Q: power windows only work with drivers side master switch. on 1996 Ford Taurus

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My 96 Taurus power windows only work with the drivers side master switch. All windows work perfectly,no blown fuses etc.It's like the master switch lock button is on,which it's not. Tried a used master switch from the wreckers, same result.Tried cleaning and aligning points inside switch for lockout button,no change. A new master switch is about $90.00,and just want to confirm that is the problem before I buy one. Any other checks or information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Typically the master switch is the issue, but I'm concerned you swapped the parts and had no improvement. This vehicle does utilize a GEM (Generic Electronic Module) that power windows operate through. You could have a wiring or GEM problem. However, I still lean towards the switch.
Thanks. I'm leaning towards the switch too. Absolutely everything else is working perfectly.
The problem happened all of a sudden. I tapped the door panel at the master switch a couple of times after it first happened, and the other switches worked. This lasted twice and that was it. I'll try another wrecker switch, good chance this problem is fairly common.

thanks again.