2013

They are always friendly, honest, flexible, and accomodating!

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by - Verified Customer March 06, 2013

Straight forward. Quick and easy. Very thorough.

by - Verified Customer March 05, 2013

They were professional, friendly and kept me updated on what service my car needed.

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by - Verified Customer February 13, 2013

They are my shop. The last visit was for oil change but I have had the best service for my car in the past. I tell my friends many times about this shop, unfortunately some have found a shop that they are satisfied with or some have bought new cars. Anyway, Precision is the best I say.

by - Verified Customer February 07, 2013

They were able to solve my problem in a reasonable time with good follow up.

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Our certification team found Precision Automotive repair to be an established shop that has been a member of the community for over 20 years. . They pride themselves on having one of the most convenient. customer friendly shops in the area. They are a full service auto repair facility, that is equipped with the automotive tools and equipment needed to perform routine maintenance or repairs with your asian, domestic or light to medium duty diesel vehicle, they have the A.S.E Certified technicians that can complete your work in a timely manner. Shops in our Certified Shop Network are held to a very high standard in terms of training, experience, ASE Certification, and tooling. Precision Automotive exceeded our expectations in these areas. 2 of their 5 staff members are ASE Master Certified and they combine for over 80 years of industry experience. To top it off they back their work with a 36 month, 36,000 mile warranty for your peace of mind. This is one of the best warranties offered in the industry today.



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Since 1990, Precision Automotive has been conveniently located 1/2 mile west of Hwy. 99 across from the 47th Ave light rail park-n-ride station. Throughout the years, PAR has a blemish-free B.A.R license, is AAA Approved, ASCCA members and A.S.E certified. Our technicians are continually trained to stay up to date on new, alternative, hybrid, clean diesel and CNG vehicle technology.The quality of our work at an affordable cost is what has kept our loyal customers coming back for over 26 years. We are a full service auto repair facility, so whether you need routine maintenance or have major issues with your foreign, domestic or light to medium duty diesel vehicle, we have the A.S.E Certified Master Technicians that can complete your work in a timely manner. We'll maintain your peace of mind with our 36 month or 36,000 mile warranty.
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Questions Answered by Precision Automotive Service
The gages on my dash are not accurate, My...
This sounds like a faulty temperature sending unit or sensor, but GM products do have issues with their instrument clusters. Are any of the other gauges or the speedometer reading abnormally?
Have not done any maintenance on my 2004 D...
The first thing to do is consult your owner's manual regarding the service maintenance schedules listed there. The "Severe" service schedule is typical for most drivers in the central valley. What is the mileage on the vehicle?
My 05 altima transmission selector just st...
It sounds like your shift interlock system may be malfunctioning. This is a safety system on late model cars that prohibits the driver from shifting gears without stepping on the brake pedal. If the switch that senses the brake pedal being depressed is not working, the shifter will lock. There is an override of some type when a malfunction occurs.
I noticed my truck started making a rattle...
Unfortunately this could be any number of things. Some possibilities include shocks, shock bushings, sway bar links or bushings, ball joints, exhaust system, etc. I would recommend going on a road test with your auto technician or if you don't have a regular auto repair shop that you deal with, give me a call. Rick
Hello, I have a 2002 Chrysler Concorde Lim...
I agree with Dave regarding the alternator, but it could be a loose belt which may be slipping under certain circumstances. The alternator and power steering pump are run by the same belt. Is there any type of squealing noise indicating a slipping belt? Regardless, it should be looked at as soon as possible.
For the past 5 years or so, the light for ...
Definitely no recall on the Escape for the cruise interrupt switch on the master cylinder. For safety sake, do not install used brake parts. There is a difference in labor times and parts costs depending on transmission type.
I have 62,000 miles on my Escape and there...
Sounds like your disc rotors are warped. Depending on how badly they are warped, they may require replacement or machining. At 62,000 miles, have the brake pads been replaced yet?
My battery is dead on my car and I can not...
Your shift interlock system needs battery power to allow gear movement. You can jump the battery from another vehicle or there should be some type of override to allow you to get it out of park.
About a year ago I had the valve cover gas...
Unfortunately there is no answer that can be accurate until the vehicle is inspected and diagnosed to the root cause. If the problem happened immediately after service, as a professional automotive technician, I would look where I was working last and check that out. Since it's been a year that may be difficult.
My expedition is blowing cold air when the...
Your problem could be one of a few different possibilites. A low coolant level could cause the heater to blow cold even if the engine is running at normal temp. This vehicle does not use a heater control valve to stop coolant flow through the heater core; rather it uses a blend door and plenum chamber to mix hot and cold air from the AC evaporator and the heater core. You may have a problem with this blend door. The plastic door can actually break and leave the door in the full hot or full cold position. This is an expensive repair as the entire dash, instrument panel and HVAC case must be removed to access and replace this door. If this is in fact your problem, it is a wise to replace the heater core at the same time.
When I turn on my car, it starts massively...
It sounds like one of the seals (i.e. crankshaft, camshaft, oil pump) behind the timing belt and cover may have unseated and is pouring oil out. I recommend you tow it to your favorite auto repair shop for an inspection and estimate. Don't drive it; if it runs out of oil, your problems will become much bigger and more expensive.
Approx cost to replace possibly the cable ...
There is no clutch cable on this vehicle. The clutch is actuated by a master and slave cylinder which is hydraulic like a brake system. If the transmission is stuck in 3rd gear and you heard a pop, it may be something broken in the manual transmission or possibly the clutch fork or the clutch itself. It will require diagnosis to arrive at the culprit and the subsequent estimate.
from the driver seat looking forward, i s...
Sounds like your transmission cooler hoses may be leaking or possibly power steering hoses/lines. I recommend getting the leak inspected as soon as possible to avoid any consequential problems from low fluid levels.
While vehicle was moving it suddenly seeme...
Sounds like you may be losing power to fire the injectors or perhaps the high pressure oil system has a problem. The code(s) that is stored when the "Check Engine" light came on will likely provide some clues. If you don't have a regular diesel technician you deal with, I can offer our services. My technicians and I have been working on diesels since the 80s and the Powerstroke (all engine sizes) is our specialty.
some times wen i drive the check eng lite ...
The P0700 code you refer to is an informational code from the ECM (Engine Control Module) stating that there is a more specific code in a companion module; in this case the TCM (Transmission Control Module). The "other" code needs to be pulled from the TCM and then a proper diagnostic procedure can be performed.
Check engine light comes on - code says th...
The thermostat is located under the engine v-cover at the water inlet. This is the housing that the lower radiator hose attaches to. Most vehicle's thermostats are on the water outlet attached to the upper radiator hose. With this type of configuration, the cooling system must be bled properly to avoid an air lock and subsequent overheat condition.
make's a clunking noise wen going over...
Too many possibilities. Ball joint, sway bar bushing or link, control arm bushing, shock absorber, tie rod end to name a few. I recommend you have a thorough suspension/steering inspection as this could be indicating a safety issue.
i need to know where the fuse is for the c...
There is no fuse specifically for the cruise control system on this truck. The cruise system is controlled through the PCM (computer). Is the system not activating?
My cars shuts off as I slow down? No check...
Sounds like you could have an idle control problem. Any problems with different loads on such as AC, headlamps, rear window defogger?
i don;t know where the motor mounts are ne...
There are 4 mounts on this vehicle. Engine and transmission. Left, right, front, and rear and they all sit near the bottom. To replace the mounts on this powertrain you must support the engine/trans with a support tool while the mounts are removed. It may be a job best left to a professional with the proper tools but if you do choose to do this, be careful and safe.
Ran code scanner had #3 & #4 misfire c...
Best way to start would be to scope check ignition system. Is this a DOHC engine? How many miles? The DOHC engine had problems with valves sticking in the guides too causing misfire codes.
Need some kind of guess as to how much it ...
Make sure it needs to be rebuilt or replaced before going forward. Many of today's transmissions can have a control issue, for example a computer or shift solenoid error, that will not require overhaul or replacement. Have you had it diagnosed by a reputable shop yet?
Check Engine light comes on sometimes. Wh...
27 flags a problem in the fuel injector driver circuit. This could be a problem in the PCM (computer) , wiring, or the injector itself.
Intermitted wipers do not work. Could it b...
Not likely a fuse if the wipers work on low and high speed. Could possibly be a switch but I would think it is more likely a problem in the multifunction electronic control module. This is a module that controls many body functions, ie power windows, door locks, wipers, etc. However, I wouldn't just replace it as it can be an expensive "guess". The best choice would be to have the wiper system diagnosed by a professional auto technician.
i woke up to day to find diesel poring out...
Probably coming from the fuel filter housing or tandem lift pump and running down the valley of the engine and out the drain hole. That makes it look like your leak is near the rear bottom of the engine, but more commonly it is coming from the top front or middle.
What is the labor hours to replace 8 injec...
Around 5 hours. Normally all 8 injectors do not require replacement at the same time. What is the problem? Hard hot restart? Rough or misfire? Codes?
just filled fuel tank with diesel,diesel r...
Did someone slice your filler hose to siphon the fuel? New vehicles have good blocks at the filler so it is harder just to stick a hose down the neck and siphon. Theives have gotten around this by cutting the filler hose and sticking their siphon hose in there. If that is not the case, then sounds like you have a loose hose or o-ring at the top of the tank.
I have connected a trickle charger to the ...
Doesn't matter but you should check the batteries independently. To do this, just disconnect the ground cable (negative) from one of the batteries and test or have your mechanic test with the proper tool.
i feel a jump or surge in the truck at apr...
how many miles on the truck? Have you ever had a lift pump replaced or retrofitted to the new in tank type? Sounds like the injection pump may be starving for fuel. Any codes? If it is in fact a trans problem, these trucks had an update in the trans module programming to stop torque converter clutch hunting.
outside lock panel on driver door broken. ...
unfortunately no quick answer to the dollar question. the keyless entry system needs to be diagnosed. It could be anything from a connection to the GEM module to the switch itself. i would recommend taking it to your auto technician.
location of oil filter
What size engine? 2.2L 4 cyl or 4.3L V6? For the 2.2L 4 cylinder it is at the passenger front side of the engine near the bottom. For the V6 is at the left rear bottom (driver's side) if it is 2 wheel drive or mounted on an adapter near the steering linkage under an access shield if it is 4 wheel drive.
i got a code p2614 i wanna know how the pa...
P2614 indicates you have a problem with the "Cam Position Output Circuit" or essentially a problem with the cam sensor signal. Before throwing a part on there, I would suggest a throough diagnostic test to determine the exact cause. What is the symptom? Does the engine run differently?
around 65 mph and 75 mph the front of the ...
Does it only happen when accelerating? If so, it could be a CV drive axle (halfshaft). Does the steering wheel shake back n forth as well?
Wife's car. I drove it yesterday and n...
Wheel bearings. Does the intensity and rythym of the noise change or can you hear a difference when swerving left/right at a steady speed?
whenever i brake the truck pulsates and ma...
Definitely needs rotors. Is it a 4x4? If so, does the grinding noise only occur when braking? If not, those had issues with the auto locking hubs making really weird noises intermittently.
It's been off and on...a whistling/whi...
Does the noise occur when moving or stopped? Does it change with engine speed? If the whistling changes when pressing and releasing the clutch pedal, then probably yes.
I need directions on how to set the marks ...
Definitely a job that should use the special tools necessary. This is a free-wheeling engine design, so even if the belt breaks or you don't have it quite right upon installation, no damage should occur. It just won't run or will run badly. Good luck.
i would like to replace the ignition coil ...
The Monte Carlo is equipped with either the 3.4 or the 3.8 liter engine. Both use 3 coils controlling two cylinders each mounted on top of an ICM (ignition control module). This assembly is at the right side of the engine compartment. Follow the plug wires to the coil/module assembly. Do you know which coil needs to be replaced?
started in morning to warm up...warmed up ...
Has it not re-started after it died? Is this the first time this has happened? How many miles on vehicle? If the problem continues or it won't re-start, it will need to be checked out.
Front wheel squeak when tires rotate, no c...
Wheel bearings usually make more of a howling sound that will change with wheel speed. One way to tell which side it's coming from; drive at a steady speed (20-30 mph) with the noise happening and do wide sweeping turns left and right and listen for a change in pitch and speed in the noise. If the noise is louder/faster when sweeping right, the left bearing is suspect and vice versa. These bearings require special tools to press the bearing out of the spindle and are probably best left to a professional with the proper skills and tools. However, your "squeak" doesn't sound like a bearing, at least how you describe it. It may be best to get it checked out to save yourself from replacing parts that aren't needed.
my steering started acting weird when i tu...
Could be many different things. Power steering pump, steering coupler, linkage. I've even seen radius rod bracket rivets make a popping noise when turning.
Was driving to work the battery light came...
Sounds like a failed alternator. Weird things happen when the system voltage drops below a certain level. I recommend you have it tested first.
I'm getting a message on my message ce...
This vehicle is equipped with an electronic throttle plate or drive-by-wire system. This means there is no accelerator cable opening the throttle, it is all electronically operated. Many times when an ETC problem occurs, the vehicle will run but only idle and will not react to you stepping on the gas pedal. Is it still accelerating and running normally except the time it stalled? Is the "Check Engine" light on?
It is starting to become constantly after ...
How many miles on the car? When it is running, is it rough or otherwise not running well or does it only exhibit the restart problem? Does it start fine when the engine is cold or has been sitting a while? Sounds like it may have a hot ignition problem.
I have a 1993 Olds Bravada with a Vortec V...
Does it accelerate slowly or just feel like it lacks power? Sounds like it could have a timing advance issue. How does it run when it is up to highway speeds?
When the Check Engine light flashes it means the engine has a bad enough misfire or condition to cause catalytic converter damage. You need to get this straight to your auto technician. Could be a lack of fuel pressure or an ignition problem but your auto service facility should run a thorough diagnostic test to determine the possible root cause(s).
my air compressor is frozen/where can I fi...
Getting a used AC compressor is not a good idea. I would recommend a reman or new unit instead as well as the filter-dryer, expansion valve, and flush of the system. That's the only way it will last you more than one season's use.
I had my car read and the code came back P...
P1415 relates to a problem in the secondary air injection system. A blinking or flashing malfunction indicator (SES or Check Engine light) indicates a problem in the emissions system that is capable of damaging the catalytic converter. Get a referral for an auto shop in your area and get it diagnosed as soon as possible.
Will the p 1491 code make the car stop run...
Not a huge rush. That code relates to a problem in the evaporative emissions system. As long as it doesn't run differently or the "Check Engine" light is flashing, you can wait.
Since December, I noticed that that there ...
You need to rule out the possibility of a coolant leak from the heater core into the cabin and onto the floor and carpet. Have you checked the coolant level? Another possibility would be a plugged evaporator drain. If both of these check OK then you must have a body seam or window leak of some type.
My 2006 Dakota began to sound like the bat...
When you say it "began to sound like the battery" did that mean that when it was cranking it was slow or hesitant to crank? The clicking noise does sound like a failed battery. A weak or aged battery can operate low amperage electrical loads like dash lights and such, but when the larger demands of the starter motor is needed, the battery has to have the available amps to run it. To be sure you need to have your mechanic check out the starting and charging systems.
Just visited jiffy lube for an oil change....
Something was disconnected or made loose in some way. Pull the code and it will point you in the right direction.
where is the plug in port for this car
By "plug in port" I assume you are referring to the data link connector (DLC) used for diagnostics. On all cars after 1996, this is a 16 pin connector typically under the left (driver's) side of instrument panel.
Drove to the store went shopping came out ...
Sounds like a possible failure. You'll need to get it checked out to see if it is a control problem or an internal failure.
where can i find the egr valve and is it h...
There are 2 engines for this vehicle, a V6 or a V8. Either is about a half hour to replace for a professional. Depending on what code is stored, replacing the EGR valve may not turn off the light or fix the problem. It needs to be diagnosed to avoid replacing unecessary parts.
I have a 2003 acura TL. today the acc rela...
The ACC Relay fuse is #8 in the driver's side under dash relay/fuse box. It protects the nav system and accessory power socket relays and possibly more. Has there been any loss of function of any system associated with this shorted circuit? You'll have to troubleshoot the items on this circuit.
when trying to start i get a whirring soun...
Sounds like the starter drive is going out. A starter will likely cure the problem, but I would recommend getting a thorough starting/charging system inspection before replacing the part.
After some testing,and evualation. It was ...
Sounds like you may have other problems taking out the cats. A misfire or fuel control problem could be the cause. I would recommend you find a good diagnostic technnician in your area that can nail down the root problem. Ask your friends for referrals.
There doesn't appear to be a hub cap j...
Sounds like it's rusted in place. Spray some penetrating fluid (WD-40, PB Blaster, etc.) where the wheel contacts the drum or rotor and let it work a little. Then use a hammer and beat on the tire (back side) to loosen the wheel. Put a few lug nuts on a few threads so when the wheel does come loose, it will not leave the area.
Some dealers say water pump does't ne...
Most auto technicians will tell you to replace anything that appears worn, leaking, or noisy. You have to take it on a car by car basis. I would also base it on mileage. The worst thing there is, is to do a timing belt (and nothing else) and then have to go back in there soon after because the water pump started leaking. Wasted time and money.
When I turn off the motor with my headligh...
You'll need to have that problem diagnosed to pinpoint the issue. Then it can be estimated for the repair or part necessary.
what does low coolent light mean
You need to check the coolant level in both the radiator and the coolant reservoir. If the system is full, I would suspect a faulty coolant level sensor. Very common for this type of sensor. This sensor can get contaminated with minerals in the coolant and "fool" it into thinking the level is low. The cure is to clean and flush the cooling system and replace or clean the sensor. Always use distilled water to mix with the concentrated Dex-Cool anti-freeze/coolant as Sacramento's tap water is very high in varying mineral content and reacts negatively with this special coolant. The color of Dex-Cool is orange, so if you have the green type or any other color, it also has the wrong coolant type in the system.
Ok so my nephew calls me to tell me the th...
Sounds like a kickdown cable for the trans. Should have a plastic clip that snaps over a ball or disc shaped attachment on the throttle body lever. Likely the plastic piece broke. Usually only replaceable by buying the entire cable assembly.
My thermostat needs replacing. Sadly, I&#3...
If the engine is overheating, then not a good idea. Why does it need replacing? Have you had it diagnosed?
I replaced the key cylinder on the column ...
Your problem sounds more mechanical than electrical. When you turn the key past the "Run" position to the "Start" position, the ignition lock cylinder moves a rod that actuates the ignition switch. Because there is no "spring back", I would suspect a bad switch or a mechanical disconnect/breakage between the lock cylinder and the switch.
rough cost for replacing head gaskets on 6...
$3500.....What is the reason for head gasket replacement? If the engine is blowing white smoke, it is probably the EGR cooler instead.
my dodge ram 2500 cummins turbo diesel 5.9...
Sounds like low lift pump pressure whihc may have taken out the injection pump. Common on this engine. Check transfer (lift) pump pressure first.
is a press required for the wheel berrings...
Fronts are standard tapered roller bearings where you pack with new grease, so no press needed there. Rears are installed into the axle housing, so no press needed there either. If this Aerostar is all wheel drive, then you may need a press or bearing tool to do those front bearings.
they changed the speed sensor on my car an...
If it cranks over, then it can only be one of three things......lack of spark, lack of fuel, lack of compression. If it ran recently, I would concentrate on the spark and fuel. Was the "speed" sensor just replaced before the no start? Is it possible that it is a "crankshaft position sensor" instead?
The light is on all the time. The manuel f...
Maybe....P0155 indicates a problem in the O2 heater circuit on the upstream bank 2 sensor. Most commonly the heater circuit opens up in the O2 and the PCM can't complete the ground. Other possibilites include no 12 volt power to the heater, poor connections, bad grounds, or PCM. A pinpoint diagnostic test will nail it down.
I would recommend a diagnostic test to determine the root cause. It could be a bad used sensor, but maybe not.
I've looked everywhere on the internet...
Unfortunately a trouble code will never give you one answer based only on retrieving the code from the computer. P0410 is a secondary air injection system problem that will require testing and inspection to locate the root cause so an accurate repair can be performed. This particular code will rarely cause any running problems with the engine and is only set when the emissions levels are elevated. If you don't already deal with a professional auto service facility, you will probably need to find one and let them resolve this problem. Please visit our website at

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